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I look forward to the day 3d printing actually gets to the point where you can print stuff like this. Making it so everyone can have their own "1000" dollar headphones, and "million" dollar cars. All for just the same cost as a Hyundai and no name cans. I wonder how they'll reach into our pockets once that happens.
This is one of those things where if you trust your police it's not an issue, but if you don't then it becomes problematic. Like with a decent, well trained, disciplined, and color blind police force a predictive computer like this can help them apportion resources to trouble area's. It can show patterns that people just don't see. It can show that while a neighborhood is normally without crime, during specific circumstances crime increases for short periods necessitating...
We're on the cusp of creating life ourselves completely from scratch, which won't effect the faithful. Finding non earth life won't either.
I'm of the opinion that any company that's "too big to fail" should be broken up. Does google fall into that category... I would say probably yes. Followed by microsoft, and apple, and all the big banks, and the big telecoms, the car makers, the big electronics firms, and so on and so forth.
I think when the majority of citizens are breaking a law, it shows that that law is unjust and against the wishes of the citizens. If musicians want to earn money, let them do live shows. Canned music over the internet isn't something people are willing to pay for. Discover that the obscene lifestyles these entertainers live isn't something that they've earned. Snort a little less of our money up their noses. Own 1 less mansion. Dump those parasitic recording studios and...
Yes, because not being a conspiracy theory nutjob makes one a sheeple. Gotcha.I'll just baaa my way out.
Why is this forum so overflowing with conspiracy theory nutjobs?
Did your friends the aliens tell you this? Good thing you're here to set us all strait with your inside knowledge.
Anything that decreases microsofts stranglehold on the pc OS market is good. Even if we never use this new china spyware, it will still improve our own experience. Just the fact that it will limit microsofts future growth into china is a benefit for the rest of us, helping to prevent microsoft from growing further into an even bigger too big to fail soulless megacorp.
Considering the amount of dark fiber... yes?But really I wouldn't have a problem with congestion induced throttling. If at peak times bandwidth had to be rationed due to overuse we would complain that they aren't building up their infrastructure enough, but we wouldn't see it as ISP's unfairly ripping people off, or false advertising.But ISP's have proven again and again that they are anti consumer. If they decide they're going to throttle at 22 gigs they're going to do it...
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