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You guys care about this way too much.
Looks promising. I'll check it out when it's a little further along in development. Are there levels? Or stats? Or gear? Can you find/enslave/befriend companions and make a party (need a healer).
Your "anyone can do it" argument falls flat in the face of reality. The wealthy are growing obscenely wealthy while the middle class is growing poorer and shrinking. This trend has been going on for many many years now and current ceo pay scales are just another aspect of the way the system is rigged to funnel money out of the productive members of society (the middle class) to the parasitic wealthy class.We don't have a capitalist society anyway so I don't know where your...
The argument that CEO's deserve their pay because of how hard they work falls apart when you realize many other professions work just as many hours, with just as bad scheduling, with just as much travel, also with tons of responsibility, and tons of risk. All this but without the obscene income. CEO pay is just another wealth transfer from the middle class to the rich.
"Executive "earns" XX millions"... meanwhile in america the middle class continues to shrink as the wealth transfer to the rich increases pace.
You might not mind spending the rest of your life rearing and supporting another mans children but not all of us care to waste our shot at "immortality". If I was raising children I would want them to be my own children.
There's all sorts of metrics they could be tracking to find people who reduce the enjoyment of the play experience of those around them. I doubt they would rely on easily manipulated reporting (or at least not reporting alone).
ug. I wonder how effective the reconnection of the spinal cord would/will be. I can't imagine the quality of life after this would be all that high. I suppose to some people even a crappy life is better then no life at all, but count me out. I'd rather die then deal with the post surgery agonies that you would inevitably suffer for the rest of your life, along with the disgusting thought that I'm using some strangers body. ug. makes my skin shiver just imagining it.Well,...
To me the ideal would be a screen that fills my entire visual arc with one screen that curves to maintain equal distance at .7m distance. We're nowhere close to that now so that means bezels. Bezels are bad, so smaller bezels are better then larger bezels.This 55" curved tv isn't big enough to fill my entire visual arc, so would be improved (imho) by having 3 in landscape mode (which probably would be overkill thinking about it). So I understand the one posters comment...
Small bezels would be a bonus as well since we all know someone is going to want to put 3 of these in landscape mode. Considering this, I don't really get the "derp" comment at someone not liking large bezels. The point of a curved screen isn't to not need multi monitor, it's to improve the quality of the viewing experience. I daresay the viewing experience would be well served by 3 curved tv's in landscape.
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