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Second on the list.....rage in 3...2...1... no it's ok. Congrats. I can't tell you how many times that happens to me on OCN, but I've also won a couple of things so that's ok. Thanks for the opportunity!
Absolutely in! My Turtle Beaches hurt after a bit and I'm told they aren't the best.
I don't follow. Honestly I like 8.1 pro better than 7 for my HTPC. I can pin big tiles with Hulu shows as well as WMC and any other programs we regularly use on it and it's easy to see from the couch. Is that where your confusion lies?Edit for clarification. I still love Mediaportal and Kodi for a lot of things. I'm not spreading hate on them at all. Live tv just isn't working all that great for me. Kudos to those it is good for. I'm baffled that anyone would think it...
Going back to 8.1 on the HTPC. Can't do without WMC. Tried, oh so very hard to get Mediaportal, NextPVR, Kodi, etc. to be a pleasant experience for watching and recording TV. WMC is still the king.
Interesting update, even though no one is reading this. Been trying to stress out my psu all day to get it to crash. Oddly enough I noticed one set of fans wasn't spinning on one radiator. Switched it from manual control over to automatic and they fired up. I'm wondering if that fan control failing was causing enough of a short and consequent load to force the psu to act up and cause lock ups/reboots. It's a shot in the dark. Hasn't locked up all day no matter what I do to...
Well at least that gives me confidence that a 650w is indeed enough. Guess i'll have to borrow a multimeter. Any 12V line should do right?
Here is another question. Can HWMonitor or any other software read if the voltage drops below 12V? When I run something like valley the 12V reading will sit at exactly 12, once in a while between scenes going a little higher with it's max being 12.288. My UPS shows a load of 480w max, which I know is not as good as using a Killavolt meter but it gives me a rough idea. What kind of tolerance does the system have if the voltage drops below 12V?
What would it dip to, and where would l start testing at? The main 20 min, the gpu wires, or everything?
I think I might have a failing AX650 psu on my hands. Specs are in my sig but here's the rundown. 4770k at 4.2, a pair of Evga gtx 670s, 9 fans, a D5 pump and various leds. First off I'm pretty sure people are going to say that 650w is enough, or at least that is what I'm hoping for. It used to run my 3570k and a single 670 just fine. Added the second one and the 4770k and once in a while it would freeze up with SLI enabled. I blamed that on some bad drivers and since then...
Almost pulled the trigger even though fit was questionable in my rig. Then I saw that it wasn't returnable. I backed out. Honestly the first time I've seen something that wasn't returnable at Newegg. Edit. Just the 650 and 750 are labeled as not returnable.
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