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I wonder who is behind all this "hysteria" about guns and 3D printers. Or which industry perhaps. Which industry or rich person see's 3D printers as a threat to their revenue and wants them banned/regulated ect. This continuous stream of news stories about using 3D printers to make guns seems awfully contrived and one sided when any reasonable person can see that anyone with an ounce of experience and some tools can manufacture their own guns, but this fact is always...
^this. Corporations shouldn't be allowed a voice in politics. Zero tolerance. They aren't people, they aren't citizens. If a politician wants to know something about an industry to make an informed decision he should go to industry himself and they should answer his questions in a succinct and prompt manner.We're all just howling at the moon about this sort of thing though. Nothing will change.
Nobody can give africa political stability, less corruption, a belief in education, a desire to not make war on eachother, and a willingness to use condoms. Africa has to take these things for itself.The west has been sending money, food and medicine to africa for my entire life and all we have to show for it is ever increasing numbers of africans starving and dying of disease and war. I doubt if googles wireless internet will benefit africa in any real way either, until...
Soulless amoral corporation that would skin babies for a nickel of profit*: "Trust us." * this description applies to all corporations and is an inherent aspect of their structure
meh. From their video this is a miraculous and amazing program that has no downsides and somehow solves all sorts of problems that are inherent in 3d mapping. Not just one problem with a miraculous and amazing solution, but multiple. If it sounds too good to be true... If it does work, then I want google earth to put the laser mapping thingamabob on their google street view cars and incorporate this technology into google earth. But color me a skeptic. And did anyone...
Giggle just wouldn't be the same if it was pronounced with a soft g heh
You'd think it would be harder to port back to the ps3 and 360 then it would be to port to the pc.Then again I guess they might be developing for the 360 or ps3 to start with and porting to the ps4 and onebox. The game doesn't really instil much excitement if that's the case though.
Society as a whole decides how words are pronounced. After reading this thread, I can see there are a lot of people who pronounce it GIF and a lot that pronounce it JIF, so obviously the pronunciation is in flux. The "proper" pronunciation will be duked out in the minds of the people and I imagine eventually (if the word is still used) society as a whole will reach a consensus. The creator doesn't have any real say in this beyond the power of prestige (as the creator).
It just bugs me that unlimited is obviously limited. If they don't want you to go over X data then that's what the contract should read. If they offer an unlimited package then it should be acceptable to use data up to the advertised data rate x seconds x minutes x hours x days each month.
We should be able to host monkeys on keyboards, it still wouldn't be any of the ISP's business what a customer is doing while sending 1's and 0's.A no server clause is bull and should be ignorable.
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