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It's as simple as this: You use a mac running os 9 and then a mac running 10.9 , and in 5 minutes you know your way around. You use windows XP and go to 8 and you're like : soo , how the hell do I shut down this thing? Windows 8 is not an advancement in User Interfaces, it's an ideia that shouldn't have come out of the lab as more than a theme pack you could install if you're into touching your computer (in other places than the keyboard). That sounded weird.
You better see a doctor.Oh wait, he might touch you.And your car is being exposed to bacteria when you open the door.Maybe there's a hole in your sole and something might get inside your foot.You might be breathing the same air that other people have breath before.Better not leave the house then.
2x on the AMD GPu. Premiere CC brings support to Open GL so the nvidia advntage is gone... I would buy maybe a less powerfull cpu and invest in more ram 24 or 32 GB.
I have always used belkin with good results, they're fast and have nice advanced settings.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, so awesome. I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld too. I would love a CS GO level based on his apartment
for "consuming" purposes 320kbps mp3 is fine. If you want the real thing, are playing through a P.A. or doing processing on the files, it's wav 16-bit 44.1 and upwards. In my studio audio is 24-bit 44.1 or 96 until it reaches the mastering stage, where it's then converted to 16-bit 44.1 wav and mp3. The sample rate conversions are what usually make or break coding of audio files.
Do you need 5.1? I would suggest other speakers of higher quality, I have a older Logitech 5.1 and it's not really good by any means, and from what I've heard on the store, the newer ones sound a bit more smooth but still , the bass is boomy and the speakers are far from being even remotely flat.
Wrap the cable in something else, or maybe get a clip and pin it to your clothes?
Spdif only supports stereo, so you only have a stereo out from your motherboard. You will need to use the analogue cables.
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