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I'd hold off on any and all SSD purchases for a few months. You'll see 1TB ssd's around $150 soon.
It's very difficult to listen to this guy....
Played beta most of the day. Game looks great, but is a huge letdown.
As good of a game as this looks, I think I'll wait till it's discounted.
I'm still rocking an Acer. I need an IPS monitor with a 30-144hz freesync range, or no go.
Yeah, you will easily...
All legit and the pics are taken at 4k. Ubisoft said they would build there reputation back with the PC market and it looks like they're on the right path.
My perfect monitor if the freesync range wasn't so small (35-90hz).
I can't disagree with this. They're becoming one of the worst developers out there for PC. Even EA and Ubisoft have redeemed themselves.
This is disaster gameplay in terms of settings. I want to see it on a solid rig.
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