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Played a little bit and it is fun, and from what I have seen its not p2w so thats a good thing.
In I don't know if this is still updated but I used this guide back when I played.
Speaking of flash earlier I went off of a hill hoping to land on a roof but instead hit the wall and landed upside down immediately exploding right in front of a enemy, the guy was probably very confused what just happened.
Ya it is down for now, only items you already equipped will show up.
It adds some fixes for bugs, new clothing/colors/character sliders, all cars can be customized (mission reward and dlc ones normally can not), wardrope color changer, and mission replay. That is just the core (co-op compatible) list. There are more optional mods like weapons, vehicles, and character mods.
@StormX2 I don't know of any performance mods but I use Gentlemen of Steelport Compilation. Add georgevonfranken on steam, I'm always down for some co-op.
With the $40 worth of SC I got from the founders package I don't really have any weapons I want to get, I just want cert points to upgrade everything.
Randoming clinkz vs a bunch of squishes like lich and lina is fun. And they were kind enough to give me a eye to hunt down bh.
So it is just in-game items and not gift able games?
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