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Good deal, plus you can use any 3.5mm headphones you like with the receiver: Detailed review:
$110 on Newegg: $30 MIR (not posted on Newegg site but listed as valid until 12/18): Offer code GIG-6500 on
Looks like a pretty good deal on a 660:
256 went on sale this morning, $159.99:
Great deal, just came available:
Good stuff, thanks for the update
Thanks Castaa for the info on the cheaper price, I wasn't aware of that I agree with the previous two posts - I paid $80 for 16gb and it's been extremely good
Great price for this memory: Lots of discussion about the Samsung low voltage sticks here:
Very low price on this. Good option if you're looking for a bridge. Use promo code EMCYTZT2525
Just went on sale ($180 previously)
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