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I'm totally in for this. Wanting to get rid of my sli setup in my watercooled rig. It looks really cool with two water cooled cards but they are old 670's and a little long in the tooth. Rig is in my sig on the left.
Pretty much anything in the platinum modular series. Fully modular and 860 watts is plenty future proof for anything I'll be doing without getting too large to fit in some of the tight spaces I tend to find myself in.
Although I can agree that it can only grow, calling it a flop is a bit far fetched. I think members of my household would die laughing at that comment.As much as I hate FB we really don't want Occulus to fail. Competition spurs development and that's a win for us all. Now back to playing in my Vive.
double post
I kinda want to try this but I'm worried my 3570k may poop itself. Just got the Vive set up a couple days ago and have only messed around it The Lab and The Gallery: Starseed. Both play fine.
Sold out'm using the original one but you will probably want the mini if you are only needing one channel to control. Add lighting modules if you need more. I've got one channel for the case lighting, one for each of the two graphics cards, and one for the processor temp. It can be quite the light show sometimes.It's the Recycled Aluminum build in my sig that I'm still running to this day.
Question: Why are the reviews on the two space VR games so mediocre? It seems like they would be a blast (pun intended) but so many negative Nancy's on the reviews have me turned off. I just want to blast stuff from the cockpit of a spaceship, Star Wars style. There doesn't seem to be a decent single player campaign VR space game yet.
I put two in my loop just to satisfy my curiosity about how fan speed would affect cooling (it doesn't really). My radiators drop the coolant temp one degree, give or take because I can't get increments. Beyond that, my RGB case lights are manipulated by the coolant temp and nowadays that's about the only reason for using them. The novelty kinda wore off quickly. Those t connectors should work fine, but I used passthru type sensors myself.
I grabbed this last night. Going to use that $100 towards a 1070 from them. They don't have any cards on sale but $100 off regular price isn't bad.
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