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Looking for X4 1080TI shoot me a PM with what you have and the price. U.S. only!
Not sure if this is a "life hack," but I always forget names, which is an issue in my industry. What I started to do was write that name down and take a picture of it. Rarely is it even for reference, the act alone helps me store it in memory.
This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for in a Freesync monitor! Sufficient Freesync range, 1440p and IPS! Could be my next monitor
As much as I love my crossfire 480x. This isn't enough of a jump for me to stay with AMD. Nvidia will probably get my business back soon.
Why they never list the Freesync range, I will never know... That's more important than people think.
That's very interesting. I wonder what the different would be like in a new BF title, which scales up with memory on Intel chips.
Bahaha, I see that now!!
Huge MEH!
All models have worked without issue for me. It's your wireless network.
I could have guessed this. I knew the game would be a let down after playing alpha. Even on here people went nuts when I said that.
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