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Amen Brother,A bunch of whinging pratts who you would swear identify their self worth with how their company performs or the next hardware offering......get over it.
"Brevity is the soul of wit"
I drink, race cars and spend time time with beautiful women...but! ....I have have weekends off.
Well space wise , why not a Cosmos 2/ Its not a " and Box" and can accomodate  (bare with me) a 120mm x 360 up top, a pair of (2x120mm x 240mm in the bottom. an 120mm single at the rear exhaust and an 140mm alphacool e is a 4.056 SP H2o.The top fans outfitting the 40mm x 360mm are CM  Excalibur @3.53 mmH20 3.53I like you am running multiple WC GPU's and they never see 40C. They are those who will adamently tell you that you should not 'stack'm rads, however my dual 240mm...
 The Koolance 380A with IC Diamond. 
What he said! ^   +1
I am very aware of that very study/review you posted there. the fact is however, with that gap between the rads and a 120mm fan bringing in outside air and pushing it between the two, it yields better results than one thicker 80mm rad does. I know this as I tried many arrangements and the dual 45mm yielded the best results. It is the reason I mention and or recommend it to people with the Cosmos 2. No offense but but you are quoting me a study that is merely 'close' or an...
 what i meant to covey is that it yielded better temps than a single thicker rad. also with the 1-1/4" gap between them you do not get the 'stacked rad' effect. 
 If that's the issue, you can make a really nice looking riser, SSD mount or just about anything with some plexi/acrylic and an orbital sander making it opaque.  Just an idea, I did just that to make the panel covering the bay sides (the blue glowing panel)
I used the gunmetal with white as well, glad i did.
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