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I would like to get a 5.1 speaker set up but I absolutely have no idea where to even begin. I was considering the Logitech's z 5500/z906 but I saw all the hate/rage comments that went along with them so maybe that's probably not the best idea. I also took a look at the Edifier S550 and the Onkyo's S5300 which seem like good speakers to me. I know that I could probably build a better system for the price of all the speakers mentioned above but I just have no idea where I...
Thanks for letting me know, in for 4 of them!
Same here haha. Thanks!
Good find! +rep!
Don't know if this has been posted but I found this 27" monitor with a 1ms response time for under $200. Seems like a good deal. FYI it is refurbished so if you're willing to take a chance, might actually pay off.
Does anyone have any experience with this board? Thinking about picking it up but was just a bit curious on how it handles overclocks, etc, etc
is the kingston hyperx worth it at that price AR?
Thanks for the heads up, will definitely be trying to grab a few of those fans +REP!
OCZ Agility 3 120GB for $120 AR. $1 per GB on an SSD not that bad.
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