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Change it to false?
I've been lucky so far. No 8101s yet!
It will be about an hour before the stats do their first update. Overall stats: User stats:
We still have half an hour before it starts
Scuba's back in town, he'll have the #1 spot
It's not looking like I'll hit my goal. I couldn't get everything running that I wanted. At least I'm still doing ~1.5million PPD
I'm running mine on an ooooooooooold socket 939 Athlon 5200+...
Something is up with your setup if you're only getting 20k PPD with a 750 Ti. I'm currently pulling 73k on mine
It sounds like you're running B0 or B1 CPUs... They don't like newer video cards.
I gotta stick with my Nordic heritage!
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