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in again!
in again for 4/18
$150 actually, for my plan. I get to "keep" 10 songs a month legally, a feature my wife uses quite a bit. Yes I know there are other ways to do this, but it's not really legal or ethical. An argument I'm not going to start, defend, or otherwise.
Ah, sorry I didn't know that detail. I'm an old Zune subscriber and have never dropped the service, so it worked for me. I still use the Zune program on my Windows 7 pc's and the Xbox Music app works perfectly on my Windows 8 machines and Windows phone. In other words, I get a lot of use out of my subscription. Sorry your work is being petty. The bandwidth is miniscule, but if they have to cater to you they have to cater to everyone. Some people like to abuse it and it...
Isn't there an app for that? I know I've gotten it to work with my wife's iPhone. In fact, here
Hey hey hey, I never said I wasn't failing. Let's not get off topic here.
True, as I very rarely use Q. What is that, designating a target as squad leader? I can see myself designating a target every time I go to toss a grenade
I've tried that but it won't recognize that button on my mouse. I hate having F as my melee. I primarily play HC and almost always jam the G key as well, resulting in both of us dying. It's embarrassing.
I've searched through this thread a bit and haven't seen this mentioned. When ever I'm getting knifed, I instinctively go for the F key like I'm actually going to be able to counter it. The problem is most of the time I hit G instead/as well and a good portion of the time I actually drop a grenade. Last night said grenade bounced around and killed my attacker. I didn't see getting credit for it (rightfully so) but it royally pissed the guy off. He went on a tirade calling...
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