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When a company is found to be holding invalid patents with no merit all of their patents should have to go through a review process to determine if they're equally worthless. A 2nd offense should see both the worthless patent, and a valid patent chosen at random invalidated. A 3rd offense should see the privilege of holding patents stripped altogether.
I kinda wish I had signed up for eve at it's inception and just kept paying the subscription to level skills during times when I got tired of it. As it is now I kinda feel like I'm so far behind long time players that there's no point even trying.
Corporations shouldn't be taxed by anyone. They should pay the normal regulatory fees to cover the costs associated with their industries covered (things like orphan well funds for the oil industry), and pay things like land taxes on land they own, but corporate income shouldn't be taxed. Corporations aren't people and corporate taxes are just governments double dipping by taxing the same money twice. Once when it's earned by the corp and a 2nd time when it's passed along...
meh. I got my moneys worth (0$) by treating it like a single player game and finishing all the quests and whatnot. Was finished at around 40 hours and put maby 10 more in trying out the dark zone and the group missions. Decided they weren't all that fun and uninstalled. The game doesn't have any real replay value so I see no point in buying dlc. Ultimately just another forgettable meh game.
I never understand people who are so tied up in liking a game and have so much invested in that choice that they have to come to a thread talking about the games downsides and discussing specific instances where the developer lied to consumers and tell people they're toxic because they expect to not be lied to. It's like they're personally threatened that others don't agree with them.
And if the dude lied about multiplayer whose to say he isn't lying about adding base building and freighters too. *shrug* Once you've lost your credibility it becomes increasingly easy to be cynical about your word.
I was looking forward to this game, but finding out the dev lied straight up about multiplayer being in the game I've rethought purchasing. I don't really care if it's good or bad, I'm not going to support liars. I maaaaay revisit the decision at some point in the future if the devs somehow redeem themselves and if the games price goes way down. Not holding my breath.
As corporations are social constructs and aren't citizens and have zero rights I see nothing wrong with "treating the symptoms" (ie regulating) if that's what we wish to do for whatever reason. If we decide to regulate mircrosoft so they can't use their monopoly to abuse citizens instead of stripping them of all their patents and copyrights and opening up the market to competition like we should then so be it. Personally I'd rather strip any corporation approaching any...
The high profile political dissidents and whistleblowers in the united states recently have all had to flee the country or get thrown in jail.And if you're going whine about chinas human rights record I suggest you look at the body count racked up in the middle east by america in the last 15 years. Seriously. It is the height of hypocrisy for you americans to lecture anyone else in the world on human rights or privacy.
This "but so and so is doing it too so what's the big deal" argument needs to stop. It's like you people are 3 years old and need "two wrongs don't make a right" explained to you. Seriously. Get better parents if this is the best they could do.
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