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Well, the ones that work with Media Center also work with XBMC, PowerDVD as well as Zune. I haven't tried it with anything outside of that though but if I think about it I'll give it a whirl tonight. It doesn't work with Netflix streaming in a browser but that's not really a media player. I don't have iTunes installed anywhere and refuse to do so. Can't help you there.
Yeah, for one last bend it isn't worth it. However, it's a tool like anything else and if you plan on ever changing anything in the future or building a new one using hardline it will be there for you, ready to use. That's how I justify a lot of tools I purchased.
I used the Monsoon measuring kit, which on most of my bends was a godsend sure if you will find something like that anywhere else. I think it's available, but I don't know where to direct you to find it.
Hmm. Good to know. I have 3 GT's and 4 Noctua's in push, all at or under 1000 rpm. Can't hear them over the D5 pump vibration, which is flush mounted directly to the bottom of my case. I didn't see a difference in water temps turning them any higher so silent is where they stay. Once I have time I'll mess with an overclock but for what I'm playing right now it's not really needed. Fun to be able to tinker though. I certainly wouldn't want to sacrifice the noise level...
How big of an overclock are you running and what are your ambients? I have almost the same setup but running 670's instead. Cooling the motherboard as well and haven't seen temps over 35C, mind you with no overclock yet. Not saying you are doing something wrong, just didn't know to expect that large of a leap.
Don't do it! I had the same idea, although my bends weren't quite as tight and it's a different board. That diagonal is sitting in on my bench because it looked terrible. I would have to agree with the rest, the 90's would look much better but at the same time I sorta wish you would keep trying till you got it right, or at least close. It would look much better.
I've never heard of that case but I kinda love it. Glad you suggested it for the OP. I'm not looking to build again soon but that would definitely be one of the choices, especially if one weren't going for flashy insides being shown off. I have to wonder how warm it gets in there though.
I've been pretty happy with my Lian Li PC-A05FNB. The top slot on my board could do a long card but if you were using the second slot you would be blocked by the PSU. Check my sig for pics.
Only thing I didn't see is inclusion of Windows Media Center. I know it's not a bit deal to 99% of users but every TV in my house is tethered to a pc running it. All my cable tv is networked to those pc's via HDHomerun and Ceton cable cards. I haven't found an alternative to use for encrypted cable tv. It would be a shame for that to hold me back from upgrading. I would pay for the additional functionality if it came down to it.
I'd only like to point out my very unique experience with ONE block leaking, and it wasn't really the block. The VRM block for my Asus Rog Hero (in sig) needed a short height adaptor to use Primochill's Ghost fittings on. Towards the bottom hole for the fitting there is a screw hole for one of the screws that holds the block together. The Ghost fittings use a pretty wide surfaced o-ring and it actually overlapped that hole, creating quite the leak. So it's not really the...
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