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I used these: are technically made for 12mm ID/16mm OD acrylic tubing, but I used what's common around here, i.e. 1/2" copper piping, which is 0,625" OD (or 15,875mm). It works well for me so far. Applying clear coat on the copper pipe would probably bring the OD even closer to 16mm.Would've gotten those, if black nickel were available Also, EK CSQ fittings in black seem out of stock...
I don't think it would be fair to have sponsored builds competing against non-sponsored. That being said, couldn't there be 2 MOTM categories? This site probably sees enough builds to fill both categories every month?
That went well Oh BTW haven't has any issues running 1/2" copper piping with the EK 12/16mm fittings. Mind you, I applied a tiny bit of water on the o-rings prior to installing the pipe, as required. The pipe is also polished, which might also help keeping it watertight. Will probably polish it some more and clear coat it when I install the CPU block.
Well, after over a year, water has finally made its way into my computer Still working on a few things, and will get the CPU under water during the weekend. Them pichers: + Latest order from Dazmode + Preparing to bend acrylic for new pump bracket (yep, those are stairs ) + Making a cover for the mobo connectors (I'll let you guess what I made it out of ) + Failed attempt at copper bending + Looking purrdy + Finally, in all its glory
I would've painted that ish
Would I run into problems if I decided to use these: With this, in the 1/2" flavor (12,7mm ID and 15,875mm OD)?: Surely the difference in OD to 16mm is quite negligible in this case?
Now, I have a question for you guys: would it be possible to "mount" the pipe using rigid tubing? It would be held by a tube going from the side port with the 90 Fitting to the port on the rad at the bottom of the case (see above picture), then a bent tube (90 deg) going from the pump outlet to the CPU block. + Would it be strong enough? Pump/res combo is pretty light compared to others out there. + Would it cause any leaking because of the stress on the fittings? + Would...
Here's my latest progress: + Made some more acrylic covers + How I mounted the pump. Decoupled cover from case with some o-rings, then attached the pump using velcro. Not sure I like it, but the res and pump don't give much options once I place them so I have the ports where I want/need them... + Look at all that filth! Otherwise, Mobo still looks good as new. Always liked it's design and look (black PCB FTW ) + Still working on a back plate and a side cover...
^^I like this. Give this man a cookie! Regarding frosting, quite a fan myself . Slowly coming together:
Thanks for your input guys. Further looking at pictures, it would seem the Koolance has it's o-ring recessed in the cap, unlike the Bitspower. Koolance it is then!
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