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Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing game devs whine and moan about pirates? Boo hoo. Perhaps I'd have a little more sympathy if the corporate scum didn't use pirates as an excuse to punish me, the legitimate customer with: day one dlc, endless nickle and diming, crippling DRM, multiplayer focus in games where it doesn't even make sense, and all around lack of value for a dollar. SimCities fiasco is a perfect example. I don't pirate (my closet is full of game boxes...
I don't know which would be worse. No new homeworld game at all, or whatever fail project gearbox churns out. Hopes unfulfilled or dashed. The future doesn't look pretty for this does it.
Why do you dillholes have to bring apple into every other thread on these forums? Hur hur, apple bad hurr hurr, samsung good.
Your premise assumes your govt created this situation for the lulz. They didn't. Your govt created this mess at the behest of their masters, industry.So who's to blame, those taking advantage, or those creating them? The answer to both of those is the telecoms.
Anything marketed as "gamer" gear is automatically suspect. Overpriced flashy trash is generally how "gamer" translated to me.
cool. Is this just residual heat? Radioactive decay and tidal forces would generate heat in earths core, but they're not enough to do more then delay it's cooling are they?
How viable is this though? From an economic viewpoint. If the cost of producing a litre of fuel using this bacteria exceeds the cost of 1 litre sourced from crude oil then it's really just another green "miracle" that won't see the light of day. There's no conspiracy in that. It's great to have options though, and even if it isn't financially viable now it could be in the future as scarcity drives oil prices up.
I don't think minor changes and small refinements or new implementations of existing idea's should be patentable. It's great that IBM is implementing heat capture in novel ways, but I don't think they should be allowed to lock something like this down in ironclad patents they will then use to bludgeon innovation and take money from consumers (ultimately). If they want to capture the heat produced by solar panels to heat a building that's great, they should be happy they're...
It boggles the mind that you think IBM just now invented capturing waste heat for use. Sometimes I think we deserve corporate overlords since so many people are so completely gullible.
Yes, cause that's what the world needs. More patents on obvious "inventions" with tons of previous examples around.
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