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Yeah, it can be annoying to hit such a mobile target as Pharah though. I need to practice Tracer as well, I feel like a good Tracer is one of the most annoying characters in the game.
Yeah, his wall punch gets extremely annoying after a while. I lose track of where he went, then turn around and get my head caved in.His movement is also annoying. It's not so much that he's fast, it's he just moves in a really erratic way, much more so than Genji for comparison. Trying to kill him with Soldier is annoying, so I end up having to go McCree and try to catch him when he's on the ground with a flashbang.Any time I see a gold Hanzo I get flashbacks to being in...
Gold McCree is one of the coolest IMO, I was tempted to get it, but I don't have god-tier aim. Gold Doomfist might look decent on one of the legendary skins, but it wouldn't really look much different on the default skin.
Season 5 is done, finished +991 vs the start of the season. Now to decide who to get a gold gun for. I'm thinking
Even then, your sensitivity is dependent on what character you main. You won't really need great accuracy if you're playing someone like Winston or Reinhardt all the time.
Might just be mouse wheel to jump, I've seen a couple of people that use it, especially Lucio players.
I've had quite a bit of luck with 6 man queues with randoms, that's how I ended up getting Platinum.
Thanks, now I've just got to win 10 more games so I'll get a gold gun at the end of the season. Next season I can try working on getting diamond.
FINALLY got back to Platinum, +1014 SR since the start of the season. The game couldn't have been closer either, 2 - 2 on Lijiang, last map went to 99% - 99%. That was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do in games. I think in the last 10 games I had 9 wins and 1 draw, never thought I was going to be able to break 2500 again.
Yeah, and hitting the occasional random 1 shot kill is so satisfying. I can't get multikills with his ult worth a damn though, I usually just use it to kill the enemies Mercy. Really struggling to get above 2500 at the moment, not really sure what to do to get better. I've tried playing easy characters like Soldier, I've tried playing my main (D'Va), I've tried playing Reinhardt, tried being a healer, but I just keep stalling and can't get above 2500.
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