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haha, fair enough. I would agree that more features is better then less, I just take issue with the apple hate tone of this thread. A lot of people here are using this as an excuse to justify their apple hate, and not as a reason to hate apple. If you see the distinction.
They're both battery powered personal computing devices. I figured the battery management software would be pretty much the same. Am I wrong?
I'm an android user and refuse to have anything to do with apples stupid walled garden, but you guys are being ridiculous. My android phone doesn't report any estimated life left info at all either and never has. It reports the percentage of battery life left and gives a breakdown on usage history in the detailed info screen. If you need your phone laptop to tell you how long your battery is likely to last then perhaps they should install some training wheels for you on...
Yay! More incremental advancements and removed features to ensure next years "newest" tech has something new to build on (while being sure to remove something else). All massively overpriced because "ZOMG 4K!!!"
A couple of the work computers taken home would probably cover a paycheque or two. Oops! Looks like someone stole my computer boss. Oh well.
It doesn't stop. We're on the long slow slide back to peasanthood. The parasitic wealthy class are using the political class to slowly extinguish the middle class and nothing we do is going to change anything. Too many people are blind and dumb on the bread and circuses of fast food and reality television. Stuff like this in the game market is just a small slice of the eroding consumer rights at large which is just a small slice of everything else that's happening.
I use my phone while driving for music all the time, and in my usual truck I use bluetooth to connect it. However I do regularly drive other vehicles that my phone isn't paired with and then I use either a male-male headphone cord to connect to the aux in the truck, or one of those fm broadcasters that scans and selects an unused fm band to broadcast your music to that you can then pick up with the fm radio in the truck. A lack of a headphone jack would be a no buy for...
Every game is amazing and awesome and revolutionary... in it's planning stages.
I'm still waiting for a tablet that has enough onboard storage to actually put a decent selection of media on for on the go boredom fillers. Sure you can fit all of your books on a tiny amount of memory, but for movies and tv shows you need space. And yet tablets haven't really increased their storage capacity in any real way in years. I want like a TB of space, and I don't want to pay through the nose like now to get the larger capacity tablets. They seem to think memory...
Yup. Big or small, any time one company buys another it's to decrease competition and consolidate patents with which to (again) bludgeon competitors with. If a company were to instead build it's own new division to compete with the company they're trying to buy then we would all be better off. That's Heresy in our modern oligopoly though.
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