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At least they're pushing out drivers quicker than before.
What's a DVD?
I'm getting 400mb/s down on their 300mb/s plan. Can't complaint.
Been running 1075/1375 +.25v for weeks now. They're stable and give a decent performance increase. Best reference bioses out there.
That debris/dust is dynamic. Sit there are you'll see it appear and disappear at random.
How would they not have known this? What they didn't know is how hard the PC community would fight back. Thank you Steam refunds!
Honestly, this would be a good thing. AMD is just a lost company right now.
This post is about crossfire cards vs dual gpu cards. Both of which I own. At this point, I'm fairly confident you're attempting to both troll and stalk my posts. If you have some sort mental ailment, I suggest you seek help elsewhere.Blocked: Reading your nonsense is painful.
An assumption based on literally no logically strung information. I present things as I see them. I have 3 systems, one in each home I own. Two of which use AMD GPU's (290x xfire and 295x crossfire), my main rig now uses SLI 980 Tis. I'd say I'm more qualified to answer this question than a fanboy.
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