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Well I'm a bit embarrassed to be replying this late, sorry , but I can't go on without saying that you are more than welcome, and thank you for the AMAZING post! It means a lot to all of us!
Thanks!Its already on the site Custom two tone and still you want more! Geez... aldri fornøyd is right!
Hello All! We are officially announcing a new color option, Gunmetal! We are going to offer the Gunmetal color as a limited release option, which means that we can’t guarantee its future availability. After a certain amount of time (undetermined) we will make the decision to offer it as a standard color option or eliminate it completely. That determination will depend on 2 things; 1. Verifying color and batch stability 2. Determining customer demand.
Okay well I suppose the cat's out of the bag so here is a sample for the new Gun Metal color. We still need to run a few test before we release it, but we are expecting good results. We have used this powder manufacturer before, and everything has always been great! The Dark Gray is on the left beside the White, and the Gun Metal color is laying across the top.
You're welcome sorry again for the delay.
The MB tray itself (with the stealth mount) is included with the case. If the MB tray is purchased alone, then the stealth mount is not included.
Yup The Flex-Bay is completely universal regardless of the case. The only limitation is the number of bays.
Yes, the colors are different. The primer gray is a non-cosmetic base for wet paint, though, some people do like the look of it naturally.
Yup! Its already on the site here; PCI cage
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