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I refuse to use any technology of the sort until it is truly perfected. In a time of need, this is guaranteed to be a hindrance for the time being.
The game is really good. It's more FUN than BF4 imo.
Not a good deal at all.
Around July, not that soon.
Ewwwww, get that mac away from me, haha! I was thinking the Lenovo too, thanks for input!
Thanks for reply! 1. What screen size does she want? Around 14" would be great, no need for a big screen or resolution. 2. What will she be using it for? I know you said "mobile work", but it isn't enough info for me to decide, sorry. She needs to take notes in class and watch basic HD media. Nothing demanding, as my phone can easily do these things. 3. What country are you buying it from? United States
I'm looking for a solid build quality UB for my little sister. She likes my Razerblade but it is too expensive budget wise. This system will only be used for mobile work, no gaming. NO Gigabyte products please, their UB are a disaster. I'm looking for the follow: 1. Quality design and materials 2. Light/Portable 3. Display without viewing angle issues (resolution doesn't matter) 4. Silent 5. SSD 6. 4+ hours battery 7. Decent processor I'm having a hard time finding any...
This isn't a danger in our lifetime.
How is this a good deal? It's not 2010...
Just a little update to this thread. My RM1000w died within 2 months. A lot of other people are also seeing failure more than any other Corsair PSU. I've been waiting for 3 month for an RMA but Corsair keeps saying they are out of these PSU's. I tried contacting George about this, but I was ignored as usual. Well played Corsair, you've lost a customer that's been with you from the start.
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