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Dropped 400 SR, not dropped to 400 SR. And 0 is the lowest SR.
I'd like to see an Overwatch event like the CS:GO operations, lots of different PVE type missions. Maybe scenario based missions to test off your skills with certain characters. E.g. a Junkrat jump course, Reinhardt assault map, Genji parkour map etc. I think it would add a lot extra to the game than what there is at the moment, I'm pretty tired of competitive at this point, trying to get back up to Platinum from Gold is just ridiculous.
It's true that the SR should be roughly the same, however I still think it's weird that your account level doesn't seem to be considered that much, if at all. There have been a lot of times where our team is mostly 0 or 1st prestige, and the other team is mostly 3rd or 4th prestiges. I know that their competitive rank should be similar, but I'm still not sure it's fair when one team has 100's of hours of played more than the other.I'd like to improve with Ana as she is fun...
I can play against gold players with someone easy like soldier and get a lot of kills, but OW isn't a game you can carry in unless you are absolutely leagues above who you're playing with. I don't think I'm some godlike player who is stuck in gold, but I think I should be in platinum. I hope they don't keep rolling your SR along across multiple seasons forever, it would be nice to have a fresh start at some point. Maybe after season 5 or something.
I got to plat fairly easily last season, but I tilted from 2650 down to below 2200 by the end of the season. Start of Season 4 I got placed around 1950, got back in to gold, but breaking back in to platinum is proving annoying.I've played with my brother and his diamond friends before and had much easier games than I am at the moment.
Managed to go from 2050 up to 2350 in the space of a day, then managed to tilt back down to 2093. I swear playing in gold is harder than platinum.
Trying to get back up to platinum is absolutely agonizing. I'll have a streak of a few wins, then get paired with people who instalock dps and can't do anything significant.
I had around 150 hours on PS4 Overwatch before switching to PC, some things I noticed.If you're in Europe, don't expect everyone to use a mic.Characters that require good aim to be viable are used a lot more. E.g. McCree, Hanzo, Widowmaker, AnaYou'll probably see less Pharah on PCPeople tilt so much more on PC since you can easily type stuff out in game chat, this isn't an option on PS4.
Selling on the Steam market will net you 87% of the item's sale price, however almost every person willing to drop that much money on CS:GO items will buy from somewhere like /r/globaloffensivetrade or another site with case keys. This means you could be waiting a long time for them to sell, if they sell at all. That being said, if you undercut the lowest price on the community market, since there are only a couple of listings, you could be lucky.If you want to try and get...
Placed at 1984 after my placements, lost 4 of them due to torb and attack bastion picks. Managed to climb up to around 2250 over the weekend though. I'll be glad if I can get to platinum so at least you're playing with people who are willing to compromise on their characters.
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