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anyway, I have actually been inside the NexXxos rads, and the quality is stellar   Red1776  Red1776  Red1776 Not going to pursuit or propagate an argument, so I will just leave it there.
              This was me charting frame times and potential stuttering issues long before someone made an FCAT component/software. ( I was ahead of the curve)                                                                               
 It never ceases to amaze me (the AlphaCool issues ) that people seem to have. I have used more NexXxos XT series than I can remember to count and never had a problem as well as getting far and away the best results.I am not taking shots at anyone here, just an observation and curiosity.:) hey Wer  how ya been?Looks like you are back on track   Greg
 Yes its possible. static shock can take out any component
I'm in and thanks for the generosity and opportunity.
 My Silver Arrow for example, has fans that are bigger than the 140mm HS if that is what you are refferring to.   
 Thanks Junko :)hope you keep following along. Its going to get interest with the 4k, Eyefinity 5760 x 1080, three D5's,2200w, and a A10 7850 dual raphics mkachines. 
 yep, very clever answer D.
Hey DD LOL,How are ya buddy?nice try, but not Helen Keller.
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