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Good news, but like most medical news it's probably blown vastly out of proportion by the journalists reporting it. I'm sure the scientist conducting the research said something like SCIENTIST: "this early stage research hasn't gone bust yet and looks promising in that it may become a potential new side therapy to use in conjunction with other known cancer therapies to increase the survival chances of a patient by 5% over a 5 year period. If the research pans out over...
Nothing is free. Facebook users are simply paying in other ways for the service are they not? Facebook is making money somehow and they're using their users to do so. To me that makes them customers and facebook a service business. *not a facebook user*
I have 2.5 GB (lossy) of music on my phone, all the music I actually like and want to listen to. When I feel like listening to something new I have this product called a radio. I just don't see the appeal to a music "youtube".
The people putting diacetyl in their products should be rounded up and sent off to a gulag where they can't harm society anymore. After reading this thread I went and looked up info about popcorn lung and diacetyl. Anyone still using diacetyl in their product is obviously a sociopath. ESPECIALLY when that product is going to be inhaled. It's like they're deliberately trying to harm consumers. On topic... I don't think much of any addict, and vape users are no different.
I don't watch TV anymore because of ads. I don't buy magazines because of ads. I don't even read the paper anymore because of ads. I think I can survive without random generic "news" website, and if it comes down to it without most websites. There will always be people out there who don't sell their souls to fund their website. Advertisers deliberately lie to and manipulate people in order to con them out of money for goods and/or services they don't need. The world...
The country with the highest "security" spending in the world wants to increase it further. Color me shocked. In all honesty this is the sort of thing that should have been done years ago. It just boggles the mind how much money the states funnels out of the middle class and into the parasitic class by way of military spending. And now that number will continue to spiral further out of control.
If you really believe apple is bricking phones that have received non apple repairs out of security concerns and not money concerns you're more then a little naive.
This is the kind of thing that should get the regulators out with their neck stepping boots to put apple (or any corp that pulls shenanigans like this) back in it's place. Alas, sorry about that oligopoly you guys live in down in the states.
Hey think of it this way. If a corporations lawyers are busy defending against class actions (frivolous or justified) then they're less likely to go off patent trolling or engaging in other scummy shenanigans.
And so it begins. The neverending posts of anecdotal "I bought 1 drive once and it never had a problem". Honestly who cares if your minuscule sample of seagate drives are just fine. Statistically they're not. Win or lose (and lets be real, they're probably going to win), seagate loses either way due to the bad publicity in this.
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