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not sure if its just me but i feel that the colors are a bit washed out. is it because im using HDMI? read somewhere before about issues with HDMI
are you guys using the color preset that came with it? which is on user define RGB: 70, 68 ,75
anyone knows how to wash this thing?
just received my g303, sensor rattles. should i ask for a replacement? or is it fine. does the rattling affect tracking? tried playing csgo with it seems fine to me, cant feel any problem.
do you notice pwm flickering with your qnix? or is there pwm flickering just that its not noticeable?
so is the lifespan of this monitor an issue with all the past users?
anyone who bought it care to give some reviews? how is the back light bleeding? is the stand removable without opening the panel? hows the overclocking results?
yea im planning to get the matt version. just wanna know how to differentiate them in case they send me a tempered glass version instead
how do you differentiate between the matt version and the tempered glass version? didnt see a tempered glass version before
is it still worth it to get the qnix now as the newer panels seems to be a lower grade and has PWM issues.
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