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It shouldnt have any problem to replace it with a LED light fan, but I rather get a fan with better airflow than the light:-) Of course the better the airflow it has, the better temperature you can expect from it.
This card looks really really huge! It looks like gonna take 3 slots from the photo I found.:-\
Yeah..Its for GPU.the Accelero Hybird should have good performance I believe. But I have to say,it is very expensive and I cant afford for sure.
There are so many good one actually. this one is good
77c is a bit too hot for CPU. What is the model of your CPU? The cheapest way is to check whether the thermal has gone bad and you may consider to reapply some on the CPU. WC is an option it is usually quite expensive even the cheapest one. Since I'm not sure which CPU you are using, can;t really recommend you a proper aftermarket cooler for it. You may consider the Freezer 13 PRO or the NH-D14. I like the how the freezer 13 pro has a tiny fan at the botton to cool the...
I also dont play as much as I used to now, but if I can find a game that I really like. I might start playing again.
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