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The biggest winner either way will be the consumer. Memory technology has stagnated for ages so it's nice to see a competitor shaking things up and forcing innovation.
cool. These could end up being like those defibrillators that are everywhere now. Any mall or workplace could have these as part of their emergency aid kit.
I always wonder why the game industry panders to the sjw crowd. It's not like the people who whine about things like a but slap actually buy games so there's no money to be lost anyways. Or people who whine about not enough female protagonists or the objectification of women in gaming. If those people actually bought games then game makers would makes games to sell them. And it is always about money, so they must be following the money in this. Does the bad press of the...
I don't really buy the population density thing. It may hold true for a farmer in the middle of nowhere or for podunk alabama with a population of 300 people, but most people live in cities and cities are cities the same all over the world. And in the states at least you guys paid for the fiber backbones yourselves and pretty much just gave them to the big telecoms, who are now keeping large chunks of the fiber backbone dark on purpose.
Reading about how quantum computers work it doesn't seem like they'll be a pc replacement, but they'll certainly be a good add on to normal computers. Like putting a quantum card in one of the pci-e slots, or having a quantum chip on each motherboard and/or gpu card. Or I saw earlier in this thread someone mention a quantum core in your cpu. They could add a quantum core to each cpu to handle specialized calculations that could be handled better/faster by the quantum core,...
This is what you get for living in an oligarchy. Glad I'm not american.
The only real hope we would have of fending off an advanced race of aliens who were looking to exploit or exterminate us would be to make it as costly and messy for them to do so as possible. Make them decide to just go elsewhere and not waste the time or energy on us. The europeans colonized the america's because the native population posed almost no threat and it didn't cost the powers in europe any real money or effort to do so. They just shipped a never ending flood...
The patent and copyright systems are a pox on our civilization. They have slowly been turned into a hideous cancer that stifles innovation instead of fostering it, all at the behest of paid off politicians. We should at this point just toss the whole system and start over.
Another example of how the modern patent system has improved all of our lives. We should all take the time to go thank a politician for giving it to us.
Wrong target. I have nothing against GMO. I don't view it as being any different then selective breeding. I just think consumers should be given all the information and left to make their own choices. So take your "people like you" comment and shove it where the sun don't shine.
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