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But of course /J
Nice work on the build mate!/J
Thank you all for the nice comments. I understand that the colour choice is a personal preference, but I really liked the mutual sand colour with white as contrast. In the end it was for my enjoyment I have an mITX project in the works called Elegance. Give me and the project name a Google and you will find what I promise, total awesomeness. Think brushed aluminium, custom panels, modded wrapping windows... And much more!! /J
Nahh, where is the challenge in that?/J
Hello guys and girls! It has been a while since I last posted in this thread I would like to present Redefined, a modified Corsair Air240 chassis. This project hosts a list of modifications, such as: New paint job on most PC parts and chassis Vertical standing GPU New rear plate Filled in original holes in front panel Installed a single power button on front panel New cable cover behind motherboard Modded H100i with paint/leather and MA logo Single sleeved cables Custom...
Congrats on the massive win Snef!! I hope to be back next time with another project /J
Incredible work Adam! /J
Congrats on being nominated, and thank you for nominating me /J
Thank you for the nomination lowfat /J
Cheers mate Thanks man. The S-Frame project is on hold for a while until I can find someone to finance the project though Awesome, thank you mAs81 He is over the moon to say the least!Hehe, cheers mate! Just have to find another financier for the next project though before it starts Thank you Adam. Your cables look killer in this build Thank you man. I am always trying new things and push the boundaries of what modding is. Thank you Bart!! /J
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