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is the sensor on the fk2 the same as any other mouse out there with the 3310 like the ss rival? becoz in the past zowie has to make some modification to achieve lower lift-off. so is there any modification on this or exactly the same as the others? also is there any benefit for using 500hz to 1000hz? becoz coming from csgo myself most pros that i know of uses 500hz.
anyone mind doing a summary for me about this mice. also how does the 2013 version differs from the 2014 in terms of performance? does the IR LED makes a difference? i heard theres noticeable input lag at 450dpi and is that problem also in the 2013 version as well as zowie AM?
yea i have that problem too. but my average rate is 430+ for 500hz settings.
im using usb 2.0 port. wad programme did u use to test it?
it did a check on the mouse rate of this mouse. at the setting of 1000hz, the range of the mouse rate can go as low as 500 and as high as 2000++. at 500Hz, the mouse rate still fluctuates a lot..this problem is not seen in my old gaming mice. any idea if theres a way to fix this?
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