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Definitely not lacking in power! This might be a long shot, but do you have a 4-pin molex plugged into the EZ_PLUG connector? Give that a shot if not. It's supposed to send supplemental power to the PCI-e slots
Ahh, I didn't understand that Windows wasn't seeing the fourth card at all. Have enough power for everything?
This is what I remember about AMD cards and this board:
Yeah... I'm done.
So I'm assuming something has changed for the credit on these WUs. I used to get over 600k and now I'm under 200k. Awesome
I'm running V7 so my config looks like:Code:I had a power outage overnight and the 6172s didn't start folding properly so my PPD is wonky. Let me finish this WU and I'll post some proper stats.
I've got 8106s going on two rigs. I had to switch them both to bigbeta to get anything other than 7504s
Wow, respectable
How's the i7 doing on them?
Anyone having issues picking up the new WUs? I didn't get any of them yesterday.
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