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Hey ocn I'm looking into getting a ps4. And I kind of need a better tv then what I got. I am looking for something good for gaming but not breaking the bank, I'd like to stay under ~450 500. Responce time is a big deal for me, and I want one around 42inch. I can't seem to find much resent info on good tv's for gaming so I need some help. Thanks in advance.
yeah the 8350 might be cheaper but I got to spend alot more on the mb. If I went amd I'd be spending more money.. And not to mention power usage and I'd have to buy a bigger power supply. At that point I'd be spending the same amount as a i7 build. And in all like 20 of the private massages you send me you say that your family works in the gaming industry business but can't tell me to much due to your family getting in trouble. You know how hard that is to believe? I'm...
plan on having 3gpus ***? And don't spend much money on a pc. I think that you think these consoles are going to make all pc hardware obsolete. There going to bring a change and improvements but I dought a i5 3570k and 760 are going to be obsolete.
And anyways the ps4 does have 8 cores but there so weak that I bet the i5 3570k will still be way better. Your talking a 1.6 ghz vs 4.2 ghz.. I just dont see the need of amd 8350. I dont see how I will benifit at all. Iv been resarching on it for like 4 months now and everyone still sees opt for the i5 I only see a handfull of people that say amd and thats only because they are amd fanboies and have never owned a intel. And remeber Im keeping a open mind because this will...
im not buying a console..
I highly dought new games will require more cores or at least for 5 years from now.. And aren't games corded way different for pc than console... I'm not going to buy a 8350 that will bottle neck my Gtx 760 so yeah. If all goes to crap for 4 core processors I'll just but a new processor and motherboard. Crysis 3 is known to use more than 4 cores yet the i5 3570k still beats the 8350..
Hopefully Im going to order order my computer tonight if i dont get buyers remorse again.. and im going i5 the majority say i5 is best bet
Holy crap this thread really has gotten outa control... I'm still going for a i5 3570k the only reason I haven't got my rig yet is because I have a problem spending my money lol. I'm 16 and 1000 bucks is kinda like 10000 to an adult.... Iv came so close to buying it to and got pre buyers remorse and took everything back outa the cart...
So mythlogic is okay. Does anyone have a p150sm? Are they to much to carry to college?
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