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I wouldn't be surprised, you can almost certainly get at least 1 gold medal every single game, even if you're terrible, just by spamming the rein shield and getting the most damage done.He's also pretty easy to get a lot of kills with.
Last season's (season 3) ranking was based on your previous season + placement matches. That's why you had people like IDDQD get placed at over 4400 despite having won 2, drawn 2 and lost 6 placements.
Any idea if they are using the same ranking scheme as they did at the start of last season? I.e. start off lower with an ELO bonus?
Lucio does passive area-of-effect healing, he's not like Ana where his gun will heal people.Normally he does 12.5 health per second to any teammate within line of site in a 30 meter radius. If you use the amp-it-up ability while in healing mode, this goes up to 36 health per second.
Which sort of balances given that her ult can be arguably the best in the game in terms of turning a game at the last minute. I also really like pairing Mercy with Zarya, constant healing and damage boosting and Zarya becomes extremely annoying to go against.Anna + Lucio seems to work the best, but I like a Zenyatta when playing against tank-heavy teams.Also, Zenyatta's discord + Mercy's damage boost and D'va/ Winston can melt people.
Yeah, I see more roadhog now instead of D.Va, she can still melt people in a close quarters team fight though.And yeah, Ana's got all the features of a good healer:Ability to group heal when needed (grenade)Ability to heal single people quicklyAbility to heal people in a team fight without having to be stood in the middle of the team fight herselfAbility to deal out DPS when neededAbility to massively assist other people in getting kills (grenade)Some of the other healers... still feels pretty strong post-nerf. Although a Roadhog hook will pretty much instantly destroy your mech. Also, from being almost obnoxiously nice whilst playing last night, I went up about 250 SR. Another 400 and I'll be back to my season high.
What do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean.
You can't use mouse 4 for mic, that's the panic-knife button
In lower ranked games you're playing lower ranks sure, but you're also teamed with lower ranks. At higher ranks it seems like you can rely on the gamesense of your teammates to help carry you forward, at lower ranks, not so much. You get more instances of people taking a bad fight, chasing kills, not using the strengths of their character, etc. Stuff that will generally throw off your timing for pushes or feed the opponents easy ult charge.I might try ranking up later on a...
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