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I'd look at the corsair 750W. That should give you plenty of headroom if you want to go CF.
Sounds to me like it's GPU based. As mentioned try at stock or re-installing your graphics driver. I'd even use a different driver (maybe the last version).
I agree with mastertrixter. Look in the for sale section of OCN for a 280x
Hey mate. Welcome to OCN. Enjoy your stay.
+1 for the 290.
Welcome to OCN. You'll love it here The links in my sig might be of some use to you. Cheers.
Fully agree!
Can I join the club
Welcome to OCN mate. You'll love it here.
I see you've made it into a post from EK waterblocks on FB and thought to myself 'I know that guy ' Well done mate. Beautiful Rig. Link -
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