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Waiting for Prince of Persia trilogy as a single game to show up as a remaster with all events being properly tied together. Please ubisoft, run out of ideas and make it happen. Could easily reach the length of 40-50hours game.
Is there any news about Pascal and Async Compute? Is it real this time? What conclusion would the experts draw from the available slides.
I don't believe the games I have today will run fluidly at 2560x1080, 60fps. Anything lower than native will be a blurry mess. Not to mention most games will require some sort of tweak/hack (or dev support in UWP case) to support proper 21:9, I don't feel I am ready for it, neither do I deem it a worthy investment.
I have been on a S22A350H (sammy) since november 2011. I feel that 21.5/22" is simply not cutting it for me anymore, plus I'd like to try out IPS, so am buying a new monitor. I'm keeping the res 1920x1080@60hz for now. I have no desire for 120hz (even though I have tried it, it IS better), but the majority of games I'll be playing I will push HQ and am always in the 50-70fps range. Now we factor in how much the costs will increase (budget) to get 120/144 for using maybe 1...
Yeah that did indeed answer my question. And few threads ago, it suggests a possible maxwell solution, but still not as effective as AMD. dang. Thanks for this thread, its been an eye opener. Keep up with the good work
Long time lurker here, infact past 2 days at work I've been reading this thread, lol. So I have a question, if Maxwell is fail at async, cant nvidia disable it properly to not incur performance loss when requested by dx12 api?
I got a gigabyte g1 gaming because its the only 970 with a dedicated different section of the cooler designed to cool the VRM. Until ofcourse they roll out the REAL cream, the Xtreme series which IMO should have been the g1. Meh.
Now I am itching to try 1569.5mhz @ 1.312V again. What have you done...
I am still lurking too!
Why isn't anyone benching the 970 with a pagefile on the ramdisk? I only have 8gb ram otherwise with 16gb I would definitely make 6gb ram drive with 4gb page file. I better put 64GB RAM on the list of things to buy. Use 48GB of it as hdd cache, 6gb of it as temp file + page file and the rest for OS.
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