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Cheers everyone I am happy that you guys like my Monolith project ^^, Kind regards, Justin
I am not so sold about the chromatic coolant, but the chromatic paint looks like a killer idea!! Thanks for showing me this!Kind regards,Justin
Thank you vertical. I will take that idea into consideration in future projects Kind regards,Justin
Thank you Dad Let's see what the other projects turn out like, shall we Kind regards,Justin
Thank you Mayhem I am happy that the Mayhems coolant exists Best regards,Justin
I believe that everyone is worthy thanks buddy!Kind regards,Justin
Hey guys, thank you! I am glad you like it Best regards,Justin
Thank you my friends Kind regardsJustin
Hey everyone,My modding project is complete, and I would like to present to you the final photoshoot for my rig. It's name is Monolith! [[SPOILER]] Thank you so much for checking out my build! I am working on a video walkthrough of the mod as I type this Best regards,Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen
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