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ahhh.. i was wondering why it was showing 0's for my folding stats and my badge had disappeared.. hopefully they'll get things back up and running soon..
yeah, i was gonna say the same thing Norse did.. sell em, and buy some 2-3tb sata drives if you're looking for storage space, or even a good size ssd..
Very nice and portable.. what kinda overclock you manage with that setup?
That sir, is spectacular..
i too had a cyrix chip that i think wound up in my pile of stuff that went to goodwill this last move.. (along with my p3 500, amd k2 350+, and a handful of original pentiums) my first pc was the good ol tandy 1000, which we upgraded to 64k of ram and dual 5 1/4" floppies! Ahh dos 3.x. First pc my parents bought was a pentium 60... the good ol days..
wasn't saying CWM doesn't work, just that TWRP (for my usage anyway, constantly flashing nightly builds) is much easier.
twrp = 10x better than the current incarnation of CWM.. especially on the Note 2.. You can use goomanager to keep TWRP updated, and some roms (depends on dev) are available through goomanager as well.
Dave just joined the ranks on my desk, now like the mug says, i need more minions!
i never really used the s-pen, so nothing lost there in my use.. the only "major" difference is still battery life.. the modded stock roms are still a little better than I'm getting on AOKP (n.e.a.k kernel for the GSM variants is the only way to combat this, and makes a big difference) the only other thing that comes up occasionally in my usage, is if you call into a phone system and it asks you to enter more than 2-3 digits, it seems to get the numbers skewed.. pretty...
Still loving my Note II, and looking at getting the gs4 for the woman.. I tried to go back to a modded stock rom for my phone, but just couldn't do it for more than a couple days. Back on my unofficial nightly AOKP...
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