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Bahaha, I see that now!!
Huge MEH!
All models have worked without issue for me. It's your wireless network.
I could have guessed this. I knew the game would be a let down after playing alpha. Even on here people went nuts when I said that.
I remember ordering a MCP655 from them. It came without the rubber washer between housing and pump. They not only refused to send me the missing piece, but refused to take a return/exchange without mechanical issues. They lost me as a customer at that point. Sticking with Performance PC's. That's a business run for the customer, not for the owner.
I plan on playing a lot of No Man Sky waiting for Star Citizen. I've been a backer since kickstarter and I can tell you one thing, we're not going to see a complete game until 2018. The scope is far too grand.
Need more info, but super happy with this!
You're a great troll . You had me going, now I feel stupid. I almost kept going after this one.
You should find it ironic that your initial statement accused me of looking at graphs, rather than having experience. Then you go on to do exactly that. Those graphs do nothing but prove my point. The game experience can be less consistent/underutilized with sli/crossfire.Let me explain what you are considering "talk one." Try to keep up. You accuse me of wasting money on a SLI/Crossfire setup because I don't find the experience perfect. I then state that an additional...
Rather than insult, why not elaborate? Disagreeing with someone and throwing around insults doesn't make them wrong. It certainly doesn't make you right.
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