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For anyone arguing that patents are a good thing we have the example of reality showing that you are wrong. For every "ideal" example you bring up to show how patents are beneficial there is actual reality refuting your argument. Science and technology would still advance without patents.
meh. meh on all the graphical advances we've seen in the past few years. I want better AI. Game AI hasn't changed or improved in 20 years. I want an escort mission where you don't feel like pulling your hair out. I want AI teammates that aren't more hindrance then help. I want AI opponents that actually challenge you without resorting to blatant cheating. Unfortunately I'm not going to get what I want. Yay for more shiny I guess.
Until it's indistinguishable from real life we don't have enough PPI. At that point, and only at that point does increased resolution become superfluous.
A monthly fee is a tiny barrier to entry that helps clear out some of the trash players. Those of us who are competent at life don't mind the tiny amount it costs each month.
Imagine if everyone who got threatened over the internet gave up and stopped doing whatever. The internet would be practically empty with just a handful of bored trolls left.
google opening and reading your emails is no different then the govt opening and reading your postal mail. Guess that's the next step in our glorious new world order of disappearing rights and ever more intrusive overlords.
India has a fox news equivalent I guess. And for everyone in this thread saying "if this is true" (or some variation thereof)... You are gullible. That is all.
The 1 ship only thing isn't a deal breaker (for me), but it certainly is a disappointment. Hopefully we can customize/upgrade the crap out of the skunk.
meh. People keep shoveling money into EA's pocket no matter how poorly they get treated. I no longer expect the general public to ever become savvy enough consumers that excrement spewers like EA can't keep pouring out endless crap products. People get what they deserve. I opt out.
Every milliliter of water on the planet has been sweated, bled, urinated, puked, exhaled, ect ect ect uncountable times by all manner of beasts and plants. And then filtered endlessly by nature. If the filtration is up to the task, who cares where the water comes from. Ultimately it was in someones bum at some point so there ya go.
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