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I wish that were the case...
500k+ PPD has now come to this:
Well, I hit my goal before the end of January. After this month my PPD is gonna plummet. Oh well Stanford's certificate is still showing 290,000,000 or else I would have posted that... Edit: Oops. I didn't realize there wasn't a 300 million badge!
Usually around an hour after the start
You canDownload and install DB Browser for SQLite and open WuHistory.db3 from the %appdata%\HFM folder. Go to the browse data tab, pick the WuHistory table and then File->Export->Table as CSV file
They're talking about multi CPU rigs. At the moment my 4P Opteron 6172 is pulling 545K PPD. I can't remember how many watts it pulls. When I had my 2P E5-2670 V2 rig folding it was pulling over 400K PPD at about 350 watts.
All my stuff will go to eBay more than likelyV2s or V3s? I know you're working with 2011-3 workstation stuff now and that's all V3 equivalent.
You hit the nail on the head. The USA beer scene was TERRIBLE for years. Bars had all the big names and that's it. The craft brew scene is insane now. The two grocery stores a few blocks from me have 50+ different beers as well as a growler fill station with around 10 beers on tap. Hell, even the gas stations have growler fill stations now! lol
I could but I'm not going to. I've shuffled priorities in life and this hobby isn't gonna take up as much time/money as I've put into it in the past unfortunately.
No more bigadv, no more points for me
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