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I own both the Silver arrow and the D15 and have benched both. the Silver arrow beatout he D15 by 1.3c        Silver arrow also has a bit of adjustment for ram height because of the way the fans are attached. I was able to run Corsair Vengeance in all four DIMMS which is about the same height heatsinks as the ram you have pictured I also run the Arrow with three fans in push/push/pull towards the exhaust.
 oh I can definitly can..I am a quad guy and would be all over it.    
 It does have the Hynix modules
 Yes, at this time a maximum of 4 GPU's are the limit of GPU's that are recognized to work in tandem.There had been talk of that increasing to six, but that is not the case now. (folding is another subject)
 I just gave me the chance to say 39c load ...hehehe
Makes a great HTPC:  
It means they are under water with EK FC R290X Rev 2.0 with 5 rads ,2 D5's  and a load temp of 39C :) 
No hex.I benched the MSI game edition quadfire with the twin Frozr as part of the AMD HPP project. The next step was changing to watercooling   They performed very well even under quadfire conditions. the warmest they got was 78c ( single card topped out at 63C) Moving on to watercooling I no longer need them and thought that folks who have the very warm ref coolers could benefit from the superior twin frozr coolers. Thus, I am putting them on the market. All of them are...
is it one of these? 
 Not true Jake, your build looks very nice. perhaps you could tell us about the components and make up of it.I would like to know what it is you have there and maybe some results you have had from it.maybe a few more shots so we can see the whole machine.Spec it out for us :) 
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