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You'd think it would be harder to port back to the ps3 and 360 then it would be to port to the pc.Then again I guess they might be developing for the 360 or ps3 to start with and porting to the ps4 and onebox. The game doesn't really instil much excitement if that's the case though.
Society as a whole decides how words are pronounced. After reading this thread, I can see there are a lot of people who pronounce it GIF and a lot that pronounce it JIF, so obviously the pronunciation is in flux. The "proper" pronunciation will be duked out in the minds of the people and I imagine eventually (if the word is still used) society as a whole will reach a consensus. The creator doesn't have any real say in this beyond the power of prestige (as the creator).
It just bugs me that unlimited is obviously limited. If they don't want you to go over X data then that's what the contract should read. If they offer an unlimited package then it should be acceptable to use data up to the advertised data rate x seconds x minutes x hours x days each month.
We should be able to host monkeys on keyboards, it still wouldn't be any of the ISP's business what a customer is doing while sending 1's and 0's.A no server clause is bull and should be ignorable.
Am I the only person who thinks it shouldn't be any of the ISP's business what the 1's and 0's you're sending are used for?
You are once again assigning value to something that has none, there is nothing about a languages current vocabulary that makes it better then future iterations. The changes to language that youth indulge in aren't bad, and the changes they implement that carry through aren't damaging to the language. I would argue the way the youth of each generation warp and change a language is probably a vital feature that keeps a language relevant to a changing environment, and I...
Languages change over time. Dictionaries aren't the language police, they're there to reflect what people recognize as a whole. If we all started saying teh instead of the, then teh would become the "correct" pronunciation. Language isn't sacred and changes constantly.
GIF - Graphics... I've always used a hard g because that's the sound for graphics, so to me the acronym should take the words sound. There are no rules set in stone for any language, and that goes especially for the abomination that is english, so if the people call it GIF, GIF it is. The creator has no say. Gilligan's (island)
I wonder if we'll ever see a day where consoles are just an app for your phone along with a stand to place it so the camera and microphone grant kinnect and voice capabilities along with additional controllers of varying types.Everything connected together via bluetooth and wifi.edit: And about the cloud thing, I think it could be a benefit, if done right (laugh). However we still run into issues like the fact that our ISP's are all scum who want to charge us outrageous...
I don't think anything to do with embryos will be viable in regards to medical advances. Not for any scientific reasons, but because there are simply too many moral reservations about working with embryos. The work being done to take normal cells and revert them into stem cells will sidestep the controversy that dogs embryo research and is (I believe) the future. And for the star wars clones type scenario people raise... seriously? A clone would still need to be...
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