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This would be the best website on the WWW and has been my homepage since I joined. I have been a part of this community for sometime now (not as long as others) and to see the news of people moving on makes me sad and also happy. Sad, because of the departure of some truly inspiring and motivated individuals but also happy in the sense that others will step up to the roles left behind and shine a new light on things moving this forum forward. I wish you all the best Admin...
go for it egaasbcc. I look forward to seeing your result. Here is mine with 2 EVGA's in SLI @ stock
Hey mate, welcome to OCN. Enjoy!
Welcome to OCN mate.
Welcome mate, enjoy
Hey mate, welcome
15000w (15 thousand) OMG
Well done mate.
Where have I been??? missed this buildlog completely. Subbed. Looking forward to this one!
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