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I suppose you're right. The visual outcome seems to be the same, nonetheless. As far as the actual monitors go, I'm not too worried about not getting them. The GPU's are drivers are read, so I'm sure AMD has already tested their own generic panels.
I saw a non-intractable demo running at a trade show in Taipei. They were running on notebooks.I wasn't able to to test it as thoroughly as I have Gsync, I was just able to toggle it on and off. Based on what I saw, it looks to deliver the same experience. However, I'm not sure how reliable it will be vs Gsync. I have no idea what you think an FPS counter would deliver, in terms of verifying Gync or Freesync. You might wanna do a little research on how they are...
I've seen freesync and gsync in person. What do you mean a proper demo? You really can't get a feel for the benefits unless you've experienced them first-hand.
Wrong, it's $14,200. Although, the 85 inch one is 40k... So who knows?
Worked great for me! Can't see how anyone had issues with the processes. The game is large because of the cut scenes...
Bought the wireless with battery at this price over BF. It's a solid controller, better than the 360 or Razer controllers, that's for sure.
Just installed this driver with xfire 290x. Some decent new features, but really nothing special. These drivers are way overhyped.
You're an uncomfortably odd individual. I won't continue this. GL
Actually, there are countless threads offering the developer help to continue the project. He always refuses. I don't even know why he keeps the site up at this point. You need to cool your jets.
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