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Updating the membership list, keeping the original post updated etc.
Hey guys, I've retired as the editor, if you'd be interested in taking ownership of this thread, contact one of the mods for this section. Not sure how the management are sorting out a new editor for the section, if you'd be interested, I'd imagine Chipp, ENTERPRISE or one of the mods for this section would be the best person to contact.
Still worth ~$200 on the Steam marketplace.
Even if the casing of the board could take it, the switches won't. You're not going to find a production keyboard where it's ok to rage on it.
I've been meaning to repair mine, but I keep putting it off as I already have two working keyboards.
Ah ok, my Filco Majestouch-2 had issues with some keys registering intermittently, but that was after like 4 years of playing FPS games and spamming WASD and Shift.
What issue did your first one have?
I don't imagine CS:GO would be as big if skins were never a thing.
I believe that just applies to people posting in the thread with the intent to try and sell their stuff. All sales on OCN must go through the marketplace, however I don't believe OCN is the place to try and sell CS:GO skins.
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