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I will third the others. Alphacool uses a very light dusting of paint so it does not become insulating and lower the heat diffusion. Make sure you flush it out well or the solder slag will end up in your micro-fins of the CPU block. On the right most column you can download the BIOS details after you look up yours from the database
 CCC will give you the Bios Number and date
I am not so sure about that. I got early PGN1229 8350's that both hit 5.0@ 1.472v and 5.3@ 1.536v I am seeing not only 9590 owners that cannot hit those frequencies, but are upwards of 1.58v to do 5.0-5.1 
is there any way that isn't ray tracing?
Trying to estimate the degradation / killing a card is like trying to predict the temperature next august depends on what temps you run them at, how many hours use, what voltage you run, the transistors in that batch, And the quality of the voltage you are feeding it, etc. If you run them at good temps and voltage within reason, they will probably outlive your need for them. ....oh yeah, stay away from Furmark. It's like running over a spike strip to prove your run...
 Depend on the game, and how far you like to push your settings. I play at 6330 x 1080 with 4 x R290X's and with games like Metro pushed to the maximum settings, or STALKER with a brutal super high res/texture I get scaling to all four cards. OC'ing can add 8-14% and raise the minimum frame rate most importantly.It depends on how important exploiting every Graphic option is to you. (Try Witcher 2 on Uber mode some time) :) 
my favorite three types of ram            
My Quadfire machines from 2008 to 2013      The  2014 Quadfire underway                                    
 Read the article, they test at 4K, and with multiple cards.  Taken from an article by Matt Bach of Puget SystemsImpact of PCI-E Speed on Gaming Performance 
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