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Preordering is for chumps.
I'm not so complacent that new jobs will appear as they have in the past. The automation we're starting to see now is just the tip of the iceberg and will explode across all industries in the near future eliminating most of the jobs out there, including programmers. I know it's easy to say new jobs will spring up as they have in the past, but it is the easy answer. What do we do when there are no more laborers, no more menial jobs, no more technical jobs. We can't all be...
I see two scenarios in the future, one of which is utopian, and one of which is distopian. Once all jobs are automated and there's only a select few who have specialty jobs that a computer can't do one wonders what will happen. A given country now produces x amount of iron, of food, of energy, of oil. Automation will increase those amounts, but it won't be a significant increase, and in return it will render the population unemployable. So a country will still produce...
There will be social upheaval when autonomous driving becomes mainstream and puts a huge number of people out of work. Just like there has been social upheaval every time in the past there was an industry that got automated. Govt is too useless to plan ahead and have programs and plans in place to deal with this issue before it becomes an issue. Doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. For those of you telling them to get jobs as warehouse workers and whatnot. Most truckers...
Is Edge going to be a complete ground up new browser, or is it just a re-skinned/named explorer?
um.... we're the consumer. The ultimate arbitrator on what is and isn't overpriced. The consumer is the first, last and only voice that matters about what is and isn't overpriced. It boggles the mind that you don't get this.
If you people had some self control and waited to buy until a full game was released (goty edition) then the scum producers wouldn't try to pillage your wallet with endless overpriced dlc. Chumps.
Looks cool, too bad it's a tech demo where we're getting lied to from start to finish just like every other tech demo ever produced. Color me impressed when I actually get detail like that on my own pc playing a retail game on non rich person hardware.
I doubt if more then a small minority of people would save money on a subscription vs a flat fee. Subscriptions are a way for corps to milk people who are bad at math and compare the monthly subscription to the flat fee without having the basic human intelligence to multiply that subscription by the time a flat fee would cover.
^ s'what I'm waiting for, long done with half finished games. I'm old enough now to wait em out and buy the complete game when they release a GOT edition with all the bits and pieces cut out for release and packaged as dlc included in one box/price.
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