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Yes, it's meant for Intel processor and yes it will stress your memory controller.
You're not going to be able to overclock well (or at all), if you undervolt. The GPU/CPU need additional voltage to reach higher clocks.
That's completely normal. If you watch it carefully, it should hit the full clock at times. Regardless, there is literally 0 performance difference.
You can't run that on a Windows PC. Why go to such lengths to back up a Windows Phone on a Windows PC, with MAC software. Doesn't make any sense. Should be a variety software directly from Microsoft for this.
Haha, k.
Simply the build quality. My Switch 810 flexed, bent, didn't absorb vibration, etc. As a business owner myself, the last thing I do when hearing a complaint is defend my product or bash another product. Absorb, learn and apply.
My bad then. Regardless, sticking with my 900D after the switch 810 let me down. Unless you guys start producing MBA MKII quality cases, Cosair has my vote.
These teasers have lost their effect. NZXT has marketed like this too often and for all their products.
It will require additional coding to implement.
Incredible. Looks like I'll be holding on to my xfire 290x's for awhile!
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