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Hmm, good to know. Still, I think I'm probably spoiled now and going to 1080p on a screen that size would bite. I would like to know what a faster refresh rate looks like some day. Everything I own is capped at 60 and I sorta cry every time I walk into a store that has high refresh rate TV's everywhere. Ah, the budget is shot though. Can't replace what's not broken.
Just ewe. All I can say is if I install a game and it doesn't automatically default to 1440p and instead uses a default resolution of 1080p I immediately notice. Incredibly blurry compared to the correct resolution. I'm assuming that is the same way a 27" 1080p native monitor will look, and no thanks. Never.
Yes, you are good to go. Windows will only report what the stock cpu setting is. Not sure about core temp reports, but cpuz is the one to go by.
I agree with you on most of this. I've been a Shield portable owner since release and I'm a fan of the products. It is a niche product that will fit well into certain people's lives. It's certainly not going to replace desktop pc's nor is it going to replace consoles. However with the right setup this thing will work very well. Revolutionary? Hardly. It doesn't do anything my portable can't already do, including hooking up to a tv and playing on Grid etc. The only way I...
+2 Loudest thing in my pc is my pump, only because I can't properly insulate it from the case. It's jammed in there. All I hear is a low hum.
All good suggestions except the one about changing everything to new. I don't agree with that either. If a fan is burnt out of course, don't try to salvage that. I would look into Mayhem's flush kits honestly. They are meant for when things are going south. Routine cleaning can be done with a vinegar dilution and whatnot but what you are talking about sounds pretty nasty. Save some time and go with the kit. As far as getting dust out of the radiators just rinse with water...
Pics! I demand pics! going to lunch, will be back with some suggestions but I bet the community will beat me to it.
See 50 degree hardware is perfectly fine. I was going to ask what you were using to measure the temp of the coolant because most people don't bother going that extra step. I've got coolant temp monitors both before and after the radiator setup plus a flow meter, none of which helps performance at all but satisfies curiousity. Hell that flow meter probably restricts things a bit more. It's fun to have the info though. I bet your coolant isn't exceeding high 30s.
Probably by turning your case so that the res is in the highest position. I've never done one so I'm not one to ask. My radiators have always been external and loops planned with ease of bleeding and filling in mind. I do realize that not all configurations can be planned that way though. Curious as well though how people get their top mounted radiators bled especially when the res is lower. In my head, once you had liquid fill a component above your res and your filling...
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