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Ahh yes, I do remember that, haha. Gotta pay dem power bills somehow! I've been entertaining the thought of starting to play with solar power. I remember a thread with someone showing their power bills after installing a pretty sweet solar setup. It was awesome. I wish I could remember what thread it was
Did I have a super awesome idea for alternative power the other night or something? I was too drunk to remember apparently! haha
PMs are sent to all the winners of my games. Have fun!!!
Just install TS in Ubuntu
2670 V2 rig caused me not to hit my goal of 3 million+ Stupid computer
I did try the new beta driver which yielded the same results... I'll try moving it into another rig tomorrow night.Yeah, the 750 Tis are awesome. I'm running three in a single rig in a closet and they're doing fine. I'll probably end up throwing another three into that same rig.
I haven't yet. I'd need to move power supplies around and that would require stopping a bigadv WU. It can wait until tomorrow night
Put in my request for 200 million. We'll see if I end up folding again and need some new ones
So I'm pretty sure folding semi-killed my less than a month old 780 Ti. It seems to work for a while and then the screen goes black. Happens both while gaming or folding...This Foldathon has been a nightmare
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