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You need a screen. Users not using windows, or users who do wish to use software, will use the beautiful screen. It's part of the "matching with your case"Motherboards aren't responsible for controlling temperatures at all. It's the heatsink you use, the fan speed you apply,and the ambient temperatures all factors combined. But that's only after the given voltage you induce. At 1.35V, you could have a CPU running at 80 degrees, or 32. If you say motherboards are...
@ehume - I'm guessing you know Jeremy Vaughan - Overclockers, and David Mitchelson - Vortez
1. Recently, as in Computex 2012? Quite a long time ago before this thread even started..2. It's not competing with Aquaero. $40 vs $200 ($140 base screen)3. Recon is a internet enabled fan controller using Windows Services. Those users who have trouble installing it is because of other programs preventing them from installing the service. In our office machines, we do not jump so many hoops to get it installed, but the instructions are there for people who need to jump.4....
We'll leave that up for discussion for our PM''s
Again, you'd have to compromise. Good bye hard drive rack for those who are using them. Reference GTX 670 PCB's are the size of the motherboard's length, so a motherboard could be using all of the racks for hard drives.
It's one, or the other depending on how you place it. Of course, if you do some exterior redecoration, you could fit more.Had Prodigy been mATX compatible, it would either beA. BiggerB. Not be able to fit as much H20 as the current model.
For gaming, as long as your CPU runs the frame rates you feel comfortable playing with, it's good.
If you can do it, go for it. But this is an ITX case.
You mean...Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, Zotac, MSI?
Not necessarily. Certain fans run many RPM's slower and are superb at cooling, while some fans are many RPM's faster only to achieve the same results.Very true. It all depends on the ambient temperature. The higher it is, the more "level" the temperatures are in your test results. The lower your ambient temps are, it shows how air is really moved.
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