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Update time! Proudly sponsored by: Södertälje Specialsnickeri AB 0737015925 Well hello there! I thought I would share a little how to of how I splice my cables together when creating custom cables. I did not think to do the sleeving side of things though as I did not have enough time to take photos... I have just the time when my daughter is napping during the days to get my work done So here comes a little "How-to" my way You will need one of these to...
I have a couple of XSPC rad holders on the way, like these ones. The finish on these rads is very nice!Thanks mate!! Can't wait to have them installed!Best regards,Justin
Update time! Proudly sponsored by: Södertälje Specialsnickeri AB 0737015925 Why hello there guys and girls. I have received the first of the water cooling products, so I have taken this opportunity to snap a few photos to show you guys. Beware: This is a massive photodump. This is kind of like an pictorial unboxing of EK's products, so every one of you can have a look at the finish in person and decide if their products are for you. I am not affiliated or...
Wow, such meme, many thank you Good to see you back mate!Best regards.
Ghetto is totally OK with me /MA
Thanks for the tip as always Lowfat /Justin
Be gentle /MA
Welcome mate! I would like to hear from you if you have any feedback regarding the project and/or build log /Justin
Thanks for the reply. It is very odd indeed./Justin
Have you guys had any experience with PSUs that require an extra capacitor on the PCI-E cables? Like this one? Can it be cut off? I ask this as the individually sleeved cables which can be bought from don't have them. I have also read that they are to reduce voltage ripple. If it is removed, would the ripple be so bad after? Best regards, Justin
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