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Read tftcenteral's review here: It's worth the extra money. Dude, you're getting a dell!
What makes you think it can't?I've never heard of any "hard limits" for the VGA interface.
That would be my guess.I wouldn't expect to find these there though. My guess is that they sell their TV line there.
I called up EQD, and they said that HEB and microcenter are currently their primary retailers and he isn't aware of any plans to sell these to newegg or amazon.I'm not sure if immense popularity of this display will change things, but it's possible that they don't currently plan on selling these anywhere but microcenter..Tax + shipping brings the cost up to $462... which is quite a bit more expensive than the ebay displays.The DisplayPort addition is quite nice and no...
heres hoping they show up on newegg/amazon/etc tax + shipping kind of kill this deal.
I don;t know if you're trolling me or not.. but I was making the distinction between: Products imported by an american company and then sold to american retail stores like newegg or microcenter. Products that are imported by you. You buy the item off a seller in Korea over ebay and are shipped directly to you from korea. (I dubbed "imports.")
I am sure that's just terrible wording.Also, I've never heard of a TN panel thats this resolution. It's most likely IPS.
Or a bunch of resellers will get in on this, and they will quickly be driven down do the ~$330 area. Similar to what happened with the imports.(Imports went from like $330 to $250.. Not including shipping)
Wow, nice! Will definitely pay attention to this.
I will have to message him and ask him about the policy before I order then.It's very misleading to say "zero dead pixel" in the subtitle and have it not be zero dead pixel.
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