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Nvidia retracted their statement of an incoming driver fix. The forum post has been updated.
The monitor he tests on . S22D390H, is an HDMI/VGA(D-Sub) monitor. I have something pretty close to that, S22A350H. I can test this if interested, but I have a hard time believing it will actually work.
So, those claiming this is a hardware fault, here is some food for thought. The GTX970M is 80TMU and the GTX980M is 96TMU. Maths, a 3GB GTX970M should have the bandwidth falling off after 2560MB. A 4GB GTX980M should have the bandwidth fall for the entire last GB. GTX980 = 128TMU = 4096 GTX970 = 104TMU = 4096/128*104 = 3328 GTX980M = 96TMU = 3072 GTX970M = 80TMU = 2560 Can someone run nai benchmarks on laptop versions? If the bandwidth doesn't fall off then it might...
Level of denial beyond 9000.
My results:
Will increasing clock 74 min max to 1.312V have the card boost to 1552/3870/1.25V as regular and then a voltage slider will unlock it to 1.312V?Sorry if this is an awkward question.
I wanted a BIOS which boosts to 1.25v , 1552mhz core and 1935mhz memory straight away. But also wanted to keep access to 1312.5v for testing higher overclocks. Is this BIOS correct?   Thank you.
@Serandur +Rep for the amazing analysis. I hope more people can call this out and Nvidia atleast come up with an explanation/apology or whatever, it doesn't look fixable to me.
Edit Nevermind, worked.
Does the box mention clock speeds or anything, if you have boxes in front of you? Are you allowed to disclose more info, such as why not show the picture they showed you of all three versions? Also, hate to be that guy, but someone must ask this, are you trolling us?
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