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Been playing with people from the OCN club, and so far it's been pretty good. We have a very wide range of skill levels, it seems.
So I've been using my D1 and my O2 for a day now, and all I can say is wow! They are far superior to my Modi/Magni. The D1 is a fantastic little DAC, and I'm using it as that and a pre-amp as well. There is absolutely no hiss, no radio interference, and the gain is not too crazy, I can have it at higher volumes, but I generally just lower the volume on it and up the volume on the O2. I'm very impressed with how well the two work together, and I think that in the future I...
I'm realising more and more every day how much I love my DT880 pros. Amped, these things are just amazing. The bass is clear, punchy, and extends beautifully, and is only overpowering if the song is overpowering. The clarity is unmatched with all the other headphones I own, the soundstage is incredible, it's like I'm sitting in a sound proof room with the band and they're playing for me. Maybe their positional audio isn't as good as those AKGs, but I love them for gaming,...
It's hard to sell Grados because, at least in my opinion, they are really only meant for Rock music, and they don't sound good with a lot of other genres.
I posted that before getting in!
I'm Lazy Bear, same as here.
Zuli I added you, can I get into the guild please and thank you?
Every single other review says EXACTLY the opposite.
I want to buy the TMA-1 Studios simply because of how stunning they are. Is that bad?
Not good enough! ; )
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