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I'm gonna wait this time for the price drop. It came pretty quickly with the original Shield, but I don't know how much of a drop to expect since this is a full fledged tablet. It probably holds a lot more value due to that fact alone.
Honestly I don't think that's anything to worry about. I had something similar to that on my Evga GTX 670. Wiped it away, and never saw anything like it again. That was on the backplate though, so take that into consideration.
Will do. It's going to be comprised mostly of parts off the marketplace. Started buying in January. I swear, longest build ever! There's a PSU in the marketplace I would love to pick up but need to sell the 1200w one that is too big first.PS this will have Mayhems pastel yellow running through it to stay on topic. There, now my post isn't completely inappropriate!
Not as often as one would wish. Waited for what seemed like forever for one to show up. When they do, don't hesitate if you need one. By the way, thanks defiler
Didn't say it wasn't an amazing buy. Casually bid for a couple months, but that's how I buy most of my stuff. Patience pays off. Btw I see $35-50 average on eBay.
Most likely yes. Check the Shield forums, there are some tested working combos listed. I have a Microsoft Wedge keyboard I purchased off ebay for $12 that works perfectly fine with the original Shield.
Thanks guys. I'll get it up on the marketplace soon.
It was ok, depending on the network (talking about Shield 1). The latest updates completely broke it though and I haven't had time to try to make it work. My work's internet and wifi has been a little off lately so it really hasn't been worth my time to try it again. For the most part streaming from my house and Grid gaming were about the same experience. 85% smooth with very little noticeable latency and 15% hiccups. Would I try to play a multiplayer shooter on it? Nope,...
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