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H77N here.
I got really bored. My bad.Come on steelbom! Get that mac pro ridiculous ness in a pocket, Ive seen waterbottles in pockets bigger than that I think XD
DC battery, using an MITX board with a 12v supply port. Also Linux/You could use windows on a low res like that, its not easy, or a simpler OS could be used. Thats actually a really valid point.Its about possibility not practicality. I built a rig that broke several conceptions of MITX power and is small enough to fit in my backpack and can be taken on planes fully assembled. Will I ever use that ability? probably not. Is it there if I need and want it? yes.
I answered that earlier.
Im probably younger than you, silly, no, more of a thinker and a dreamer, stubborn, my other half is on here I cant argue that one...Still, RBP pcs have been done in droves that fit in pockets, still faster than phones IIRC.
Ive already proven a pocket sized PC would fit in your pocket, a generator isn't necessary to run a PC for days, USB monitors are available in 5 inch touch screeen variants, and a DC battery, come on?You're arguing this one with a training engineer, fair warning.
See thats both not the smallest PC Ive seen and I can fit it in my pockets, 8x8x3 isn't that big lol.
I was totally with you until needing to maintain a professional look. You must live in like an under 500 person town because in canada I still have no trouble getting 100 up and down, and easily gigabit at work. I get the idea of wanting to browse the net anywhere, but come on, "It does it a few seconds faster" the construction of a building can cause bigger deviations than that...I do get the need for it, I dont get the need to spend hundreds to get seconds better then...
You built your rig wrong if you cant easily move it I legitimately don't get people who need the internet with low quality at any time. Until I see phones having full PC capable connections and interface efficiency, its useless to me, I can always wait for a FAR smoother experience.If you're that impatient, I suggest not speeding, as you can end up paying too much money that way
Battery life, goodBrowsing speed? So what? I don't see gigabit connections on phones, so lets see them beat PCs If I need high speed connections, I dont think phone.See my point?
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