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How is that Oooma? I'm gearing up to cut the cord and currently Cox has me for internet, tv and phone. I've been contemplating killing the phone when I kill the tv.
They've stated on the Microsoft forums that the WMC team has been dismantled and will not be working on it for 10. I doubt it will be in a future app. The only faint gleam of hope the WMC user base has right now is Silicondust but so far their forums aren't declaring it much of a winner so far. It makes sense that either they or Ceton come up with a solution, especially Ceton. If not their tuner business is dead.
I wish I had those flow rates but again, not sure if the return is really there for it. My single D5 on just above 4 gets about .65 gpm and my temps are satisfactory. That's going through a couple chipset blocks, two GTX670 blocks, a cpu block, 2 240 and 1 360 radiator. Oh, and the flow meter of course. I mean why not restrict it a little more right? Did I mention a couple quick disconnects... I'm a little surprised your flow is restricted at all. Did I read that right,...
Basically above. I try not to upgrade unless there is something I can't run. The Oculus has me a little fearful. Not sure how I'll pull out the cash for that and a 970. In the mean time I think the vast majority of us do the best with what we've got. The bleeding edge enthusiasts with a bigger wallet are always fun to drool over and I appreciate their used hardware for sale on the marketplace. guys built the whole thing in one day? Geez. You either have a boatload of crafters or players who have the time to play all day. We've been chipping away at it for 4-5 days now but it's mostly two of us doing it. I have all the crafts at 50-51. The other person only has a few. She tackles the woodworking and cloth, I've been tackling the metals. I think we scared the other members when we screemed HQ stuff only!!!
Anyone working on their FC airship construction? I can't imagine a FC doing this without dedicated high level crafters. The material we are producing are well into the multi millions. In fact when we're done I think we might have to do a little extra and throw them up on the market board.
That is excellent. I'll have to pick that up. Love portal!
I was going to ask where the rumor for a new shield tablet was. The NVidia forums have been buzzing a bit about the portable but nothing on the tablet side. That said if the portable does get released I'll probably wait for the pricing to do it's swing again. Release price, then big dip (buying time), then it disappears and the price spikes. I love my portable but with the amount of use it gets I can't see it lasting forever.
It absolutely made it more prone to blowing out as it's a lubricant, and therefore made it easier getting the oring on and in place. I also may have used too much in places. Keep in mind that your system will never get to that level of pressure once it's running. I'm not sure what psi they run at but even a restrictive system probably doesn't exceed 2-3 psi right after the pump. Can anyone chime in as to what the pressure would be on a completely clogged system right at...
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