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anyone mind doing a summary for me about this mice. also how does the 2013 version differs from the 2014 in terms of performance? does the IR LED makes a difference? i heard theres noticeable input lag at 450dpi and is that problem also in the 2013 version as well as zowie AM?
yea i have that problem too. but my average rate is 430+ for 500hz settings.
im using usb 2.0 port. wad programme did u use to test it?
it did a check on the mouse rate of this mouse. at the setting of 1000hz, the range of the mouse rate can go as low as 500 and as high as 2000++. at 500Hz, the mouse rate still fluctuates a lot..this problem is not seen in my old gaming mice. any idea if theres a way to fix this?
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