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The biggest shortcoming Android has is that with each new phone (compare # of different Android phones with number of iPhone models) there is the chance that some hardware or firmware got screwed up for some percentage of the phones shipped, and that the phone has problems as a consequence.
As far as gaming goes, what kind of improvements do people expect from a new OS? I just don't see it as being that big of an issue. There's more to an OS than gaming. Windows 8's tablet functionality looks really cool to me.
Devil's advocate here. Some might argue that everything even our incredibly complicated brains do can be reduced to math equations.
As long as can battle giant enemy crabs in 4k resolution I'll buy it.
If that quote is real, it's pretty disappointing, and lowers my opinion of Steve Jobs a bit. Android a "stolen" product? How is that even remotely true? Stolen or not, the fact the Android made Jobs so angry that would say something like that just proves it has been a great success
I signed up. Haven't used it yet but one thing I didn't like was that it didn't ask me to confirm my password. It also included the password in plain text in the confirmation email.
Basically my geek/nerd/dork friends use G+ and everybody else uses FB and doesn't seen the point in switching. Then again, I basically only ever interact with my geek/nerd/dork friends so it works for me.
Apple is one of very few companies that can release an "underwhelming update" to a product and it still sells millions.Also, that camera takes some pretty darn good pictures.
Let's not forget what happened to the price of the X4 940 soon after launch. It dropped like 30%. We shouldn't compare prices just yet. Wait for the dust to settle.
Doesn't matter what you think of his products. You can't deny the man was a visionary and a revolutionary. RIP Steve.
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