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Wow, they're cranking these out.
Bad move Amazon. People won't buy your garbage just because you don't sell what people want. They'll go elsewhere.
Took 25 seconds on GFiber.
They need to take a serious look at their discrete graphics department. There are a few gems there now, but mostly what seem like lazy and incompetent individuals.
Yeah, makes me happy they they're listening to us. Time to work on crossfire, though and freesync!!
I like this, it'll def make things run smoother with a large amount of PC's
They let me keep my e-mail after grad school
Add features Radeon Pro has into your drivers. If John could do it alone, your team should have no issues. Crossfire support is terrible all around, too.
At least they're pushing out drivers quicker than before.
What's a DVD?
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