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Unigine Heaven Benchmark can be downloaded for free!
Nvidia MSRP might be $399.99 BUT local retailers and NE might inflate the prices ~extra $30 like the GTX 680 and the GTX 690.
So the Gigabyte GTX 670 OC uses 1 x 8pin and 1 x 6pin, which might explain the 980mhz OC or does this mean more room for OC?
Good point. Never doubted Nvidia software department and driver support!
Now imagine this card MSRP at $399.99. Discuss!
Looks like Nvidia got some explaining to do or...Nvidia Keplar GTX 6X0 series, performs faster when X is smaller than 8.
In terms of *relative* performance:GTX 690 ($999) = GTX 680 sli ($999) = GTX 670 sli ($800 to 900??)Take your pick.
Nvidia release intention for the GTX 670 is to divert the massive amount of buyers from the GTX 680 I'm not being serious, or am I...
Now try running Unigine Heaven
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