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If one of arks employees breached a non compete clause how does that translate to suing the development company that owns ark? They could argue that they had no idea. Also... aren't those non compete clauses as completely unenforceable as random terms of service agreements? And if they are legal and enforceable they shouldn't be. Non compete clauses are corporate slavery at it's finest.
Has anyone else just stopped installing windows patches? I know it's going to bite me in the behind sooner or later but it's too much of a bother to try to figure out which windows patches are thinly disguised malware now. I used to ignore all the optional ones just cause I could never be bothered figuring out what I want or need and didn't see a need to load more junk onto my computer if I didn't need it, but I used to install the "security" patches regularly. Oh well.
Bacteria have been around since forever yes, but the specific gut bacteria that co-existed with the dinosaurs and lived symbiotically with them? No, they died out when the dinosaurs did. I doubt if you could take modern gut bacteria and put them into an animal millions of years old without the bacteria killing it.Heck... are current gut bacteria specialized to specific animals? Like could you repopulate a humans gut flora with the flora that live in another animal or are...
It would be interesting to see an actual scientific paper regarding the issues a live dinosaur today would run into. Atmospheric composition would be the killer I would think but there are probably a myriad of others. The whole dna from a fossil thing is a crock of bull to start with but lets say it was possible, you have a live dinosaur, but you don't have any of the microbilology for them. No symbiotic gut bacteria. Are proteins different from back then? Do they have the...
meh. We're all going to spend a considerable amount of time in leisure activities anyways, and it hardly matters what those activities are. Though I suppose we'd all like to think we could have been skydiving or mountain climbing or whatever instead of playing vidja games. But lets face it, if we weren't playing video games we'd probably be the mindless couch surfers watching sports or reality television instead. Gotta fill the time somehow.
Holy cow. I was just thinking the other day I hadn't heard anything new about this and was wondering what was going on. Wow... a ton of money flushed. I was looking forward to at least checking this one out.. The destructible terrain thing sounded interesting to me.
Every time I see someone say this I have to shake my head and lose a little bit more faith in humanity.The "if you have nothing to hide" people are imbeciles who are poisoning our culture.
I dunno. I lost track of who was arguing what when the two graphics novel posters got involved.
A remastered KotOR would be great. Updated graphics, modern UI, and the exact same story. mmmmmm so fine. I want a seriously done kotor movie. If any game just screams for a movie adaptation this one does. But screw em if they flush it down the toilet the way all other movie game adaptations have gone. They finally got comic book movies right (some of the time anyways) so I don't see why a movie game can't be done right too.
Fable was one of those games that got milked a little too hard. The first was good, but each new fable was just a little bit more generic and boring then the last. Fable legends must have been absolutely unredeemable for them to can it while it was in beta. meh. Don't really care about lionhead shutting down. They haven't really produced quality in years. A lot of developers are like that. They produce a hit and then are never quite able to recapture whatever magic they...
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