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Your Intel numbers look the same as mine... I was running a i3-4130.I just so happen to have the 750 Ti I'm folding on right now in an ooooooold socket 939 board and I'm getting 73-74k.
I think I'll fire up my rigs for this one. Give you some competition
I never took the time to get Linux running on the rig that was acting weird. I just switched a different mining rig to folding. I've been way too busy recently to really mess around with it
It should give you a CPU slot and GPU slot. I don't use AMD consumer products so I can't test it or else I would.
Well, I ended up folding with a different 750 Ti on a different machine and the results are much better. I'm hitting ~74k PPD (versus the 48k I was getting) on a 9202. There's definitely something funky going on with that other rig of mine
+1 for the GPU route I have a 4P with 6172s and I can hit around 350-400k PPD on stock clocks. You'd also have an easier time reselling GPUs versus specialized server equipment.
Hmm. I'm uninstalling the drivers right now and then running driver sweeper. I'll install 340.52 and see what happens.edit: No difference. I'll install Linux this weekend.
OK. That's gotta be my issue... For whatever reason I sit at 84%... What drivers are you using? I'm about ready to say screw it and switch over to Linux
What's your GPU usage at?
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