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Posts by Cavey00'm using the original one but you will probably want the mini if you are only needing one channel to control. Add lighting modules if you need more. I've got one channel for the case lighting, one for each of the two graphics cards, and one for the processor temp. It can be quite the light show sometimes.It's the Recycled Aluminum build in my sig that I'm still running to this day.
Question: Why are the reviews on the two space VR games so mediocre? It seems like they would be a blast (pun intended) but so many negative Nancy's on the reviews have me turned off. I just want to blast stuff from the cockpit of a spaceship, Star Wars style. There doesn't seem to be a decent single player campaign VR space game yet.
I put two in my loop just to satisfy my curiosity about how fan speed would affect cooling (it doesn't really). My radiators drop the coolant temp one degree, give or take because I can't get increments. Beyond that, my RGB case lights are manipulated by the coolant temp and nowadays that's about the only reason for using them. The novelty kinda wore off quickly. Those t connectors should work fine, but I used passthru type sensors myself.
I grabbed this last night. Going to use that $100 towards a 1070 from them. They don't have any cards on sale but $100 off regular price isn't bad.
In for this! Would be a great case to do my upcoming VR build in. Thanks for the chance!
So for a next year purchase the question still remains. Rift or Vive? I've heard the rift is more comfortable. My coworker says full room vr is possible with two rift sensors set up. Visuals, same? How do you choose at that point?
I was standing with the touch controllers. They were timed demos approximately 6 minutes long including unskipable instructions. There were 4 games to choose from. I played the climb and some game that has me tossing fireballs with my right hand and using a shield with the other. My wife tried an art game called medium but they wouldn't allow us to see what she was creating because some users draw inappropriate things. Neither of us tried the sports game.
So I got to demo this at my local BB Saturday. It was my first VR trial. Definitely fun, but noticed the screen door immediately. Did not notice it while playing though as I was probably more focused on having fun. Is that your experience?
Interesting idea but I'm using this: It powers the Pi just fine and has an extra port in it if you wanted to charge a phone as well. I'm not sure what capacity you are looking for but I just wanted something small so I wasn't fumbling with it. The only complaint I would have is this backup battery touts itself as adaptive, so when the Pi ramps up the demand you will get that little rainbow square in the corner...
Yup, I'm not local but I could take the flight and visit family up there in Seattle. This would become my main rig and I would repurpose my current rig to be a VR setup after a graphics card update. Totally in. Edit: This has 980's in it. It WOULD be my VR setup!
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