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$150 is certainly cheap for some festivals. The last time I went to Sasquatch it cost $550 for the ticket and camping. Everything considered I spent over $1000 for four days... lol
You gotta think of the big picture! You're from Alberta and it's only a couple hours away I've been wanting to check out the Shambhala music festival over in southern BC. I could fly up to Spokane and rent a car. I'm sure it would be a blast
Calgary stampede for the rodeo folks
Uhhh... Why haven't you bought SpeedyPC Pro yet!?!??! It will make your internet so fast
True, but you have more of an excuse than I do to not be folding.
Hey, if it's MB (megabyte), 20 is awesome!!! You're talking about Mb (megabit), though?
I'm used to being around 1st place but I only have one 750 Ti folding so I have to go to the second page!
It will blow your mind
Chocolate Therapy>all this other nonsense
The MSI GTX 750 Tis I have don't seem to like to overclock so I'm stuck to getting about 50k PPD max. I think there's still a little bit of work to be done to get these Maxwell cards folding under full power. I'm sitting at 84% GPU usage. I'd probably go with a single card setup vs 6x smaller ones just to keep things simple
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