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lol my server has one too.
Usually more than 5 I'd think. depends on your PSU.
depending on the detailing and etching you want I can make it for you, just give me a sketch, however the way I make them mounts through fan mounts, as opposed to adhering to the panel.
Uhm, bite the bullet and get the motherboard for 85 (euro or gpb?) Sorry bro but you won't sell it for enough to make enough to buy a new case and truly save on the motherboard, and getting a cheaper board is a terrible idea. Because cheaper board = dies easier.Seeing as my mb was around 170usd for mine...
Want to post a picture? Chances are I can make something.
Etching this onto my C70 panel tomorrow, and calling my paint guy again....
So a year ago today I said I was gonna paint this case, then I got busy with college and a full time job. Now Im on a break and Im finally gonna have it done.
As I mentioned not to long ago a dh14 fit, soooooo... Yeah...Why not closed loop water?
Estop held onto machine table by velcro strap. Box is made from a plastic project box with dremel'd holes in it.
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