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In the end i predict e-sports will be like professional physical sports. Everyone is juiceing. To get to the pinnacle of the sport you have to compete equally, and equally means everyone at the highest level is cheating. Just like "real" sports.
Imagine all the accidents that would be prevented if vehicles did 1 simple thing. Automatically brake to prevent people from rearending eachother. And fully automated cars. All the ******* of the road could text to their hearts content.
I always figured the people actually spending real money on plex in eve were the newbies who start up and buy a couple plex to fund their first few ships before getting burnt out and quitting.
Really, salesmen and marketers are a special level of scum. It takes a special kind of person to try to trick people into spending money on crap they dont need. The world would be better off if we rounded up all the salesmen on the same day we round up all the politicians, bankers and laywers. So yeah, advertisers can burn before i care one bent penny about putting them out money by using addblock.
Thats what boggles. Microsoft is already crazy profitable, even with nobody wanting to upgrade off prefered os's. I guess its just typical corporate douchebaggery. "I dont care how much we make! More! More! More!"
It burns me. That these people can do this sort of crap with impunity. These sorts of scams don't even register for me or others who are tech savvy. We brush them off with aa kind of offhand instinct. No, we arent the target for these scum. They are targeting our parents and grandparents, and it burns me that i can do nothing really to protect my retired father from this sort of thing (omg he just wont listen!), nor can i do anything to punish those responsible. I would...
The only reason for them to go subscription based is to milk more money out of the chumps who are bad at math. "Hur! 10 dollahs a month! Thats so cheap". Without having the basic human intelligence to realize that's 240$ over the 2 year "planned" OS lifespan. Or 600$ over the 5 year span most of us go between complete upgrades. People are stupid, and corporations are happy to pull any sort of billing sleight of hand neccesary to facilitate their willful ignorance.
Every time i get a job to drive some small tool or box of bolts i can hold in one hand 1000 kilometers i wonder when 3d printers will move beyond the gimmick stage. If every shop, or heck, every rig had a 3d printer that could print tools to the specifications required it would save a lot of time and money.
Its pretty bad when a corporation can tell its regulator to go pound sand. They must be pretty confident of their bought politicians.
Why do you people keep bringing up price? Youre paying for a logo, not for humane production.
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