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Same, 350z forums are a treasure trove of information. Great suggestion.
It will just upgrade you to 64bit pro if you currently have pro or home if you have home. I personally have had better luck using the upgrade tool via optical or usb instead of using the in place upgrade that is in the little windows icon. Once that is done, confirm it's activated and do a clean install with that same optical or usb. Fill nothing in for codes and it will self activate. No, you will not have to keep your 8.1 code but it's always good to have in case you...
It's been a long time since I've played with car stereo, but is DeadMatt still a thing? I might still have a roll of it somewhere. It's very dense, heavy rubbery material that you can cut and stick to anything that was rattling. It was self adhering too. Worked pretty well from what I remember. edit: ninja'd with the proper name of Dynamatt
It won't matter as long as your flow is correct. That being said, won't it bother you that the logo is upside down?
I've got the M8 for Windows and the stereo speakers are definitely something I would miss. I find myself watching a lot of Hulu/Netflix on it lately and although it's not as good as headphones, it's certainly better than a single speaker. I cringe at single rear facing speaker phones.
Honestly I only have experience with Mayhem's coolants so far so that's all I can recommend. After initial build I did a flush with the SystemPrep stuff that came with my primochill tubing. Not sure if it was effective at all. My next flush I'm going with the Blitz kit I mentioned above. That's about the limit of my expertise in flushing and cleaning.
Troll are a thing on every forum. New member, easy question with photos. I would rather err on the side of legitimacy than just leave someone out to dry. Maybe I'm too nice.
I highly doubt that's dust. Most likely a growth of some sort that you will want to get out of there. It sounds like you are pretty new to water cooling so I'm not going to recommend you tearing down the entire loop, but at least run an approved cleaner through there such as Mayhem's blitz part 2.
Nice. I just so happen to have some of that sitting on a shelf, just not non staining. Need to change up the sunset yellow I've been running for a year.
Well, I have a 4770k mildly OC'd to 4.2, two 670's (which run cooler than your cards) and MB blocks. My external Frankenstein setup with a 360 and 2 240's cools it just fine. Ambient in the summer with the ac on is 28 C and the warmest the coolant gets is 35 C. Fans never exceed 1K rpm. Just food for thought.
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