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.. However, how much does it really cost you to get a G3258? They are only $75 max. When broadwell comes out, it will be on the 1150 socket, so you'll be able to simply switch out the G3258 for a new processor.Frankly, it's a no brainer in my opinion if you're looking to upgrade to broadwell, but you need a stopgap before then.EDIT: maybe wait to see how witcher 3 does with only two cores if that games your primary concern
Picked up the combo from newegg for $100. MSI Z97 U3 Plus LGA 1150 USB 3.0 ATX Motherboard + Intel Pentium G3258 Dual-Core CPU $100 Likely the first of many great deals with this processor. I'd keep a watch out. Now I have to go get the rest of the machine... Hmmm..
Heads up: microcenter has pretty ridiculous deal going on: g2358 + MSI Z97 PC Mate for $100 + tax.
wow.. yeah.. pass on thatHardly scientific, but:[]=1807&cmp[]=2267Since the G3258 is far more overclockable.. it surely will murder the FX-4130
I don't have a microcenter near by unfortunately. That does seem like quite a good value though.
For what's it worth, I am planning on using one of these in a development server / nas I don't need alot of firepower, I am just looking to get a good value box. I am pretty sure I can put something together for just over $300 with this cpu and be golden. I was going to go with a celeron, but this seems to offer double the performance at double the price.., but still without costing too much.
I don't understand the arguments. If you can find a CPU that will compete with this one in the $80 MSRP range, then perhaps you have a point. But don't try to tell me that I need a processor that costs over 50% more... There is nothing that can touch this at the $80 range, and this is the MSRP price.. you can already get it for $70 at microcenter before it's even released.
Read tftcenteral's review here: It's worth the extra money. Dude, you're getting a dell!
What makes you think it can't?I've never heard of any "hard limits" for the VGA interface.
That would be my guess.I wouldn't expect to find these there though. My guess is that they sell their TV line there.
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