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Thanks guys! PPCs still sells em
to my knowledge the prodigy and prodigy M panels/exterior are identical. That said, keep in mind about airflow.
How did you decide "Ima put antifreeze in this". And why did ya do it.
Mine cost about 45 bucks but its 5mm lexan.
Im rather curious why you decided to do that?
Um no, high end AIOs beat the best air coolers, even without taking the giant amount of stress the air towers put on your motherboard.
Apparently I never posted this here... From to
I would. I have non reference coolers on 5 of the 6 cards in my rigs right now, no complaints.
Reference if watercooling is anything more than a dream in your head, non reference if you plan on leaving the card alone.
You aint even old yet man. Keep on pluggin away I got a gaming relative with over 10 years on ya Sorry for the misconception.
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