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If you are using HDMI connection, then some monitors have trouble, and require the EDID to be reflashed. You can try a DVI to D-Sub instead.
@OP From the first post, It seems your card is only clocking in at 1.187V. This is the issue you are not getting high clocks. For instance, mine requires 1.212V for 1500mhz, and still unable to determine how far 1.225v will take me (probably only 31.5mhz more). I'd suggest a bios mod to enable the full voltage range for you. Also you don't have samsung magic wonder ram. Its Hynix. Ofc the chance of getting an 8GHz clocker is rare.
I've not posted here for ages. Anyway the new Gigabyte Cards, the GTX970 G1 Gaming Rev1.1 I own came with an BIOS with Hynix memory. A very bad clocker, holds 3802Mhz though. Attached a 'carbon copy' of the gigabyte game stable final bios by editing my bios. Might work for people with Gigabyte cards and hynix memory. If nervous, carbon copy values into your bios, or give me your bios. Take advantage of dual bios, use 2nd dvi connector to run in the second...
So, in Hard Disks, we have Raid 0. This theoretically doubles the performances, but also doubles the space. 2x 1TB raid 0 results in 2TB storage. Now why didn't someone put R&D to have something similar in the graphics space? Or it simply isn't viable? Or it just won't force people to go and buy higher capacity graphic cards? Discuss.
If maxwell isn't 512bit, then the next 512bit 8gb card by amd is an insta-grab for me.
My current solution can do 120fps in bf3 @ 1080p regarded I drop textures to high, disable msaa, ssao, motion blur. Rest stay ultra. With the same settings, in bf4 beta after the final (3rd or 2nd patch?) the stuttering was fixed as well and I saw 64~90+ fps, with the same settings as bf3. Hopefully the multiplayer final is more optimized.
now begins human experimentation on how to 'use' a living brain system to create the most sophisticated super computer.
4612.5mhz to be precise loland multicore went from 7.55 to 7.67, but single core is still 1.98, weird.And its NOT stable, crashes instantly with IBT ;_;I tried to overclock my ram, ended up corrupting bios Bad ram is bad. Oh well.
I wanted 2.0 in single core
..... I guess my data could be used for the good of the haswell overclocking community. FOR SCIENCE!
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