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 Cool looking res DD   
UHG, Look, I am sitting there amongst heavily OC'ed 3960's and 4770's. I have a folder full of benchmarks s running my quad setup with inkling or sign of 'The bottleneck' I thought I would throw together a compilation of my 7970 quadfire doing it thing: All games are on Ultra or highest settings   Secondly the top 30 Heaven 4.0 is at stock settings, not the VRM squealing OC the rest of the group has going. as well as a few other Futurmark HOF, HWBot and othe...
 They are custom made poly fabs  They will be when they are lit up :)
 Sure, let me know if I can help :)
The HD 7970 quad\ are HeatKiller Copper The new build is EK FC rev 2.0 Acrylic
 Cool :)what do you mean by plates?
  I use the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7. It is quad fire native, but is AMD chipset obviously. The Ud7 had been flawless for me, and I have used three of them now,. I have also used the CHFV-Z for quad, but the 4th card requires a PCIe riser. Befor this 4 x R290 quad I built a 4 x HD 7970 with the UD7   CFV-Z with riser           Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7  The project build log/article will appear here:  The...
 Hey Bond,Thanks,I am trying two D5's in serial and the GPU's are running in Parallel,. They are running at 3.75 setting on the adjustable dial, but we will see how that goes (about 2.10 GPH) GPU's top out at 39-41+c during Heaven 4.0 loop and the FX 8350 tops out at 51c during OCCT small data set test.The Pump facades are custom poly resin and the light plate is really cool looking, I just am having a hard time photographing it.Will have it wired today. Both D5's are...
The lightpanel is finished. power going to all four of the R290X tomorrow after leak testing (sorry about quality of images) the panel is very difficult to photograph.       The three PSU's are all in p;lace and this is what awaits me tomorrow :)   Oh yeah, the custom fabricated poly resin LED embedded D5 pump facades
well I would think it would be obvious.The red screw needs to be properly placed or it throws off the whole feng shui. 
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