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My god, were they kicking that box to Australia or what?I love it! Looks very clean and tasteful.
Thank you for your reply Kokin, but I already bought a samsung 840 evo. Works pretty well so far
Congratulations guys I hope to see build logs in the near future
Hey slappy I am aware of that but thank you anyway. The problem is that all the shops I checked have the 120hz one. I have however found an alternative, the XL2411T. It's 144hz and is identical to the TE except for a few features. The one thing I would like to know is if anyone has seen both and could compare the colors? Other than that I'm pretty set on the 11t.
Hey guys, I am thinking of a gpu upgrade and thought I would ask here instead of making a new thread. Do you guys think my pc is good enough to utilise a new 280x ? Or would I need to upgrade some components?
Those are not hackers, it's just horrible net code. I had that happen too when one guy shot me trough a house about 3 sec after I took cover behind it.My opinion is you should wait for them to fix the game or else you might end up disappointed.
Guys, if you are having extreme stuttering and skipping like I did then you might want to give this a try. I watched this video of xfactor and he said it would give me some more fps so I said what the heck. After unparking my cores and restarting the pc I played on 4 different servers with almost no stutter at all! I didn't really get more fps but I don't care really. The game is finally playable for me! Give it a shot.
Hey guys, I am looking to get a new monitor for gaming and I did a lot of research. I am pretty set on 120/144hz and was looking at this one from benq. Unfortunately it's really hard to get in my country/europe so I was wondering what other displays would be comparable to this one. I am looking at the Asus VG248QE. Could someone tell me which one of these has better colors and contrast? Also what other brands can compete with the benq at this price point?
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