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The cheapest extreme cooling solution is a contradiction in terms  Once you start, it draw you in. however 240mm of rad per cpu/GPU is a good rule to start.
 The lower right corner offers the best position for performance increase  
I will certainly. however as you know I have been in the hospital a good part of the time. And as I am starting with a video for the project, I thought I would wait until I was not in the ICU, had a oxygen mask on, unconscious or weighed less than my cat. 
This discussion is happening over in my thread as we speak. I build quad GPU rigs (current rig is 4 x 290X/ FX 8350I have usage graphs for GPU's and CPU's at different res's for bench/games if you are interested.Good luck :)
hehehe...downsized BMPs coming your way I trust you all have your performance improving Red screws installed properly.  If not...lets get on the ball!
Hey Sarge, DD, and widde :) Thanks for the positive thoughts. I have been doing this (AMD quads) for a long time. I fancy myself rather an expert on how to get it done, how to cool it, OC it, and what they are capable of. ...A guys gotta be good at something .   A few of the quads I have built since 2007.                                                  
 Yeah you have something else going on.I have all but one of those games and those are not the results im getting.4 x 290x OC'd w/mantle and the FX is not taxed. The problems with Heaven you are having is a good indicator. I run all four 209x's at 100% usage @ 1080P BN'ing a single 7950 points to something not working. The FPS is upper left.this is with everything maxed out @ 5760 x 1080- Metro 2033/Battlefield I would be curious if you find out what is happening.    
 I'm not sure what issue you have going there but this is my 7th quadfire AMD machine and I have not run into that. All four running @ 100% in various games etc...The Heaven 4.0 is @ 1920 x 1080 and at 100% on all four. I think you have another issue if yours would bottleneck a single 7950 @ 1080P. My Thuban 1100T/1090 quad machines fed all four as well        ...well if it works..  ...anyway thanks Ben and DD :)It was a strange year, although it does give a person a fresh...
 Hi Aly :) Thanks man,Yeah it got very hairy a few times. i saw the white light as it were. Working on it now as a matter of fact.Thanks for hanging in there. 
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