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Whatever happened to the seagate 8 TB drives? They teased em last year and the seagate website has a page about em that talks like they shipped already, but nobody has them for sale. 6 TB is so yesterday, I got teased 8 and now I want 8.
uTorrent is basically building a botnet now then isn't it? Infecting many unaware users with malicious software that runs in the background using up resources to benefit the botnet owner. I suppose nothing will be done since everyone thinks torrent users are just filthy thieves and deserve to be exploited. But BitTorrent Inc is basically a criminal corporation now.
.I fully support gun rights... for responsible people. Herp-a-derps shooting into the air without caring that they're risking the lives of their neighbors don't count as responsible or intelligent enough to qualify. Imho.
Don't own one. But thinking about the neighborhood retard shooting wildly into the air when the local kids fly their little rc toys too close makes me shudder.
^ perfect example of the kind of person who shouldnt be allowed to own guns.
Hello. Just bought a CM Storm Stryker and it came with 2 motherboard standoffs pre-installed in holes B and E that are slightly different then the other standoffs that were in the baggie.These 2 standoffs have a little ridge on the end, whereas the others are all flush on the end. I took one out and the ridge fits in the screw hole on the MB so I figured these two standoffs are like little guides to fit the motherboard on so it fits in place without needing to fiddle...
Preordering from a trusted dev is a sure way to turn them into just this sort of scum dev. Pre-ordering and dlc are like crack for game devs/publishers. Starts small but soon theyre swallowed up by their addiction.Those of you enabling these sorts of behaviours are ruining the gaming industry.
People who buy these sorts of things dont care about quality. The care that theyre using an exclusive product that we filthy peasants cant use. Meh. Some of you get a little too worked up about this sort of thing.
In an ideal world all students would take part in an immersion course beginning at grade one and we would all be bilingual. This would make us all better students. It would make us all more broadminded. It would make us all very marketable as employees around the world. It would make us all smarter. It would enrich all our lives. There are literally no downsides other then "hurr hurr i dont need no foreign gabble hurr". And no, computer languages dont count.
Its not like theyre optimizing for nvidia at amd's expense. The games could be optimized for amd as well if amd sent out people to help developers.
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