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I have seen this error caused by either a video driver or RAM. Get the latest driver for your video card and update. Hopefully that fixes your issue. If not try replacing your RAM modules 1 by 1
nice one. Subbed.
Welcome to OCN. Nice build you've got going. Subbed.
I found a thread you might be interested in. Not sure if it helps but hey, here it is anyway -
Hey mate. I live in Aus. Welcome to OCN.
Welcome mate.
I believe Intel's CPU warranty is a lifetime one. I might be wrong.
Yeah I was going to recommend pccasegear however take a look at have shopped from their in the past and they are really friendly.
I am from Sydney also where are you looking at buying your rig from?
I would imagine that you would be fine. I ran SLI 570s with a similiar setup (diff case - Lancool PC-K62) and there were no problems. Remember that while there is heat dissipated into the case, most of the heat goes out the back.
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