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First rule to remember - Don't stay outside at night if you've just started out. No weapons + armor = quick death.Find treesPunch trees to get woodUse wood to make a crafting benchUse wood and the crafting bench to make wooden tools (axe, sword, pickaxe)Use wooden pickaxe to gather cobblestoneUse cobblestone blocks to make a house and stone tools.Go out in search of pigs and cows for food and leather(later on you can get them to follow you back to yours with some wheat,...
'ONE person in the enemy team will play slightly worse, which may be enough to turn the tide of the game.' -> more games won -> more rank-ups -> GEAlso, if you're on tilt because you're playing badly, then putting yourself in difficult positions like car on B site isn't going to help, it's just going to get you rekt many times. If you're playing like garbage, then just play more passive, don't try anything too fancy, and just let yourself un-tilt.
Not trolling, I just think advising people to try and use stupid comments in chat as a way to win matches is a really poor idea. It's not exactly going to make you any better at the game, and people will just think you're toxic.If you want more actual feedback, then fine. [[SPOILER]]
If it works as effectively as you think, you should be Global Elite right now. You could also change your name to Sun Tzu of CS:GO, so people respect your tactical mind.
The best way to beat the enemy is to say stupid stuff in chat, you heard it here first, folks. The second someone on the other team tries to talk crap or be witty or edgy, they get blocked. If you care what the other team type in chat, you're an idiot.
I've heard loads of people call Master Guardian 1 to Master Guardian Elite the AK ranks, not sure why anyone would care about what other people call it though.
2mm to actuation isn't exactly huge, unless you're the kind of person that thinks chiclet and scissor-switches are the best for gaming.
This guide covers them.'s much easier to learn if you do a walk around the map whilst looking at the names. You'll get an idea for how the names relate to each other, which will make it easier to learn than just by looking at a list of names.
This might interest you: Data gathered from the Mechanical Keyboard Club membership form.
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