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Loved that game.
Fittings were hot to the touch? Well that means the heat is getting picked up just fine. Is the air coming out of the radiator decently warm? This almost sounds like either you aren't getting enough cool air through the radiator or not enough air period. I would imagine the radiator being pretty warm as well if the fittings are warm.
Those aren't terrible temps (70 on the gpu is a bit high) but not great either, I will agree. Assuming you are overclocked on both the gpu and cpu, the remount on the gpu seems to be your biggest issue. I run a GTX670 with an XSPC block on it and high 60's with an overclock in the warm months it pretty normal with an older MCP350 pump. Switched to the D5 and temps definitely improved, but like you I don't think I'm getting great contact on the card. It seems to flex more...
You can remove me. I haven't played in ages and don't plan on starting up again. Pretty sure it was cavey00ocn if I'm not already booted. Give my slot to an active player.
Oh jeez, my bad. That's what I get for not reading thoroughly. Sorry
Back up to $349.00
So basically close to the same thing the Corsair Link does, but likely with better software. Sounds like transitions will be smoother too because I can tell you that the corsair one is not.
Excellent info gentlemen. I'll try an install and see what it comes back with. Hers is indeed a core 2 duo. Good to hear that the software won't allow you to install if you can't meet specs. Reading through the instructions quickly showed that you only get to do it on two machines, and its probably a container full of hoops to jump through if you want to change one of those. Repped both of you.
Rosetta Stone system requirements list a 2.33 ghz processor when using it with windows. My wife's older laptop is a dual core running at 2.0. Do you think this will be an issue? I really don't want her hogging my gaming rig when she wants to do a lesson. Thanks in advance for any input. Also, this is not a debate on how good or bad Rosetta Stone is so please refrain from bashing it if it didn't work for you.
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