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Yeesh, what's with the no notification of responses!?It actually ended up back in my computer.
Sorry, I sold it locally and forgot to update the post. I'll update it now.
Try looking about three threads below this one. I have a 25+ page thread on my journey. Water Chiller: Peltier cooling something or other is the title. Also you can search for Ryan's thread over on Tom's Hardware or I believe he has a thread here on this site under @OCAddict, @Puck also has some good information posted.
Yeesh, that's a bit more of a project than I want to start right now! Yikes, that guy went all in! That is an awesome read though. Thanks for the link!
I have around 8 or so seagate 2.5" HDD's, think their around 320GB, I'll have to check to be sure. I'm not doing anything with them. I'll PM you once I have their details to see if your interested.
Ah sorry, I thought I'd posted another update after that last post, I must have had a brain fart. I've got it running on half voltage currently. With normal gaming my CPU temps never run over 26c with a res temp of around 15c. I've just left it as is for now, I could add one more half power TEC, but I'm not sure that trouble would really be worth the benefit. I've never seen the res temp raise over ambient, even during CPU stress testing, once it reaches a certain...
What resolution are you running? It could be that there are certain spots on the map that you are just running out of VRAM. If the drop is truly bothering you there is a good chance that you will have to the graphics settings a bit to help smooth things out, MSAA and textures would be good spots to start with. Just doing some quick reading it appears that GTA V is pretty VRAM hungry.
Is your processor throttling? What is your core temps when are running the tests?
full wipe to the level that can't EVER be recovered by the gub'mint doesn't go with faster. If you're a normal user DBAN should be more than enough, they would have to go in and physically look at the platters and try to see if the left over magnetics was a 0 written over a 0, or a 0 written over a 1. If you're trying to stop the NSA from re-creating your drive on the other hand... But even then, just run it multiple times.
You've got the gist. Just hook it up as a second drive. Format it to NTFS and you can just take a screen shot of the properties or something.
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