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It's the samsung SOC.. Oh, and I'm anything but a beginner.. currently working as a data center admin..
It's finally here! woohoo! I'll probably tinker with is as a stand alone linux box for a bit, but ultimately I see it being my pocket XBMC for when i travel..
IB = infinityband We run IB between most of our storage clusters.. 50ft cables can be a bit of a bear to manage sometimes..
the majority of the fiber i deal with at work is all 10gb.. so nice.. i'd be happy runnin 4 or 8gb fiber at home..
I get my Pi tomorrow.. Hopefully I'll get the case I found soon as well then I can have my portable XBMC..
the link in the op to downloads is broken i think is what he was getting at. link points to which gives a 404
h50 is old skool.. if you don't already have it, get something else. If you have the h50, buy a 240 rad and mod the h50 to work with it, you'll be much happier. With the H100I hovering around the $100 price point, it makes the h50 look like a waste of time. Will it keep your cpu cool over 4ghz? Sure, but how high do you want to go and do you want to be limited by your cooling?
That's a smokin deal for $50!
yay 10 million!
Awesome.. thanks for the heads up, just about to place my order.. now to hunt down a decent case for it.. dunno why everyone is selling only red cases..
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