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Interesting read. Thanks subzer0 . I'll stick with my 1600 Vengeance sticks for a while I think.
This makes sense.
Welcome to OCN mate. Feel free to have a look at the links in my signature.
I agree that 4.5ghz would be the sweet spot when overclocking the CPU. Games are still more heavily dependent on the GPU so either a GPU upgrade or overclock of the GPU may yield a better result.
Not a prob.
Nice to see you've joined the family, welcome. I have a link in my sig to explain how to add your rig to your sig.
$9,999,999 is a bit steep for an asking price
Heres mine with 2 OCZ SSDs in RAID 0. Not sure if it's good or not.
Looking awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.
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