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If you had unplugged all sata/peripherals, and it didn't work, then try removing each extensions one at a time and plug directly to your psu.From my room, to your room, is probably half way across the world, so I wouldn't know how you have your set up, and whether or not they're working or not.If the cables are connected, I would say they're compatible. We have not had any RMA's in regards to extensions shorting the PSU, only wrong cable connector types. (ie: version 1 or...
7V hack is essentially feeding 12V and 5V at the same time. +12V - +5V gives a net of +7V. Some power supplies don't like that.
I believe you have a fan connected to the power supply, using a 7V "hack" molex adapter, causing the power supply to go into a protection mode. Unplug all fans that are using any adapters and try again.
Spectre Pro is 25mm thick (200mm variant)Spectre Pro is 30mm thick (230mm variant)
Haha. No no. David's our Product Manager. I'll be in the next video showing Ghost around (First time on Camera, In English *shudders*)
Have to give some props
Depends on where the CPU socket is if you're planning on air cooling with a massive pipe.
That's a dual slot ASUS GTX 560 Ti 448... which more or less looks the same..
The case was taken to LANcouver 2012.*Photo Courtesy of FutureLooks.
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