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Who started the Rick Astley?...thanks for that!
 Bingo!I'm going to do a video of the Jet Flo's. These things are 14cm wind tunnels.  I think the reason some are assuming they are not is they don't have the trditional look, blade spacing, etc of high SP fans. but they do
This one is   
Where were you when I needed you? LOL Jim Henson was the creator of the muppets BTW, and the voice of Kermit and about half the other characters
 Thus the smoke I send thru to see how and where it was moving. The most efficient was to have slightly more exhaust than intake.
The problem, and reason it nearly killed me was how fast it happened. the doctor said if my wife had waited another 6 hours it would have been a coin flip so to speak. When I came of life support and woke up, he told me it was the same thing that got Jim Henson. I looked it up and read 'ulcerated lungs' There is not anything wrong with my immune system so the 'why' is still not answered and not likely to be.they showed me my chest x-rays and it looked like one solid white...
 well that why I call it flow and not pressure. It depends on the case, how its constructed, modded, air or water.I think I know what you mean by "full positive"  I favor negative flow when applicable. Dust does not bother me, I am perfectly happy to use compressed air more often so not a big version of negative flow is merely a bit more outgoing than incoming. (in this case a Cosmos 2) Not aimed at you X, but I also have three traditional 'no-no's in my setup that...
 I just read that link  In fact I could have written it. I moved, angled, baffled, positioned, and ran smoke through the intakes to watch air movement and took temp readings with remote sensors in three locations in the case for a good long time in many configurations. I get the feeling you are not a fan of negative flow setups, and that's okay. I will take my 2C above ambient.:)
 Hey Alastair,That's a question that I received a "well there could be e number of reasons" it probably never was completely gone. They told me it would be a two month recovery and to take things very slow..I didn't exactly follow those instructions to the letter . As far as the jet Flo's go, I am all for better, but good god do they move air through a rad. The temp difference between the Nepton and the H100, Silver Arrow is incredible.  
like you said, figuring this out involves a lot more than just adding up the CFM of the fans involved. Filters, static pressure, component fans/cooling.I placed sensors at various places around my case when constructing my neg flow plan and got the case temp to within 2 degrees of ambient.
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