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Spectre Pro is 25mm thick (200mm variant)Spectre Pro is 30mm thick (230mm variant)
Haha. No no. David's our Product Manager. I'll be in the next video showing Ghost around (First time on Camera, In English *shudders*)
Have to give some props
Depends on where the CPU socket is if you're planning on air cooling with a massive pipe.
That's a dual slot ASUS GTX 560 Ti 448... which more or less looks the same..
The case was taken to LANcouver 2012.*Photo Courtesy of FutureLooks.
External drives are what I use now-a-days. Haven't used a DVD drive in well over 3 years. Windows installation can be done on USB, so I don't find much use in an internal DVD drive.
You can go up to BitFenix 230mm...
Yeah, it kinda does. But I put the audio cables in first, then the GPU. Cables bend, but they won't snap. Asus did wonders on this board. It's a small nitty gritty connector. No big deal.Can I get links of the nagging and moaning? Completed first on, I think it's cause Australia got a head start, but more will come!
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