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Would this be a good upgrade from Razer Mamba? Please do advise in technical and experience stand-point. Thanks.
Project NZXT Rogue Now the enclosure. Had a hard time fitting all the parts due to size. But success after a hard days work.
Project NZXT Rogue Started my initial NZXT vulcan case tied with an ROG mobo
Guys, will a coolermaster x6 or v8 fit into an NZXT Vulcan with a Maximus V Gene setup?
Just decided to wait for the i7-3770K Also ordered the Maximus V Gene from Amazon
I agree i5-2500K is great for high processing/gaming. However I am in need of hyper-threading as I do networking/video encoding & conversion/gaming and other heavy processing stuffs. I need to have several openings and communication for my CPU which is limited in the i5. Hi guys I've moved this thread to the proper sub-forums. Please continue the discussions there. Thanks.
Yep my 2500 is not a K version so I'm planning to OC. I am targeting the higher end 2600K for this. My question now is that will the Asus Maximus Gene-Z/Gen3 suffice given the future proofing as it's difference with Ivy Bridge is minimal? Performance setup: 2600K target OC to 4.2+GHz SSD 60GB on an SRT mode GPU no changes yet Note: -Z77 maximus mATX mobos aren't available in my country so if I'm going Z77 i have to check other brands.
BTW do we have a release dates for some of the good mATX IB boards?
Thanks, this is my temporary upgrade as I am still waiting for end of April for the IB's to get released then will I change my setup For now this is my temporary. Lets just hope my budget still cuts and prices won't skyrocket.
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