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You aint even old yet man. Keep on pluggin away I got a gaming relative with over 10 years on ya Sorry for the misconception.
Can I marvel in the irony that your username is "tinmann" (tin man) and you're saying your too old to game because your joints are on their way out? I feel really terrible but this opportunity won't come again.
That's bloody art, that's what that is. Down right fantastic.
Plastidip is not like paint. It covers the material you are dipping, adding a large amount of thickness and whatever color of plastidip you use, it will be that color. Its like a large scale lamination.
This is PROBABLY the most accurate thing about cable managing ever said.
Hey Minix, I contacted you on the antec owners group on facebook, I still maintain my original status of contacting the antec reps on this forum, they will resolve it.
Mine and I are in a love hate relationship at the moment. It knows it can play games with me right now because Im at midterms, but I think its calming down after I put new cad software on it and cleaned it out.
lol my server has one too.
Usually more than 5 I'd think. depends on your PSU.
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