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I have 2 EVGA GTX 960 SSC in SLI and the fan does not spin until they get to 60deg but these are the dual fan variants.
I love my 2GB EVGA GTX 960s in SLI but I am only running at 1080p
Hey mate, as you can guess I am from Aus. Welcome.
If the machine is used for gaming you're probably not going to notice much of a performance difference. Encoding etc might be a different scenario.
your GTX 980 will be limited to the overclock ability of the 2500 given that it is locked and 3.7ghz would probably be the most you'd get. Just my
When I watercool, I always use a 120mm Rad per component but that is just me. I would definitely go a bigger radiator for all that you are wanting to cool. I always have my radiators with 2 sets of fan in push/pull
Hey mate, Welcome to OCN. I am in Sydney Australia
I agree with lacrossewacker. I tried it a year ago a with 2 570s in SLI and a GTX 450 (as it didn't require an additional power other than the slot) and the result was worse.
Welcome to OCN mate.
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