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I beg to differ. @ 5760 ( and at higher res) with the 7970 series and now the 290X. I have quadfire machines and get tremendous scaling all the way out to the fourth card. A few others here have demonstrated the same results.At higher resolutions the 3rd and fourth GPU's are no longer a poor ROI.
 Rolls Royce 
Nice T Now lets see if you get as much grief as I get having 2.3Kw. If you ("you" generically) are a heavy OC'er I don't think it's overkill.You going to leave the left panel open, or do you have something planned with the res in that position?
I cannot find the correct settings that will capture the LED's as they actually look , but here is the idea.   LED panel and Custom LED embedded pump facades.      
This is next to impossible to photograph, but it does look cool.      
back to back  
10/10 I love B&W photography and how the fore/back focus draws your eye to the face.   Hell's Garden   
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 Stable Freq                           5.3Ghz @ 1.552v    
yeah.....what Pc said!    Love the classic red and black, is that from the S.O.G. line?
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