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BTW, when are you expecting a reply? Today is the first business day for a lot of companies since Friday, assuming they didn't take that day off.
So.. It's Tuesday.. Monday is the busiest day for most companies because of the weekend orders.. I agree they should have it approved today, but I wouldn't call it a "scam"... yet.. Keep us updated on how long it takes, I'm curious.
1.13 GPM = 4.28 LPM... Right? That's actually not that bad. Flow rate is pretty over-rated. Temperatures are what matter. Any flow rate exceeding ~ 1.5 to 2.0 LPM is very minimal temperature improvements.
I think you have a greenhouse effect going on here. The liquid and silver are not touching here, and liquid had probably touched there sometime. In storage/downtime, it probably started to grow. The silver would not have stopped it because there's no contact. The liquid would not have stopped it because there's no contact. I think there may be enough moisture depending on downtime conditions to start biological growth. It does seem a little much for 2 months of downtime...
To some people, watercooling is more about aesthetics. If you like a certain block, take the 1 degree performance drop, take the 0.5 LPM loss in flow rate. The likelihood of you noticing the temperature difference is minimal. There are so many blocks out there, most of them perform very well. It all comes down to personal preference.
Worried about noise? Some people consider fan/pump speed control to find the lowest possible settings (quietest), while still finding temperatures in which they are happy with. Someone may have mentioned, but I only skimmed the first few posts.
It would be defective if there were any users with this problem while using the manufacturers recommended coolant, but I haven't seen any.
Dang, there aren't many pumps that aren't black.
Blowing high pressure air into it can get most of the water out.
95% of water coolers use silver coil... like 80% of statistics are made up on the spot. Nice. It's the only thing in each loop that is similar, actually. Wasn't blaming anything, simply stating the obvious.
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