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I think mine finally died on me. Last week I switched the psu off and upon turning it back on and hitting the power button I got nothing. Oddly enough hit the reset button and it fired up. Last night was doing a little bit of a rebuild on it and now it won't get past post. Nothing on the display using my card or igpu. The CPU fan stumbles before spinning full speed and gradually spinning down and the reset bios switch glows. I've tried hitting the bios switch, resetting...
That card is going inside my new build coming up though, but the vast majority of that rig is going to be sitting on my bench in the garage after. Still gonna keep it water cooled because it looks cool imo, but it'll basically be an overpowered media rig and conversational piece when we are throwing darts. Caseless is pretty fun though and tough to get looking good. You have no where to hide anything! I actually have a usb sound card plugged into a usb hub I'm using on...
I sorta do.
Sold out.
Might want to add which version this is, like 2 or 4 GB, SC, etc. Guessing not a FTW.
Nice job so far. Reminds me I need to start a log on mine as well. Been very slow going. Also, I've tried all of once in bending those acrylic lines. What a pain to get looking good!
Purchased from Gallien! Thanks!
Scouring fleabay but would prefer to buy from OCN. They are averaging $160-180. Let me know if you are looking to upgrade.
Dang it Movieman! You know why
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