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It has to be a driver issue. Drivers are only invoked during startup. Before that it uses a generic windows driver.
No. Make sure that all reference to MSI is removed and that the program does not startup. Then see what happens Edit - If you have the vapour-x card the switch is above the P is 'SAPPHIRE' that lights up on the side of your card..
I have the sapphire 7950 vapour-x and I do all of my overclocking via MSI afterburner but I would go into MSCONFIG and disable it completely from startup and also from services. My card has a dual bios so I would even try that.
Very cool.
Hey mate welcome. I came here from OC3D along time ago and have never looked back. Even the vids on youtube are not the same anymore with TTL. I enjoyed the buildlogs and they are a thing of the past. I enjoy Singularity Computers now on Youtube.
Not too bad for a CPU score out of a 3570k @ 4.7. score - 7.80
welcome mate
You're British and you live in NZ. Well now you need to move to Aus Welcome to OCN mate.
Hey mate, welcome to OCN. I'm in Sydney. The rig you have planned sounds like a beast. when you get to building, don't forget a buildlog and pics. There are plenty of people here to help with questions, ideas, troubleshooting etc. I have been part of OCN for a while now and love it to bits.
Hey mate, welcome
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