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This would be cool as wallpaper. Do away with light fixtures and just have the walls and ceiling emit light directly.
Am i the only person who just stops paying attention when the marketing shills label something as "gamer" gear? Gaudy overpriced crap with 90% of the developement budget spent on advertising. And yet these sorts of things sell like hotcakes. You people are chumps.
Year after year we read about this or that "major" advance in solar panel technology, but they never seem to reach consumer accessible panels. Meh. Call me when solar panels are affordable and have a positive return on investment before i'd die of old age. And when the power industry doesnt go out of its way to make consumer power generation as painful as possible.
Well, once railgun tech has advanced far enough we might be able to use it to launch payloads into space instead of using expensive and dirty rockets. If we ever develope a moon base or any base on any low gravity object a railgun system seems eminently suitable for launching payloads into space. So yeah, the tech may have peaceful applications in the future, something that may benefit the common man.
As far as im concerned musicians should earn their money from concerts. Work for it like everyone else. Don't put out some corporate produced music and expect to earn endlessly from 1's and 0's. People shouldnt be paying the rich, fake primmadonnas a penny for canned music. Poor dear might have to put some effort into buying that third mansion. Gonna have to snort a little less of our money up her nose is all.
Meanwhile the bankers and ceo's who actually devastated the lives of countless real people got bailouts and golden parachutes.
Nothing will happen. Nothing will change. At&t will turn their army of lawyers loose to delay and abfuscate. They will end up paying a fine(bribe) that they will simple pass along to consumers, all while patting themselves on the back, handing out million dollar ceo bonuses, and putting the politicians further into their pockets. All hail untrammeled capitalism.
Wealth is generated by gathering resources and by turning those resources into usable things. The parasitic wealthy elite do neither of these things, so any wealth they contribute to research is wealth they have extracted from the people who are the ones who actually produced it.
I always wondered why bliz screwed over the australians like that. There has to have been enough players to support at least one server. Why do it now when numbers are nearing half peak?
Consumers are by and large stupid chumps. If people didn't buy dlc companies wouldnt be able to cut content from a game to sell seperately. If people didnt buy day 1 dlc there wouldnt be any. If people didnt buy bug ridden messes companies wouldnt release bug ridden messes. Meh.
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