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[[SPOILER]] Hooray andy!My Andy has some Imperial friends, and some Pi!
Very nice.. Looking forward to playing with mine some soon.. Work is getting in the way..
No problem..So, the case I ordered came in the mail later today as well..Tomorrow i write some images to my misc sd cards and boot it up..
got my Evga 4gb GTX 680 FTW a couple months back, just haven't been around that much.. Add me to the club! Validation in my sig..
20 min is a good starter run when you're dialing in your settings, now you'll wanna go for at least an hour to see if temps stay stable and everything is good.
It's the samsung SOC.. Oh, and I'm anything but a beginner.. currently working as a data center admin..
It's finally here! woohoo! I'll probably tinker with is as a stand alone linux box for a bit, but ultimately I see it being my pocket XBMC for when i travel..
IB = infinityband We run IB between most of our storage clusters.. 50ft cables can be a bit of a bear to manage sometimes..
the majority of the fiber i deal with at work is all 10gb.. so nice.. i'd be happy runnin 4 or 8gb fiber at home..
I get my Pi tomorrow.. Hopefully I'll get the case I found soon as well then I can have my portable XBMC..
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