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 Thanks,You don't get off that easy though, how about a pic of your quad 280X ? 
yesir :) I first used these PCIE riser passive pass thru a few years ago on a ROG quadfire 4 x 5870. you can see the blue in there barely
This is the one you want me on this one.a lot more expensive, but worth it. You can get it to a custom length. I got a 4" 
A Common misconception. When CF bridges were still being used that was the case. Now that it is being handled through the PCIE Bus,  only one in the position of the last GPU is required.
Mega works about 80 hours a week I think. On another note...if you guys would implement the proper use of the 'Red Screw', you could avoid Bottlenecks all together!  
 Oh ok, I have tried to explain bottlenecks and multiple GPU to many myself when they take a coupleinstabces and make an absolute either way. Because my point was that I have not put enough benches out there for anyone to make a decision (assuming critical thinking and corresponding vs correlating facts. :)
ummm, am the 'Red' in this post?, and if so what benches are you referring to? ....Because I have said the same thing about the software being just as important and @ 1080 for example The 8350 and 3770K, 4960, etc Bottleneck at the same place.
 Hey Ultra,its actually an  ASROCK A88X Extreme 6+. It has been great. I have been running @ 4.6 with the Silver Arrow, but am fitting the the Nepton 280L. I think i may have a 5Ghz 7850KASROCK is really making some top flight product these days    
 Hey Gring,thanks,I own three UD7's (all three rev's) and they have been fantastic for me.I have run my 8350's all between 5.2-5.3Ghz including this build. Greg
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