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need to update my overclock...
Doing a 24 hr stress test on my overclocked Q9550 E0 with Prime 95. The CPU is overclocked to 3.83GHz. Keeping track of the temp with Core Temp. I will post pics later tomorrow.
Here are the pics of the inside....I haven't painted the inside of the case yet.
all I did was I masked off what I didn't want painted on the case sides, primered, then spray painted.,. Sorta a task but a little bit of work got it. As far as the plastic parts all I did was primer them and then spray painted. I probably could have sanded like you said and it probably would have turned out even better but hey its everyone's own opinion to what they wanna do.
the new 240MM top mounted radiator... The custom painted HAF932..... Let me know what you guys think....
I went with the Vizio, got it off for $1198 with free shipping.
yeah I am leaning towards the Samsung myself. Looking for a nice 3DTV for my PS3 and PC.
1 2 Which TV should I get out of those 2?
Are Cooler Master's PSUs good to get? Anyone ever had a problem out of one?
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