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How did people in the 80's feel?People use the most rediculous arguments to buy or not buy a product, it makes me laugh so much i'm thinking of doing a stand up gig just with jokes about consumerism.No one will be amused because all the jokes will be true.
I don't get all this comments about it launching on the PS3. Has this forum become filled with 10 year olds or is this grown up people who just have absolute no ideia of how business decisions are made? This will be a great game, I'll wait for the PC version launch while I play San Andreas , the last one I bought. Seems so epic I cannot believe it yet.
There have been similar watches on development at kickstarter and some other places. And I believe the first "prototype" of this idea was that ipod you could wear around the hand some years ago, was it the nano g3 or something? The level of interaction with the phone is ridiculous, there are much more intresting things to use it for than to interact to a phone ( don't we spend enough time swipping already?). Like the ideia (even tough somebody did it first) Bad...
My first computer was a Intel 486 with windows 95. I recall playing sid meier's Civ net for endless hours as a kid.
What I don't get is why people change phones when they're not broken.
I don't have any feel of superiority for being european.One of my goals is actually to be able to work in California.All that I said is that the USA government is not any more transparent than any other government.I'ts under alot more scrutiny than other governments, and that may give the illusion of transparency, but it works as any other (real) democracy does, not better or worse.
You just made my day with this sentence.Keep taking your blue pill
( isn't this kind of personal attack sue-a-ble over there in the land of court money making?) People should leave their houses more, that's all I have to say about all of this issue. Both the developer ( who did a really cool game, but has notorious emotional issues) and the journalist , wich seems to me a like a chav who traded is civic for a computer have really no reason to keep this going on. Journalism and free speech are a good thing. But they have to be based on...
Universities have computer requirements over there?Oh well, i'll refrain from comenting,I would go with an entry level toshiba, over here for 400€ you can get a A6 with 4 gb of ram and 320Gb HD, not good , but for what it is , it should be capable.For that price tough, a used macbook would be what I would be out to get, in the hands of a girl, most laptops will faint at the lid opening stage
What would be a really cool indie game to buy? I'm yet to try any , I don't really game at all, I bought CS:GO just for sake of the good old source times and laughing in the french servers. I've heard about fez and super meat boy, but nothing else. Sugestions?
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