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Made me smile, Thankyou.
Hey MrJak, welcome to OCN. You'll have a ball. Enjoy
Hey mate, Welcome to OCN.
I have my 3570K at 4.7ghz and love it to bits. I suggest overclocking it a bit more and not going to AMD. Just my
Overclock your CPU mate to at least 4.5ghz which is easy to do. I bet that after you've done it you will have a new appreciation of the rig you have and won't want to upgrade.
As others have said it will evaporate so no need for concern.
Computers are funny things with a mind of their own. I'm glad you have it sorted.
Hey mate, welcome to OCN.
Ditto to this. Great post in my opinion . While games are getting to become CPU intensive, the majority are still GPU intensive.
Awesomeness right there. subbed.
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