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The clone armies all the luddites seem worried about require more then just cloning. Until we have artificial wombs i wouldn't be too worried. Cant really see there being a lot of women volunteering to be surrogates for a cloned slave race that would be brainwashed and abused.
meh. console port. in this day and age games limited by last gen consoles just don't appeal. No matter how good they are you're still left thinking about how much better it would have been if they didn't have the constraints of 10 year old hardware to develop for.
All well and good until the govt decides the porn you look at is illegal for some reason. The "if you have nothing to hide" argument is stupid and those who make it deserve the govt they're producing.
If his posts aren't worth debating why would you respond at all?
Once again, Reality > any argument in favor of patents. It doesn't matter how much you slavishly defend your corporate owners, patents benefit exactly nobody but the rich and their corporate stooges. Arguments that nobody would research anything without patent protection fly up against reality where people have been creating new ideas and products since the inception of time without any patents to "protect" them. Technology would still advance without patents there to...
Real world > your statement. Humanity conducted research for a million years before patents were invented. IBM isn't going to stop researching new technology if they can't patent it. Intel isn't going to stop researching chips if they can't patent them. Pharmacorps aren't going to stop researching new drugs if they can't patent them. Universities aren't going to stop researching stuff if they can't patent stuff. Programmers won't stop making programs, car makers won't stop...
Once again, it doesn't matter what example you bring up to support patents. The real world and how things really actually truly work shows that you are wrong and that patents are bad. The are not used to protect an inventor and his invention. They are used by rich people and their corporate stooges to reap obscene profits at our expense and to bludgeon competition into submission, all while stifling any and all further development that could compete with them.
For anyone arguing that patents are a good thing we have the example of reality showing that you are wrong. For every "ideal" example you bring up to show how patents are beneficial there is actual reality refuting your argument. Science and technology would still advance without patents.
meh. meh on all the graphical advances we've seen in the past few years. I want better AI. Game AI hasn't changed or improved in 20 years. I want an escort mission where you don't feel like pulling your hair out. I want AI teammates that aren't more hindrance then help. I want AI opponents that actually challenge you without resorting to blatant cheating. Unfortunately I'm not going to get what I want. Yay for more shiny I guess.
Until it's indistinguishable from real life we don't have enough PPI. At that point, and only at that point does increased resolution become superfluous.
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