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Didn't say it wasn't an amazing buy. Casually bid for a couple months, but that's how I buy most of my stuff. Patience pays off. Btw I see $35-50 average on eBay.
Most likely yes. Check the Shield forums, there are some tested working combos listed. I have a Microsoft Wedge keyboard I purchased off ebay for $12 that works perfectly fine with the original Shield.
Thanks guys. I'll get it up on the marketplace soon.
It was ok, depending on the network (talking about Shield 1). The latest updates completely broke it though and I haven't had time to try to make it work. My work's internet and wifi has been a little off lately so it really hasn't been worth my time to try it again. For the most part streaming from my house and Grid gaming were about the same experience. 85% smooth with very little noticeable latency and 15% hiccups. Would I try to play a multiplayer shooter on it? Nope,...
They are quality looking. My issue is the advice I see all too often on these forums about everything Alphacool makes is great but avoid the radiators. Good luck from me as well, I hate hearing these stories. Funny thing is I almost went air cooled on my upcoming rig but my wife complained. The expense has delayed me months, but given me more time to tinker and plan.
Wondering what this older psu is worth, specifically this one. Purchased it off a coworker but realized it's overkill and physically too large for what I want to do. He had it powering dual 580's but I've only had it powering my test rig with minimal hardware on it. Works just fine as far as I've tested.
Good lord, I almost purchased one of those too. Luckily I'm on a budget and had to go with cheaper used radiators. I'm still going to flush those, but I would expect any factory crud to be long gone from the previous owner. I'm surprised you are still watercooling after a bad experience like that. Your prep is like 10 times longer than what I have done in the past.
Personally I'm not a tablet user but if for some reason I ever become one, this is the way to go. It's not going to replace my Shield though. As mentioned, it would be odd to try to set up if you don't have a table sitting in front of you. Even in situations where I did, my kids would probably swipe it.
I have to agree. Been using the first gen one since launch and the only two things that bug me are once in a while text is a bit small to read and the latest updates sorta messed things up for a lot of people. The tablet size solves the small text thing but the software is going to affect both products. People asked about battery life on the tablet and I shuddered a bit. My Shield used to have almost a 10 hr battery life streaming games. One of the updates along the line...
Pm'd as well.
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