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Yeah, lots of good ideas so far. 30 minutes to un-tilt would probably work wonders. Quickplay is a sure-fire way to get tilted. Main reason I've experienced for my team losing is us all having poor coordination with our attacks (especially on point capture maps). Those games where you just never really seem to work together or sync up ults properly. I also have a tendency to use my ults to impulsively when I'm playing as Pharah or D'va. But to be honest, I'm pretty...
I'd usually agree, but since the start of the season on PC I went up 350 elo, then down 600, and on PS4 last season I went down 500 in a week then up 500 in two days. I haven't had many nights of playing where it's win some, lose some. It feels like it's either win 5 in a row playing against toddlers or getting absolutely hammered by the most ridiculous Hanzo that lands every single shot. I think there's a difference with diamond games though. At diamond, I think it's a...
I'm so close to being done with Overwatch, lost 600 elo in around 2 days from playing with people who just pick any character that looks cool, regardless of team comp. Most toxic game I've ever played.
I wrote it like 3 years ago when Gaterons weren't a common thing.
Since I've retired, is anyone willing to take over this club? PM me if you'd be willing. It would just involve updating the membership list every week or so.
Sombra also works really well when paired with Pharah, especially if you combo the ults.
Ordered the PB279Q, if I can't immediately flick like Guardian, I'm putting my fist through the panel.
The +/- ELO changes you're seeing at the moment aren't going to stay that way, they're using the current settings to try and redistribute people for the start of the season. They dropped most people down a few hundred ELO and are using higher point rewards for wins to make sure everyone is where they should be. At the moment I'm getting +40 for an average win against a similar level team and -20 for an average loss. Even if you get ranked lower than expected, climbing...
Can't say I've played enough on PC to notice any difference. Maybe the aim assist on console helps with less accurate shooting?
Just bought this on PC after playing 100 or so hours on console, it's so much easier to hit people with McCree or Hanzo on PC.
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