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Sorry dude, I have not been paying attention, have been having too much fun with this machine, my rads are black ice gtx xtreme 240's, got them from frozen cpu
Here you go:
Alright, my buddy who basically did everything in the setup took this pic of the build, I guess he felt my pics didn't give his work justice lol... Oh and forgot to mention it's OC'd to 4.7, at 1.28v! temps are amazing
Alright we are done
Looks like tomorrow is the day, I've had the case sitting around for a week now, already love it!
HAha, I wasn't saying add me, I was hoping someone knew where I could find one, sorry for it coming off like that
Consider me a member when some store gets the hydro's in stock, kind of annoying me for over a week now...
haha, well im a slow builder, this is going to be my first custom loop build, and still trying to decide if i want to block this 680 classy, or go after something better...
Just wanted to say hi everybody, after weeks of looking through this thread, I ordered my midi r2 today, will have some noob pics up in a couple weeks
The build quality of caselabs is amazing, I've had this m8 for a month... too bad the rest of my money went to other things
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