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Why they never list the Freesync range, I will never know... That's more important than people think.
That's very interesting. I wonder what the different would be like in a new BF title, which scales up with memory on Intel chips.
Bahaha, I see that now!!
Huge MEH!
All models have worked without issue for me. It's your wireless network.
I could have guessed this. I knew the game would be a let down after playing alpha. Even on here people went nuts when I said that.
I remember ordering a MCP655 from them. It came without the rubber washer between housing and pump. They not only refused to send me the missing piece, but refused to take a return/exchange without mechanical issues. They lost me as a customer at that point. Sticking with Performance PC's. That's a business run for the customer, not for the owner.
I plan on playing a lot of No Man Sky waiting for Star Citizen. I've been a backer since kickstarter and I can tell you one thing, we're not going to see a complete game until 2018. The scope is far too grand.
Need more info, but super happy with this!
You're a great troll . You had me going, now I feel stupid. I almost kept going after this one.
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