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This update broke a lot of things for me. I had to do a fresh install.
Smooth install and great interface. A few bugs here and there, but great job AMD
I'm excited! Glad I still have a rig with 290x's in them.
Love AMD's driver support now, company division was a good idea. I still can't wait for AMD Crimson!
So happy I didn't preorder.
Update #2 Been running M375P.bin (+37.5mV offset, 1075MHz / 1375MHz) for months. Elpida memory is holding out fine, believe it or not. I keep these cards at 50+% power in overdrive and they run great (clocks stay maxed with no artifacts or crashes). Now, it's time for AMD to release decent drivers.
Will probably give Battlefront a run for it's money.
Interesting. The last "Omega" drivers were all hype. Let's see if these deliver.
Got my 64gb Nexus 5 in, it's better than it thought it would be (given the specs). Fingerprint scanner actually works perfectly too!
Haha, hahaha, hahahahaha. And people will still buy it thinking it's some magic Apple tech.
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