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The stats ive seen say that there is enough ice above sea level to raise sea levels 90 meters. So meh, 6 feet may be what we'll see during our lifetimes (6 inches sounds more realistic to me) but theres a lot more to come. I live well above that level so i honestly dont care, but sucks to be all you coastal dwellers. Start planning now for the next major city to get swamped like new orleans. I say this knowing full well nobody will prepare and much tragic wailing and...
Was it just terrain data or did they actually have structures and roads and stuff? And doesnt minecraft have a limited vertical scale? Would be kinda hard to accurately map real mountains and skyscrapers and whatnot.
Imagine how much content a game would have if they spent 450 mil on development and 50 mill on marketing.... Instead of the other way around. That game would be the largest, most complex, detailed, best coded, expansive game ever. With years of content instead of hours. What a waste.
Whining about xp won't change the fact that legions of users will continue to use it until their computer dies. And as long as a significant userbase exists support will be provided (one way or another). Gnashing your teeth and wailing about people living in the past merely makes You look like a fool.
With everything decent region locked i have never felt the urge to sign up for netflix. They dont care about the market im part of so i dont care to give them any money.
The clone armies all the luddites seem worried about require more then just cloning. Until we have artificial wombs i wouldn't be too worried. Cant really see there being a lot of women volunteering to be surrogates for a cloned slave race that would be brainwashed and abused.
meh. console port. in this day and age games limited by last gen consoles just don't appeal. No matter how good they are you're still left thinking about how much better it would have been if they didn't have the constraints of 10 year old hardware to develop for.
All well and good until the govt decides the porn you look at is illegal for some reason. The "if you have nothing to hide" argument is stupid and those who make it deserve the govt they're producing.
If his posts aren't worth debating why would you respond at all?
Once again, Reality > any argument in favor of patents. It doesn't matter how much you slavishly defend your corporate owners, patents benefit exactly nobody but the rich and their corporate stooges. Arguments that nobody would research anything without patent protection fly up against reality where people have been creating new ideas and products since the inception of time without any patents to "protect" them. Technology would still advance without patents there to...
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