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Did someone build this for you? That's a decent chunk of money to spend without educating yourself. Anyway, as Shilka said check to see if the pump is vibrating. I ask about you building it because if you filled it then you must know if the pump is working or not. The first couple days or so are spent getting air out, and if you have anything clear in your setup it should have little bubbles that you can watch swirling about. If the GPU is part of the loop, are the temps...
In! I can sub this out on my Frankenstein external assembly and get one of my other rigs under water! Thanks for the chance!
Heh, well here in Las Vegas you wouldn't dare do that. Water straight out of the tap will have little floaties swirling around in it and after about 5 minutes sitting there, will have sand sitting in the bottom of the glass. I would never put something in my loop that I won't put in my body. Granted I drink the stuff after it's gone through no less than a refrigerator filter, but I still wouldn't use that in my loop.
Well, cheers then! I sort of need another dongle because my wired one is wearing out and I have several wireless ones laying around but I also just want to wait till I can afford a Rift, which will come with the newer version. My current one isn't dead yet!
Highly doubt it comes with the dongle, but even the knock offs on eBay work with some forced drivers. Good deal for those that don't have some left over from old dead 360's.
Well, in that case Rift it will be. I can't see spending the same dollar amount for lower specs unless the experience is the same and/or the software library is huge. Just saving up the money for the steep cost of admission.
Did you at any point reseat that block? My only guess is either you somehow lost good contact with the block or have introduced some major blockage somewhere. Changing from one type of a tube to another should have no impact. Since there is air in the loop you should be able to see small bubbles making their way around. Does it look like decent flow?
I just read that part about the external processor box. It wasn't even on my radar until the Rift price came out. It's going to kill me and quite a few others but we'll just have to see how it all plays out. I'm especially curious about the guys with the 970's and their experience. Too much unknown right now, but this preorder and release date has certainly gotten the conversation lively again.
Speaking of optimization, does anyone think Sony's version is going to pan out? I know games made for platforms are optimized for the hardware they run on so are those of us who don't have the graphics card power to do this better off buying a PS4 and their setup? Pure speculation I know, but I'm just thinking out loud. With these hardware demands I'm really curious how a console plans to pull this off.
Still excited about VR. Just disappointed it's out of my price range. Hopefully it's still around in a year or two. Get to continue that whole "playing behind the curve" thing... I'm looking forward to some OCN reviews on it though.
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