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I'm running 2670 V2s with Non-ECC.
Have you updated the BIOS? Sounds like you're running an earlier version that had issues with IVB-EP and Non-ECC memory.
No clue. I don't have video cards (or a GUI for that matter) in any of my rigs except for my SR-2
They're working fine. No clue what version BIOS I'm running on it, though.
I ran the QA82s on my Z9. Albeit with the 0503 BIOS and no video card. You'll have issues with newer GPUs like the GTX 750 Ti. I'd take TheBlademaster01's advice and look for some newer chips.
My QDNRs are running great in my Z9. 106 BCLK, 2860MHz all-core turbo. I've been thinking of picking up one of those QE5Fs or something similar for a new 1P gaming setup. Tired of this SR-2.
TPC isn't for Windows. 62xx and 63xx utilize the same overclocking.
port forwarding will solve thatno, xptminer uses a different protocol and won't work with the wallet.
Just point your second notebook at the first one if they're on the same network.Code:minerd -o [ip of first notebook]:28332 -u [rpcuser] -p [rpcpassword]
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