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It's like ubisoft is schizophrenic or something. One week they're taking a dump all over pc gamers and the next they're all "Hey we love you guys!".
If it ever came to pass that I needed to grant access to a facebook profile to get a job or a place to live I would probably finally be motivated enough to sign up for facebook. That profile however would be some idealized version of me with nothing controversial in it, with a solid work history at respectable companies, and with glowing testimonials from former landlords. There would be absolutely nothing personal in it. I would be a non denominational religious person,...
meh. Too late, uninstalled. Not downloading it again any time soon. I suppose I got my moneys worth (0$) and the game was an ok experience leveling up, but honestly the rampant cheating is just a small part of why people aren't sticking with the game.
Pretty much anyone with a basic work ethic, the self control necessary not to screw up their lives (teenage parenthood, ect), and ability to control their spending can afford to play video games. A pay gate is a very basic way to screen out only the most screwed up of people.For all that, it does seem like an insurmountable barrier to some. One has to wonder why some people can't even manage basic life planning.
I say guilt by proxy! Ban whole families and their descendants too! Ban their neighbors for good measure. Ban the cheaters until they go crying home to mommy.
I don't think the rest of the world needs to worry all that much, china's neighbors on the other hand are less secure. If china ends up with a lot of unemployed young men causing civil unrest then a couple wars against "foreign aggressors!" with suitably high casualty figures becomes an attractive option for unscrupulous leaders.
I wonder what china will do with it's billions of unemployed peasants once they replace everyone with robots. It will be bad enough in places with low populations, but china dwarfs the rest of the world. I also wonder if china will manage to keep all the worlds manufacturing. Once the people are replaced with robots the cheap chinese slave labor ceases to be a reason to use chinese manufacturing. I guess they'll just have to rely on the abysmal environmental controls to...
A thread full of people defending cheaters. I guess we know who will get banned in overwatch. Good riddance to scum.
^this. Someone wasting resources blathering on on the internet hardly has a stand to lecture others about the wastefulness of the modern lifestyle. The hypocrisy is strong with TUFinside.
I guess we're all supposed to own a vehicle with 1 seat for when we're alone, and a vehicle with 2 seats when we're with someone, and a vehicle with 3 seats when we're with 2 others, and so on and so forth. Oops! My mother in law is coming to visit! Better go buy a slightly bigger vehicle. Oops! She's bringing a cousin along too! I guess I need another even bigger vehicle. This is precisely the sort of convoluted feel good garbage that does more harm then good that the...
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