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Is Edge going to be a complete ground up new browser, or is it just a re-skinned/named explorer?
um.... we're the consumer. The ultimate arbitrator on what is and isn't overpriced. The consumer is the first, last and only voice that matters about what is and isn't overpriced. It boggles the mind that you don't get this.
If you people had some self control and waited to buy until a full game was released (goty edition) then the scum producers wouldn't try to pillage your wallet with endless overpriced dlc. Chumps.
Looks cool, too bad it's a tech demo where we're getting lied to from start to finish just like every other tech demo ever produced. Color me impressed when I actually get detail like that on my own pc playing a retail game on non rich person hardware.
I doubt if more then a small minority of people would save money on a subscription vs a flat fee. Subscriptions are a way for corps to milk people who are bad at math and compare the monthly subscription to the flat fee without having the basic human intelligence to multiply that subscription by the time a flat fee would cover.
^ s'what I'm waiting for, long done with half finished games. I'm old enough now to wait em out and buy the complete game when they release a GOT edition with all the bits and pieces cut out for release and packaged as dlc included in one box/price.
Another thing to consider. If the corporations consider 7TB excessive and punish the users who use it driving them to use less, what amount then becomes an excessive amount. After they get rid of all the 7TB users, do they then go after 6TB users? And after them 5TB users? Corporations have no morals, no ethics, and no conscience. If we allow the corporations to bully high data use users then it's a easy slope for the corporation to devolve their "unlimited" plan to some...
The only problems that matter.
Yeah, I don't understand why that is so hard to understand. If you had a clock that lost exactly 1 second every day you wouldn't need to wait a year to know it's going to lose 365 seconds. You can extrapolate. I'm sure these scientists measure time down to some absurd level and are able to measure the deviance of their clock at that scale and are then able to extrapolate out from there. Anyone who doesn't understand something as simple as this really shouldn't be exposing...
I wonder how durable the micro pattern is. I want that material crosshatched on my boots in the winter. DOW can then shove it's stupid ice cleats where the sun don't shine.
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