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I've been looking for a 580 classified waterblock and find you have 2 of them !I cant even find one Where did you get yours from ?
Looking for one of these and they seem to rarer than a good women. Any ideas please people as i have scoured the web and cant find one
Im looking for a waterblock for my 580 classified if anyone knows/has one please
I stil watch the video even though ive got a sth10.....thats weird right
nice build. can we have some more pictures with the side#s taken off please
No it wont im afraid,the biggest res i would put in there would be a 300mm to give room for tubing.
Your just crazy dude
The way the sth10 can fit rads is like this,2 in the top cha,ber standing up with the rad supports,and one underneath the top chamber laying down screwed to the top of the mother board chamber. the bottom is the same but dont forget that the psu/psu/s will take up some room. ill be having 2 psu's in the top chamber and 2 quad rads in the bottom chamber. i cant see anyone using more that 2xquad rad's and 2x triple rads.
Let me get this straight,you want to have 6 rads in the case ? 2 in the top and bottom chambers and 2 in the motherboard compartment ?
yes it's the same as your's Hope you dont mind but i searched everywhere and your colour combination was just what i was looking for. I already had a idea that the white and black would look good and was confirmed when i saw your pictures.
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