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The driver needs to see an X server running for both GPUs to allow for OC/fan control. Here's a thread that talks about it.
This is what I'm interested in. Even though I already have one of their 30" 1600p monitors
Yeah, I've used the SSH technique tons of times with zero issues. I have him trying to install them after having grub boot directly to the shell instead of the GUI. just won that... I'm looking for another processor for the better one that I have. I have a pair of mismatched ones that should be good for another 250-300k. I'm looking for another dual LGA 1356 board too... I should be over 2 million PPD, probably closer to 2.5 by the time I'm actually folding in the FFW.
I have a pair of e5-2650s that are in a board but I have two hyper-212 evo mounting things that sheared off in the mounting holes that I need to fix, pair of x5650s, 3x e5-2448l, single e5-2450, single e5-4640. I'm trying to find a motherboard on the cheap for the 4640 so I can use it at work. I don't need a new computer, but it would be nice
No boards. Just CPUs.Well, that means I gotta quit trying to find another house to buy... I think I'm gonna be going the GPU route if I keep folding. Maybe I switch from folding to BOINCing... Who knows
That's a good question. I've been contemplating my next move... I have so many Xeons laying around but I don't know if I'm going to go that route since bigadv is ending and there hasn't been any new CPU coins to mine. I've been thinking about buying some 970s...184 threads isn't enough?!?!
You gotta participate in 10 Foldathons for the year to get that badge. 10 because there's the Chimp Challenge and FFW. Congrats on 5mil! went from 2.1GHz to 2.4Ghz. 438k PPD to 567k PPD on a 8103
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