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 Like if ping pong balls will stay afloat and ride the exhausted air...
GOOD MAN SEEING PAST ALL OF THE IC DIAMOND subterfuge and all off the querimonious buffoons. it is the   best compound in a tube, I use it on all of my GPU's and CPU;s and to the sane same thermal result as the indigo extreme.  
Do they still make Mecano? The wholw sets with the girders and electric motors etc?
 Don't feel too bad,when I was a kid... they were called Washington logs.
  well now i'm looking forward to yours :)have any sketches you would like to share?
  ....Your not looking forward to Faiz's build or anything are you X? 
 Quoted by kizwan:That's great ": IC Diamond Usually draws a harsh response. I have had the best results with IC (including Indigo Extreme) within .02c Hi Arizonian,I was looking at your title tag line and added a flux capacitor a couple years ago to my 4x 7970 quad build   It took an extra 240mm to keep temps down, but the performance boost was substantial. I realize mine is the 1.51  Gigawatt Flux Capacitor v2.0, but still, I would like to joinI would like to join the...
The firs thing I do is always change the Thermal Compound on my GPU's. It is almost always done from the factory is a sloppy hideous, vapid, slipshod, horrid, incompetent, messy, misaligned, ...oh dear...I've gone to far.anyway I replace it with IC Diamond (that will start an argument)  and always gt nice improvements in load temps.Good luck :) Greg
CF works with least quad does.
+1+1+1 hhehe
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