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Scouring fleabay but would prefer to buy from OCN. They are averaging $160-180. Let me know if you are looking to upgrade.
Dang it Movieman! You know why
Why couldn't you just run XBMC in a window with your TV as a secondary display? Granted you would have to make that window active if you wanted to use any control on it but all the sound and video aspects would still work fine. On a VM I think you would have trouble getting quality output, if what you are proposing is even possible.
+1 to it being fine as long as you aren't going for a huge overclock. I have an open air setup with the cpu and gpu under water and I will tell you this: the heat sinks get progressively hotter to the point you won't be able to put your finger on them for more than a second or two (NB, VRM and GPU backplate in my setup). They have yet to fail on me for a couple of years now. 3570K is only at 4.2 and I had to back my OC off on my GPU, but I can't be sure heat was the reason...
It is 3.1 and answered pm. Sorry, no spare memory. Short on hard drives too
still up
Still up
I'm pretty sure that is just a blanket statement. No one records anything like that on low value consumer products. It's not worth the effort for anyone, from the vendor all the way to the courts. They will most likely just file a claim with the shipping company.
Sold on the bay.:
I have a Phenom II 555 dual core that easily unlocked to a quad and was stable at 3.8 using a combo of multi and BCLK. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of it and didn't try to push it any further due to heat restrictions so YMMV. Price is shipped for processor only. If you want the stock heat sink I will ship it in an Athlon box I have for $5 more.
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