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More offsprings of the abomination IDTech.
Samsung memory? CURSE YOU!!! My 1557/3888mhz 970 does 10878, 13581 on the gpu side.
Can you remove the sticker behind the fan and see if the fan is serviceable? Although the uniform cooler makes it easier to strap on custom 120mm fans unlike MSI heatsinks.
The same reviewers keep spouting 'GTX960 sweet spot'. Essentially saying a 2gb gpu regardless of gpu grunt is a 1080p sweet spot card in 2015. Same reviewers defending nvidia. So far only Hilbert from Guru3d atleast writes that Nvidia lied through their teeth despite being incompetent in bringing out the limitation.I think it started off when probably someone got a GTX970 and 980 side by side and saw the difference in vram numbers in games. Also AIDA64 memory bandwidth...
Its like an SSD advertisement saying 1TB, but inside, 250gb is an hdd and 750gb is the ssd. Except no hardware company is this stupid to do this, they'd be caught day 1. We have benchmarks which test each gb of an hd. AFAIK OCCT 4GB test already runs like arse on 970. Its wonderful how Kombuster doesn't bug out.
I'll post a frametime log if I get time, now after 347.52, the default game does go above 3584mb vram usage, usually 3595~3620mb at 1080p, but yep frametime spikes are there when panning camera.
I can enable 1.3V in the bios, but I'm not quite sure if its actually going that much. Judging by scores and artifacts, 1.275V @ 1557mhz gives me the highest firestrike graphics score (13581), and 1.3V 1569.5mhz gives me artifacts in firestrike. I have a rev1.1, so I don't know what Gigabyte has gimped in their revision, they are known for doing so.
I had Metro Last Light Open with a frame time monitoring, there were indeed random spikes to 50ms+, and in heavy scenes, there were even more random spikes. Last Light redux uses about 1020~1050mb vram. I wouldn't call his claims to be utter bad, but I'd say if he can back his claims, he is on to something. Atleast its better than the blind guy who posts shadow of mordor frametime log with very poor microstutters and claims 'I did not witness any stuttering its smooth'....
Talking about VRMs, if you're bothered, the G1 is gold. Both 960 and 970 models have dedicated coolers for the VRM. Also I've found that I remain stable within 13mhz. For instance, if 1560mhz is stable, so is 1569.4, however the moment you do 1570mhz, firestrike spews out artifacts.
There was need of a 330$ GPU which outperformed 400~500$ gpus and overclocked like crazy, except 1 problem. Putting 3gb on the box wouldn't make it that impressive for the owners of the 400-500$. In order to fool everyone, and the world, vram stretching tech was invented, and rolled out with closed lips. Its not sad that this happened, but that this will continue and worse case, AMD adpots this. 660,660ti,550ti are already culprits of this heterogeneous memory archs, but...
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