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What is that? Looks like mold.
Defenders of the spread method are clearly brainless plebs who can't accept the writing on the wall.
If you have a nice bit of overhead on the PSU, it'll be under less stress and last longer. Also, PSUs are at their highest efficiency at around 60-80% load.
Get the thickest one that'll fit. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk
It looks chunky, not battery powered, doesn't support optical or coaxial and doesn't amp headphones. It might be good, but it's hardly versatile or practical. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk
They'd spin it off instead of selling it.
That could be a valuable collectors item. I reckon it's incredibly rare.
I struggled with this crap for years on various routers before I discovered ddwrt. Now everything just works. I'd suggest you look into it. Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk
Oh god, my sides. Awesome idea
You're someone who doesn't have a PS3 speaking from ignorance. Either that or I'm in an alternate dimension where a game with 256 players on one map that's 4 years old still has tons of full rooms and every call of duty game has an abundance of players. Thoughts?
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