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Wow. The price vs performance is amazing here.
They're going to another jab at the 970, just wait! It's gonna be good!
That's not at all the truth, but they'll run hot without a decent cooler.
Those settings are medium-high, FYI.
It wasn't my intent to insult you...Next time I'll try not to hurt your feelings.
Yep, glad you found my title correction useful.
"Withcer 3", eh? Good find
Hahahahaha, clearly you don't know Linus . He's a big goon when it comes to touching and dropping things.
So I fully submitted a purchase at 6:01 PST and everything was suddenly out of stock. Thanks Razer.
Not sure if that's much of a deal. I picked up a wireless Xbox One controller with charge pack for $35 over Christmas.
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