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but not all prototypes comes true
An easy mod moving the 5V to a ground turns the molex connection to a 12V.
Surrey it is. Unless your motherboard tells you that connection is running 12V, I don't think their power description is quite accurate for fans.
The connector provided is a 7V adapter, one cable in the 12V, one in the 5V. Yeah, most likely me.
Well, the included adaptor isn't a 12V.
Should be available around January time.
I knew I forgot something. Dates! Lets have the submissions in by the end of next Saturday so ship outs can happen on Monday Cheers!
However, if you are talking about the black or silver logos that are just recently launched, they have no backing - just the logo with adhesive on the back.
Your brother must have mishandled the case wrong. We still have early prototype versions of the case in the office and the handles work just fine. You have to lock the handles in place before moving it around or else the weight of the case will be supported between the space of the plastic and metal instead of just metal. The interior has been changed, as we've switched to using a removable side wall instead of the full drive cage.The panels connect like a number of cases...
Hi guys, It's been a long time since I have started a thread here. Unfortunately, I've been busy relocating back to Vancouver where I'll eventually (starting to look like now), have a lot more time with the forums. Although I have not posted much on the current Prodigy Owner's Club, I have been there the whole time so any questions there, I can still answer As I have more time now, I can start doing these end user reviews again. My purpose is simple. We grow as fast as...
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