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Normally I would have been wanting it while boycotting it, but seeing how COD they made the Battlefield series and absolutely ruined it, I don't think I could care any less about it now. All the DLC Map packs and their love for loot boxes, meh. There's this one that you can dock their audio player into. Maverick audio has some more stationary ones that aren't really meant to be traveled with
Could check to see what FiiO has to offer. They usually cost less for good performance being that they're Chinese made. Schiit is all American made right in Cali.
Honestly, Fulla 2 or a Dragon Fly are perfect for you, so it's really down to features and convenience. I'd say Fulla 2 just cause dragon fly would be more suited for laptops and doesn't have volume control. So unless you have keyboard volume control......Ya.
Ramdisks is about it. There's software you can get to see what files are loaded the most in a game and another software to install those files on the ramdisk and make the game load from that. I tested it once on GTA and shaved some time off loading but that didn't help it's awful loading at all.
That aids are bad and hopefully we find a cure for it some day.
^^ That. I was going to try the whole HTPC thing until I started noticing a lot of the steaming services won't give you full HD because boohoo piracy. My shield run my Plex faster than anything I've use before, rewinding and FFWDing is instant *drool*. No rebuffering like my Roku Ultra (which got tossed out because the idiots released a patch that trashed the audio) and Amazon's just to centered around themselves and their UI is awful.
I stopped trusting Asus after they had that whole lawsuit debacle last year about their shoddy router security.TP-Link's Archer series and Netgear Nighthawks are who I usually setup in people's houses. Mostly the Nighthawks because once you put DD-WRT on them they're GREAT.
Look no further than the Nighthawks. They're easily some of the best routers out there for the price you pay.
And if the code is a bunch of zeroes x zeroes and ends in 124 it's a CPU error.So like 00000000000000x0000124
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