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I suggest you brush up your English and look up the word "interact". Calm your internet-hero mentality down.
Why even ask questions at this point? AMD doesn't seem to care about it's customers. There forum reps don't interact with us. He's just here to copy paste the same message he posts elsewhere.
While this article provides no real evidence, I wouldn't be surprised if AMD went under. They constantly make poor decisions have have terrible customer support. Their hardware has potential, though.
All his answers are logical but don't really add up. I'd have to assume that they're are not experienced developers and or incompetent to believe any of it.
You're right. I wasn't paying attention. Yeah, the evo has been going for $90 not the pro!
For good reason. At this rate, certain games will only work on Nvidia OR AMD cards.
Generic internet hero logic. Will not continue this disaster.
Attitudes like this hold back progress.
They're lying to us an it's way too obvious. Looks like we've lost another PC developer.
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