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Welcome mate! I would like to hear from you if you have any feedback regarding the project and/or build log /Justin
Thanks for the reply. It is very odd indeed./Justin
Have you guys had any experience with PSUs that require an extra capacitor on the PCI-E cables? Like this one? Can it be cut off? I ask this as the individually sleeved cables which can be bought from don't have them. I have also read that they are to reduce voltage ripple. If it is removed, would the ripple be so bad after? Best regards, Justin
Righteo! Update links have been implemented on the front page for ease of viewing! Please enjoy! /Justin
Thank you Drizz!! Will do Hey, thank you bg! I am already working on the links as we speak On my wayAwesome, thanks Fake! /Justin
Update time! Proudly sponsored by: Why hello there guys and girls of modding! I have a lovely update to present to you today. I had done some work on the body with gluing the front panel into place, and sanding the entire face to it is totally flat. It was a labour of love, but well worth it! I covered over the 3 LED holes as well above the on/off switch. I then went ahead and filed out the original hole 5mm so that I could install the vandal switch seen it...
Cool mate, thanks once again for the tips! Awesome!/MA
Thank you sir!:THUMB: I can't wait to get started!Hopefully after July if all goes to plan. I might even start earlier depending if I get all the upgrade parts in That thing sticking out is a 60mm rad and fans. The entire thing stick out a total of 90mm from the back of the case. If I go for a single card solution, I might cut a hole into the side and set in the rad and have the fans as push.Thanks for the awesome comments everyone! Let me know if there is anything you...
Haha I just posted on your log before noticing it was you!! Thanks mate! You are doing very impressive work on your TJ07!/MA
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