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PM'd. Please email me back =)!
It's because your FPS probably goes to ****. Mine dropped a good 20-30 fps from older maps...
I play for team Nexus and the reason why everyone uses a medic (which is not entirely true):snipers - underpowered in terms of weapon choice (snipers suck balls in this game); used occasionally for beacons and TUGsengi - underpowered weapons (lower firing rate); used occasionally to make rubble fall on peoplesupport - suck at everything except suppressing =/
No amazon payment?
Messaged. Please get back to me soon!
I connected my DVI and an HDMI. Gave me no problems after that
I've only heard good things about (some have said best available)
Any good 2 Slot aftermarket coolers? All the ones I've found take up to 3 >.
If you're hitting 85c load I'd recommend getting those aftermarkets. My 580's ran into trouble when temps hit past 72c while overclocked (reference cooler).
I hear under 70c is golden.
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