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I don't get this insistence on showing that vaccines weren't solely responsible for reducing disease incidences, so what if they weren't? Even if it were true it still doesn't support any sort of "vaccines are bad" argument. Vaccines might be 99% effective, but if they were only 10% effective we would still take them since they have a greater then zero effectiveness and no downside. (outside of the minds of crazy conspiracy theorists) This is like the "teach the...
It is because of stupidity like this that polio is still in existence. Parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated should have their children taken away for willfully endangering them, as well as risking the general health of the population at large.
It boggles the mind that you think you're contributing to this thread by arguing about something as stupid as which console is better or worse when it has absolutely no bearing on this threads topic.
Looks cool, but... it's an escort mission. The whole game is an escort mission with an AI controlled companion. Unless they have radically improved escort missions and AI then that's just a recipe for fail. edit: and can you tards take your console war crap to tells or something.
I hate change.
I don't think you quite grasp the infinite part of all this.
Another clean energy scam looking to bilk people out of money. meh
Nothing's gonna break. There is too much trade between the superpowers now, and their economics are too intertwined to have anything drastic happen. They both depend on eachother too much to rock the boat. News stories like these are saber rattling at an external boogeyman used to point an oblivious and stupid population to external "threats" in order to minimize and ignore internal issues.
An infinite multiverse is a fun idea to me. To think that any and all human creativity exists somewhere in the multiverse is awesome. In an infinite multiverse Star Wars exists, generic star wars, extended universe star wars, original trilogy star wars, prequel starwars, solo shot first star wars, solo shot 2nd star wars, fan fiction star wars, infinite permutations of star wars, each with it's own fully real universe. And that's just one story. To make you groan sparky...
I thought the whole purpose of having windows 8 and windows phones and tablets was compatibility. ie: apps and programs that work across all of them. So why would they make this game separate for phone and PC?
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