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Same here. I am running 2 960s in SLI with no issues what so ever.
a truly great build my friend. Well done.
Hey mate welcome I am in Aus also.
You should like it mate. I think it's brilliant.
Welcome home
OK, can someone tell me how long it took them to download the update on their machine?
I have been running W10 for about a week now and I must say that for a first release of an OS it is very smooth and I am yet to find one of my devices that doesn't have a driver. The upgrade from 8.1 was seamless and very simple.
Guys, when you get to install W10 I think you will be all suitably impressed as I am. Definitely better than 8.1 and way better than 7.
I was always told the above (120mm per component) and that is the rule I have stuck to when building watercooled systems. Just my
Coming along very nicely mate. Love the new purchase of the chair.
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