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Incredible work Adam! /J
Congrats on being nominated, and thank you for nominating me /J
Thank you for the nomination lowfat /J
Cheers mate Thanks man. The S-Frame project is on hold for a while until I can find someone to finance the project though Awesome, thank you mAs81 He is over the moon to say the least!Hehe, cheers mate! Just have to find another financier for the next project though before it starts Thank you Adam. Your cables look killer in this build Thank you man. I am always trying new things and push the boundaries of what modding is. Thank you Bart!! /J
Sponsored by Update No.13 My lucky number, and final update! Hello my friends! In this update, I am proud to present to you the posting of the Redefine project, and the final photoshoot of this beastly machine. I am very happy and sad to see this project complete as I have had a blast working with this chassis, all the products and various materials. I cannot say that everything went problem free though as I had some driver issues and software problems to...
Hey I am using a regular Corsair H100i All In One setup for this project. The person I am building for wanted low maintenance, so this felt like the best option for him. As far a I can tell, only 240 rads can be used in the Carbide Air 240. Only one can be used with mATX motherboard, with a second being used only in the bottom, and only when using mITX.BEER!! /J
Thanks buddy. Leaving it stock was out of the question! but if they did, then people like me wouldn't be able to do what we do... /J
Haha, yes Bart, Niklots name is Bartłomiej, but Bart for short /J
Cheers buddy! Another update should be released tomorrow /J
Sponsored by Update No.12 Further progress on final touches. Why G'day folks! Just another quick update to show you some sponsored Corsair Dominator White 1866mhz 16GB RAM, and some custom metal panels on the ASUS Strix GTX970! Enjoy Plastidipped Corsair Platinum RAM, which had a final coat of normal white paint to match the rest of the repainted chassis: And the custom metal plates, plus an engraved badge which says Redefined. The badge has...
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