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I'd prefer to be unemployed and job hunting then to be working for a bunch of incompetents who may or may not have a paycheck for me at some unspecified time in the future.
Forget calling them out. Throw the owners and ceo's in jail and break up their companies. Wagging our fingers and saying "naughty naughty" is pointless. Lets see some rich scumbags pay. Wishful thinking in our oligarchy i guess. Don't count on the fcc to do anything. It's as bought and paid for as the politicians.
It's too bad there's no happy medium. Isolationist usa woefully unprepared for war or military industrial complex america with more military spending then the rest of the world put together while infrastructure crumbles and half its citizens dont have first world medicare. Nope, gotta be one or the other. Happy mediums dont exist.
Efficiency and cost savings are all well and good, but i dont think the military industrial complex is interested in saving taxpayers money. If they can use this railgun instead of million dollar missles how are the rich arms dealers going to afford their private islands and 5th mansion? Not to mention all those politicians just dont buy themselves. Im sure in some way, somehow the arms dealers running the military industrial complex will be getting their payout from the...
Preordering is for chumps Alas, there are a lot of chumps out there.
@ arealMESSiah Everything i've ever read goes against your claim that male and female brains are physically the same. Sexual dimorphism doesnt just magically stop at the skull. Male/female brains have wiring differences, some structures are larger in men then in women (and vice-versa) and there are different proportions of cell types. The brains light up in different ways in men and women during the same tasks, and we respond differently to similar stimuli. Making a claim...
I'm curious what purpose the constant denigration of esport participants in every other post of this thread serves. Insults and stereotypes serve to advance no persons position.
There are a lot of assumptions in this thread. Given segregated physical sports are required because otherwise women wouldnt be able to compete... are e-sports any different? Can women compete as a group in e-sports? Equality is all well and good but the sexes are patently Unequal physically, and our mental faculties are ultimately another physical aspect of our bodies. Integrated esports would be the best result obviously, with men and women both competing equally. But...
We're not physically inferior in all ways. Humans are endurance champions compared to most animals. As an animal like any other we have our strengths and weaknesses.
"Could have caused damage or disruption..." Fear mongering. Eastern europe... So russia, right? I doubt if there are any large countries that aren't conducting organized cyber espionage programs against everyone else. Friend and foe (and their own citizens to boot).
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