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I am curious if this panel is worth the premium. Does anyone have a basic Sager panel in their Np series notebooks? I did own a NP8150 until today but I sold it to my brother in law. I am looking for a 9150 now due to some of the upgraded features etc... but I dont know if I should shell out for the 95% screen again. Thanks .
Delete away!
I got a 6 core 3930K to justify the purple LEDs on my XPSC Raystorm??? True Story! And because its fast? Maybe thats why. Quad Cores are overkill.... you will be fine with a Sempron. ok ok .... Its not all about the cores. If you get the latest quad core CPU it will blow away a dual core not because it has 2 more cores but these current generation Sandy and Ivy have so much higher IPC performance.
So where and when are the Ghz Editions of 6950 and 70 for sale?
H two O is the only real fix for heat.... so says the pro's! And I whole heartedly agree!
I dont like folding. I think that you are helping the umbrella corporation to develop the T virus in real life. Just kidding haha
Here is the answer you seek.... Raise the voltage until your chip dies. Then you will know the limits for your next replacement chip.
I own a 6990 and its still wicked fast and will remain so for some time. However I am really wanting to investigate getting a desktop (non tesla) Big Kepler when it comes out. that chip is like mega hyped for power.
Garbage test. I disabled it in the registry. Sick of it popping up when Im raping in BF3.
Well you have no idea what I transfer on my networks. Stop speaking for evertlyone. Draft n was out fotlr a long time until notebooks started implementing it. Then boom everyone wanted it. Tell you what..since no one needs faster than 1mbps internet lets all force ourselves to downgrade.
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