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Gearbox seems determined to ruin every franchise that isn't called Borderlands.
The game kept crashing on my system even when I reset the overclock entirely. After installing these drivers I've been playing for about two or three hours with 0 issues. Quite pleased with 326.19 so far.
You mean they have roughly the same performance overclocked because of Ivy's heat issues if you don't delid? Because...That is what I meant by faster. The performance of the architecture clock for clock, not max overclocks where one is running at a higher frequency than the other because of heat dissipation issues.As for the 1%, it varies per test, and this is an early ES. It may not be representative of the final product, though I doubt that will be much better. I'm...
Downloading now. I wonder if these help with Bioshock Infinite crashing all the time. Probably not, but eh, I'm a sucker for new drivers.
After Ivy Bridge was only a few % faster than Sandy Bridge, we now see Ivy Bridge-E being only a few % faster than Sandy Bridge-E. Somehow, this is news.
If the CPU isn't being fully utilised and sometimes enters an idle state yet the game runs fine, I'd say that means the game isn't particularly taxing on the CPU, most likely because the IGP can't handle much more. If you meant the IGP, that's separate from the CPU cores so even if it's taxed 100% you won't be able to tell by looking at CPU utilisation. That said, if you want the CPU to keep running at 4.4GHz all the time go to advanced power management, scroll down to...
Building a pc may seem intimidating at first, but it's not hard to do. Just follow the basic instructions in the CPU/motherboard manuals and you'll be fine. It's actually pretty hard to screw up unless the parts aren't compatible. To answer your questions: The 4770 is cheaper because it's a quad core, the 3930K and 3970X are hexacores. It's slightly faster in applications that aren't very well threaded, while the 39** chips will have a big advantage in applications that...
Am I the only one who decided a long time ago to just ignore every article that has the words "pc gaming" and "dead" in the title?
I had a lot of fun with it. Great game, and great art style as well. It's like you're walking around inside a painting. No idea about mod support though.
I don't see the problem. At least now you don't have to pay extra for hard mode like with some other games.
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