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Jeez, this thread went to crap fast. I would encourage everyone who thinks we shouldn't play god and that we should live as nature intended to not use antibiotics or vaccines, and to die at 30 like we did for a hundred thousand years. Like nature intended. Meanwhile the rest of us will be reaching for immortality and we will choose when we wish to die instead of leaving it to chance and mother nature.
I dunno. People become brain dead because of damage to the brain right? It's not just that the OS crashed, the circuits are fried. Trying to reboot isn't going to do much if the brain is still physically damaged. Then again I'm no neuroscientist so what do I know.
This is the very definition of closing the barn doors after the cows have already left. The game was a complete exploit fest from the very beginning and a lot of players exploited the bullet king to max out their gear in the opening week. The multitude of other exploits were just icing on the cake. It is too late to fix because there are swarms of players who have the best gear available already and who have enough phoenix credits saved up that they don't need to exploit...
We have known the sea levels are rising for quite a while now and I think we can all admit it's not going to stop. With that said you would think that people living in coastal cities would be thinking about moving while the movings good. New orleans or new york or (insert coastal city here) are just a bad hurricane away from another flooding disaster right now, and these risks are only going to increase as sea level slowly goes up. But nope. People would rather live with...
Hey but according to the climate change fanatics the world is going to be a big desert and we're all going to die. This must be propaganda from big oil!
I could see it being used to ensure only corruptible and sociopathic people go into politics. Since like 90% of teenagers torrent music they could selectively go through and arrest and charge the people who seem like the type who wouldn't be swayed by bribes and lobbies and cronyism and are civic minded and likely to go into politics at a later age. Put a nice big blemish on their life to help ensure they never achieve anything worthwhile and never go into politics,...
I find all these little club cards to be repugnant and refuse to sell myself to these corps and pay them money for the privilege of paying them money. If I have to have a club card to buy from them then they don't want my business.
Once again, a physical object is not the same thing as a digital object. Your analogy sucks, data is not a candy bar. Piracy =/= theft
Piracy doesn't equal theft and it never will.
Gotta keep the prison industrial complex running somehow and with the writing on the wall for the failed war on the drugs they're going to need a new way to criminalize large portions of the poor class. I guess throwing people in jail for piracy is as good a way as any.
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