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Okay, so apparently it's not all happiness and sunshine. So it worked when I first hooked it up to the laptop but pretty much every time I have connected it afterwards the sound is complete crap. Honestly it might even sound worse than what the sound card was pushing out. It will sound like a really really old radio picking up a radio station. The volume will also fluctuate as well. When I paired it to a few phones it worked flawlessly. I thought maybe it was some...
Well I was specifically talking about Logitech UE Boom speaker, not a headset (even though I implied it). After getting it connected it does seems to produce much much better bass and mids. I guess I'll have to look into some semidecent bluetooth headsets because I don't think the sound quality can get much worse than what the machine's sound card is already producing.
Okay, just picked up a Toshiba Satellite e55-a5114. I needed a cheap laptop and saw it at almost $300 off between clearance and open box at best buy so had to pick it up. So far it's been perfect other than sound. It has horrible mids and lows. At first I just assumed it was the laptop speakers but then I realized I was getting more or less the same sound from my headphones. As big of a music lover I am, this is truly disheartening. So it's apparently the sound card. I...
Pending payment. SOLD
Purchased both of these new around the end of January this year. Used them until the end of Febuarary or so before I dismantled the drives from the system (was originally using it for a NAS build). Since then they have just been collecting dust. SOLD
So first let me quote THIS source...So I want to pass an input through the optical SPDIF port. How exactly do I go about doing this? Is it simply a property setting I change in the sound device panel or what?Thanks!
SOLD I have a brand new unopened Corsair 1200i PSU up for grabs. I just received it back from a RMA for my 1200(non i) that was purchased in August of 2010. Apparently they are phasing out the 1200 model and replacing it with the 1200i. You will still have 3 of the 7 years left on the warranty. I will send you a digital copy of the invoice so you will be able to claim an RMA effortlessly if needed. I will let it go for $225 shipped. Yes, I know. It's a fantastic price....
Sorry guys, really not looking to part out. If no one seems interested then I might do that but for now it's a no go.
Thanks. Usually do as it's stored in a anti-static bag. Just a quick mistake as I was hussling to get this done in the middle of a major clean up spree.No damage was done btw. Still post fine.
thanksHmm, interesting observation. Guess I never thought about it like that.
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