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Great photos bro! I will be following here and on your Insta too! Some nsfw tags would be handy btw haha
Cheers man.GPU length I cannot answer. I know people have fit a GTX970 Gaming from MSI. Google the card and you shall find the measurements.I sold for 8000SEK
I just found this project. Then I found the ascendancy.... Then I found out it doesn't exist yet. Great stuff, and I cannot wait to see the result. This MKII I want so badly. But I need the ascendancy... In black PCB :'(
I used to own one of these! Then I sold it... /J
I think the shiny spot is because you sanded too much in the one spot. You need to now sandpaper the entire panel with 120 or 80 grit.Any clearcoat which is used on cars will be perfect. I cannot recommend a brand as I do not know what brands there are where you are located.Scandinavia for the win. I found a Swedish girl and married her right away! /J
If all else failed, you can always find 1mm aluminium, brush it and clearcoat then stick it over.. /J
240 should work. Just try sanding the entire panels so that the same grain size matches throughout. You could try going to 120 as well. /J
You could try researching for some solution to clean it off which will not remove the anodized coating. You could also sand away the anodizing coating for the entire front panel, following the sanding grain.. Then do a clearcoat from a rattle can. /J
Hey, no problem. Thanks for mentioning me in your post I did have the Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI in my project. A nice little board good for midrange gaming PC not as overclocking friendly as the more expensive models from other manufacturers though.To remove the logo, I just scratched it off with my fingernail. This logo is painted directly onto the anodized aluminum, so it comes off with ease./J
Hello Awesome to hear that you have been inspired to build your own Metis project! I wish you luck /J
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