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Just started playing McCree, he's a lot of fun to play, especially when you hit a random headshot on someone.
Exactly what Crazy said, if you see someone at a higher level and they are still stuck around the same level, I'd say it's actually more likely they might not be good for their MMR. They have a lot of time in the game, so they know all the basics of playing the game, but there is something about the way they play which has meant that even with more experience, they haven't improved (according to their MMR).
I get that a lot, I main D'vaand can usually get at least gold elims, sometimes more medals, but then some people will still complain because I didn't have my matrix up 24/7Also, any EU players in here that are plat? Getting tilted trying to get back above plat. Got up to 2445, then dropped, and been bouncing around 2300 - 2400 since.
It's because a lot of Torb players you see just sit right next to their turret the entire game to try and stop it getting killed. Gives people a bad impression of the character.
Been seeing that more and more at Gold rank, I think it's because nobody bothers to focus the Mercy and the enemy team get ez 4 man rez.
There is, but sometimes even toxic people can make a useful call that helps.
In my experience, in EU games it's not uncommon to see people multiple games in a row. Played a game yesterday on Ilios with a guy that instalocked Widowmaker and stuck with her the entire game. He said round 5 that he had been pretty much AFK the entire game because he was "so high rn". Ended up with him on my team the next two games as well. Still won though, carried as D'Va And yeah, I've learned to just swap out if we are missing a key character, regardless of the...
Ignoring them only works up to a certain point, it's still a team-based game. Also, it's not small things that annoy me, it's stuff like Reinhardt's that compulsively charge into the middle of a crowd to try and make some ridiculous play. Or people picking DPS characters that leave us handicapped, e.g. no Pharah counter, then refusing to switch.
Climbed up to 2440 from 1501 this season, now I'm down to 2240. Why are low plat/ high gold players so toxic/ stupid. I swear people at silver had better game sense.
Torb's ult is also scary, that turret will melt you.Also, this season is going pretty well so far, started off the season at 1501, - 500SR vs end of last season, but managed to climb around 650 up above 2100. Now I just need to get back to Platinum now.
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