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I always wondered why bliz screwed over the australians like that. There has to have been enough players to support at least one server. Why do it now when numbers are nearing half peak?
Consumers are by and large stupid chumps. If people didn't buy dlc companies wouldnt be able to cut content from a game to sell seperately. If people didnt buy day 1 dlc there wouldnt be any. If people didnt buy bug ridden messes companies wouldnt release bug ridden messes. Meh.
I think the death star is at concept stage as well.
If it sounds too good to be true... A fool and his money... And so on. If the dude was worried about the oil companies supressing it all he would need to do is release specs and all the info to the internet and people would build working reactors for clean cheap energy and the oil companies wouldnt be able to stamp them out fast enough. But no, he dangles it in front of investors with as little info as possible. I encourage all you gullibles who beleive this is legit to...
Such a small and limited game. Small and linear levels. Tons of loading screens, empty worlds, extremely repetitive voice acting, and ultimately just a boring game. Biggest letdown in years. Free to play with a cut down gimped version of the game unless you shell out endlessly doesn't tempt me back in.
The US uses the patent laws it has formulated and now forces on the rest of the world to steal wealth. China goes about it in a different way. To the rest of the world neither superpower is benign.
I would welcome any new gaming market that wasnt dominated by scummy corporations like EA and activision and ubisoft. New blood that wasnt tainted by the corporate mediocrity being spewed out currently.
2500000000 It boggles the mind that ms thinks they can recoup 2.5 billion off the minecraft name, which is really all theyre buying. The game itself isnt anything special and seems to have serious shortcomings that arent fixable without builing a minecraft 2. There are no patents or technologies coming with this purchase. Just two words and an aging game on the downslope of its lifespan. But man... 2.5 billion. Anyone who thinks they wouldnt sell out for that is delusional.
Another fearmongering "3d printing is bad mkay" article.
There is a world of difference between the appropriate punishment this deserves and what is being advocated in theses threads. Small fines, community service, loss of priveledges. Theses are the appropriate punishments. Not being labeled as terrorists and tortured in gulags the govt has to stick in foreign countries because it's easier to get away with that crap when its somewhere else.
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