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Yes, I was assuming that the 850 was replacing the 840. I agree with TwoCables.
No, you will not need to reinstall Windows. But, if I were you I would just wait for your 850 to arrive and not deal with it.
In case anyone is looking to move to an 850 Pro, Newegg has the 128 GB for $85 and the 256 GB for $139 using promo codes right now. Not sure how long the sale is on for.
I've had good luck with the Samsung Data Migration utility that came with my 840 Pro.
The drive is a just a little over a month old so perhaps it's not a good reference but I had similar results from my year old or so 128 GB 840 Pro before I moved to the 256 GB version.
Here is a screenshot of my 840 Pro 256 GB:
Here are my results. 128 GB 840 EVO I did run a MyDefrag pass this morning however so the results are probably skewed because of that.
Great note. Please let us know if you hear anything back.
Awesome! Looking forward to using it.
I'd also prefer to keep the original date if at all possible. Thanks.
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