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Makes me wish I knew anything about coding. For me, this would be pure trial and error.
In for the 24th
In! Didn't win the last few givaways of this. Maybe this time. Or soon.
Are you referring to streaming? That would be dependent on your available wifi, or how blazing fast your tethered mobile phone data is. I haven't tried it over 4G, but I wouldn't expect it to be a great experience. People have done it just to test it, but obviously the faster your connection the better. Minimum recommended speed is 5gb upload on both sides.
I have one too, since launch. I have to admit I go through phases with this thing. It sat for two months when BF4 came out as I refuse to play that with a controller on a tiny screen, with the exception of Air Superiority. That works ok. It's been on a couple of road trips in which case it was awesome. Yesterday I tried out the Game Stream from work, playing DmC. Little lagy, but still awesome. I'm excited to see if they do a second version of it but won't be upgrading. If...
In for the 23rd
In for the 22nd
I'm starting a collection of parts that are worth more to me than they really are to sell. I hate that, but once in a while they come in handy.
Hmm. I bought a refurb 50 gig from OCD I think it was for $30 months ago. So probably $25-30 is my guess. That's about what I would bite on.
Don't think I did this today. In!
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